23 To the Dream of Zero

I quickly looked over. Chen Yajing and the middle-aged man had indeed left their positions.

When I talked to Fang Yi about these things, I was so sad that I almost forgot my business.

If Fang Yi hadn't been keeping an eye on it for me, I might have lost it by now.

I looked at the time. It was already past eight o' clock. It was less than an hour since the nine o' clock dream.

I quickly paid the bill and followed Fang Yi out.

At this moment, I saw that Chen Yajing actually kissed that man, and his smile was especially sweet.

Seeing this scene, I almost exploded with anger.

At this moment, I'm completely sure that Chen Yajing had cheated on me, or else he wouldn't have kissed another man in front of the restaurant.

After Chen Yajing kissed the man's face, the man wanted to hug Chen Yajing and kiss Chen Yajing's mouth.

I thought they were coming to the restaurant for a long kiss, so I quickly took out my phone and prepared to take a picture of the evidence.

But to his surprise, Chen Yajing refused.

The man still wanted to use force, but Chen Yajing didn't know what to say, so the middle-aged fat man gave up, but he had an indescribable smile on his face, and it was as lewd as it was lewd.

Seeing this scene, I was both relieved and regrettable.

It was a relief, of course, because he didn't see his wife kissing another man in public, and Fang Yi was still here, so it would be awkward to watch.

Unfortunately, that was because when Chen Yajing kissed that man just now, I forgot to take a photo and leave evidence. Such good evidence, but I didn't take it. Otherwise, with this photo of Chen Yajing kissing another man, I could divorce Chen Yajing.

But I didn't expect that at this moment, my cell phone suddenly rang.

It was a wechat message.

I opened it and saw that it was Fang Yi who sent it to me.

Inside was a photo, nothing else, of Chen Yajing kissing that man just now.

Moreover, it was just right, just the moment Chen Yajing kissed the man's face.

Besides, she could also recognize that the woman's side face was Chen Yajing.

I turned to Fang Yi and thanked him awkwardly.

"I knew you didn't expect to take the evidence immediately, and then found out that they didn't do anything more intimate. You would be upset that you just missed it. So, I got ready early and took the picture."

Fang yi raised her phone and explained.

But I was curious, "We both came out together. How did you know that Chen Yajing was going to kiss that man? After all, there was no warning at all just now, but something happened suddenly. In just a second or two, you took a picture, and the angle was just right."

"That's experience. Why are we following your wife? It's just because we want to get proof of her... Hmm... Cheating. Of course, we're always ready. Otherwise, just like we just did, if we miss it, maybe we won't come back. By then, after a long time, we won't have any solid evidence on our hands."

Fang Yi gushed.

It seemed that although it was embarrassing to bring her along to catch my wife's adultery, it was still very useful.

Just as we were talking, Chen Yajing and the others started walking towards the hotel again.

For a moment, I was wondering if I was going to dream at midnight.

I had already prepared for it in advance today. I checked the zero point dream. They are not going in the direction of the zero point dream.

Could it be that he was going to get a room now?

I took a deep breath. Although I didn't want to face it, it would be a good thing for me if they went to the hotel right now.

Because, after confirming the fact that Chen Yajing had cheated, it was natural that the sooner the evidence of Chen Yajing's cheating was obtained, the better.

If they went to check in now, it would be a great opportunity to catch the scene.

There might be a lot of variables to go to zero dream.

However, it was only after Fang Yi and I followed that I realized that I was a little messy in the wind.

Everything, I was thinking too much.

The reason why the two of them went back to the hotel was because the man was driving back to the hotel.

I saw it clearly this time. It was the bentley that Fang Yi said was picking up Chen Yajing at the airport.

I was about to take a taxi so that I could catch up with the car in front of me.

Before I could move, Fang Yi was already waving at me. Next to her, there was a taxi.

Sure enough, it was Fang Yi who had experience.

I hurried over, got in the car with Fang Yi, and asked the taxi to follow the bentley in front of me.

Sitting in the car, I felt lucky. Fortunately, fang yi was there. Otherwise, when I got to the car, I didn't know where bentley was.

He followed her all the way, slowly, but still lost her.

But the good thing is, I think they are still going in the direction of the dream of zero.

Therefore, I quickly told the master, "Let's go to the dream bar."

"Handsome man, are you and your girlfriend going to have some fun at midnight?" When the driver heard me talking about the destination, a honeyed smile immediately appeared on his face, which made me a little confused.

I wanted to explain that Fang Yi was not my girlfriend, but Fang Yi didn't seem to mind. Instead, he began to ask the driver, "Is there anything special about this dream?"