What Kind of Me Do You Like?

"Don't you know where the zero point dream is?" Instead, it was the driver's turn to be a little confused.

"I don't know."

Fang Yi and I shook our heads in unison.

However, since Fang Yi didn't bother to explain and we weren't boyfriend and girlfriend, I couldn't be bothered to explain. After all, the driver didn't misunderstand and it didn't matter much.

"You will know when you go."

The driver wanted to say something, but then he changed his mind and said it.

However, his behavior aroused my curiosity instead.

But, at the same time, there was some inexplicable worry, perhaps because of a little fear of the unknown.

By the time we reached dreamland, we didn't see Chen Yajing and the others, but we saw the bentley outside in the parking lot. It seemed that we were in the right place.

Fang Yi and I walked towards the entrance of the dream of zero. I was a little cautious because I was afraid that Chen Yajing would find me.

However, I didn't expect that when Fang Yi and I arrived at the gate of dreamland, two waiters would come over and give Fang Yi and I a mask.

The one I gave me was a man's mask, and the one I gave Fang Yi was a woman's mask. Not to mention, the mask I gave Fang Yi was quite enchanting.

However, when I looked at my mask, I felt that it was a little small, and even if I wore it, it was easy for familiar people to recognize me.

So, I talked to the waiter about giving me a mask that could cover most of my face.

The waiter said, "Yes, but sir, I don't recommend that you wear this. After all, most of your face is covered. It may not be convenient for other beauties to make a judgment."

I took a look at the bar. It should be the main hit, similar to a masquerade ball.

If it's normal to play, unless you really don't pass the test, otherwise, no one doesn't want to show their handsome face a little more to attract beautiful women outside, but, although I am handsome, but I am just trying to hide my identity.

This mask just gave me a chance. It was the kind of mask that was open and aboveboard.

When the waiter saw that I insisted, he found one for me. I put it on and tried it on. Then Fang Yi looked at it. The unfamiliar people could not recognize it. The familiar people, if not carefully observe some details, could not see it.

Hearing fang yi say that, I think it's okay.

Fang Yi also put on the mask at this time, looked at me, and asked me, "How do you feel about me wearing this?"

"Two words."

I said, deliberately setting a trap.





"And mystery."

I said four words in a row, all in two words.

I mean, honestly, I haven't seen Fang Yi for two years. I used to feel that she was more of a pure and sunny person. Maybe it was because she was married. Now, Fang Yi is a mature person with experience.

Moreover, this kind of maturity, belongs to the kind of half-cooked, not fully cooked, is considered the most tempting kind.

In addition, her current outfit is also more sexy.

Coupled with this seductive mask, I think the attraction to men is fatal.

At least, right now, I feel my heart beating so fast that I can't help but feel some reaction down there.

At this moment, the memory of the time when I was in school with Fang Yi, how simple it was to be in a relationship. Although the most outrageous thing I did with Fang Yi was to touch her well-developed chest when she wasn't paying attention, now that I think about it, in this environment, it's like beating a chicken's blood.

He wanted to eat Fang Yi right away.

After all, I never touched her.

If there was no regret in her heart, it was a fake, subconscious thought, hoping to make up for what she hadn't done in the first place, and gradually came to mind.

However, when I realized this thought, I quickly turned my head and stopped looking at Fang Yi at the moment.

I was afraid that I would not be able to help but kiss her red lips, which were exposed under her mask.

If that's the case, what's the difference between me and Chen Yajing?

"I didn't expect you to think so highly of me." Fang Yi smiled when he heard me say that about her.

Obviously, she didn't expect me to judge her that way either.

"You deserve it. You used to be young and beautiful in school, but now you are mature and delicious. No matter which stage you are at, you are fine."

"So, what kind of me do you like?"

Fang Yi suddenly asked such an ambiguous question.