27 Bar Meets Wang Yan

I'm familiar with this voice. It's not someone else but Wang Yan.


Why is Wang Yan here?

It's just that I can't bear to think too much now.

I can't speak, because once I speak, Wang Yan will definitely recognize my voice and recognize who I am.

I looked at fang yi.

Fang Yi also looked at me.

She was waiting for my reaction.

But I can't react at all now.

Then, Fang Yi misunderstood.

When she saw that I didn't speak, she looked at me carefully and thought that I agreed.

Then he said, "Okay."

There was no way.

Fang Yi and I could only return to our original position, pick up the wine we ordered, and pour three glasses.

"Handsome man, although your partner is wearing a mask, he is a beautiful woman at first sight. You are blessed."

Wang Yan said to me.

I picked up my glass and touched it with her, but I didn't say anything.

Then he finished the wine in one gulp.

At this moment, Fang Yi finally realized that something was wrong with me.

When wang yan saw that I didn't want to talk to her, she also felt a little bored, but she still turned to fang yi and said, "Beautiful woman, you are so beautiful, your partner has such a good figure and looks very handsome. Would you like to add a wechat and play together in the future?"

Now Fang Yi and I both know what this place means by playing around.

Then Fang Yi naturally declined.

However, I did notice a detail. The man who came to us just now was talking about having fun with us tonight. After that, he would still go his own way and not know each other.

But Wang Yan said, add a wechat and play together in the future, not tonight.

Was she going to play with Chen Yajing, that man, and even other men tonight?

Because, I've already seen what Wang Yan and her husband are.

They were perfect for this occasion tonight.

If her husband hadn't come, the two of them would have found another couple here tonight and gone out together.

Wang yan saw that I didn't want to talk to her, and fang yi politely rejected her proposal, feeling bored, smiled, and turned around to leave.

It was then that I breathed a sigh of relief.

I was really afraid that Wang Yan would recognize me.

If she recognized me, she would definitely tell Chen Yajing that I would never find any evidence of Chen Yajing cheating again.

"You know that woman just now, so you keep silent, afraid that she will recognize you?"

When Wang Yan left, Fang Yi asked.

I have to say, Fang Yi is still very smart.

I nodded and said, "That girl just now is my wife's best friend. I didn't expect her to come to Sanya and come here."

At this point, I was able to pay attention to Chen Yajing and see what she was doing.

However, when I looked at the place where Chen Yajing and the others were just now, I found that Chen Yajing and the man were no longer there.

Where are they?

I looked around, but I didn't see Chen Yajing and the others.

There are so many people here now. It's only been a while. They should still be around here.

But I never saw them again.

And now there are so many people. After Wang Yan turned around and left from us, she got into the crowd. I didn't see her again.

"Did Chen Yajing recognize me just now? That's why we asked Wang Yan to come and hold us back, and then they took the opportunity to leave? In that case, I won't be able to track them down and find the strongest evidence. So, no matter what I say, she can deny it?"

The more I thought about it, the more likely it was.

I told Fang Yi what I was thinking. Fang Yi thought about it and said it wasn't impossible.

But she added that she had just been keeping an eye on the location of the exit, and not many people had left the exit. Chen Yajing and the others were definitely not there anyway.

"Hey, let's go. I see them."

Fang Yi suddenly said.

I quickly looked in the direction Fang Yi was pointing at. Sure enough, Chen Yajing, Fang Yi, and the middle-aged man, the three of them, were heading towards the exit.

Fang Yi and I hurried out again.

As soon as the three of them got into the car, Fang Yi and I quickly took another taxi and followed them.

Fortunately, the taxi driver was very forceful this time and never lost the bentley again.

Finally, the bentley drove back to the hotel where we stayed, and then the fat man took Chen Yajing and Wang Yan into the hotel.