28 Became Bigger

Is it really what I thought?

The three of them want to play together?

There was an unspeakable sense of anger in my heart.

Then, Fang Yi and I followed in, and to avoid being discovered, I asked Fang Yi to go in first. When she confirmed that Chen Yajing, Wang Yan and the man had entered the room, she sent me a message.

I'm just going up.

After going up, I decided to wait a few more minutes, and when they were already playing inside, I would go in and catch the traitor, so that I could get the solid evidence.

Chen Yajing's way of doing this really disgusted me. After getting the hard evidence, I immediately wanted to divorce her.

Fang Yi suggested, "Let's go into the room. If we wait outside, if one of them opens the door suddenly, we'll find out. When we get into the room, we'll stick our ears to the wall and listen to what's going on next door."

I thought what Fang Yi said made sense, and then we both entered the 8608 that belonged to her.

"However, the waiter said that their soundproofing was very good. I tried it last time and didn't hear anything from the next room..."

Before I could finish speaking, Fang Yi interrupted me with a blush on his face, "Believe me, there's only a couple living next door to the one I'm living in right now. Well, it's quite loud. I heard it all in my room. The waiter said that the sound insulation was good, so it's natural to blow."

Fang Yi's face was flushed when he heard the voice next door, and he could not help but feel like taking a bite.

"Blame me. If I hadn't changed rooms with you, you would have had a good rest."

I'm a little embarrassed. After all, this room belongs to Fang Yi, and that room belongs to me.

She only changed rooms with me because it was convenient for me to catch the adulterer.

"It's a small matter. You weren't so easily embarrassed before. You haven't seen each other for a few years. Things have changed a lot."

Although Fang Yi had a blush of shyness on his face, he looked as if he didn't care.

"The same goes for you. You've changed a lot." I said.

Fang Yi blinked and looked at me, "Where have I changed a lot?"

I wanted to say that there was a change in personality, but when the words came to my mouth, I couldn't help but say, "My chest is getting bigger."

"You..." Fang Yi obviously didn't expect me to suddenly tease her like this.

But after a momentary pause, she smiled again. It was a seductive smile, "Yes, you used to touch my chest when I wasn't paying attention. Although I was still growing well, I definitely couldn't compare with now. So, now you want to try?"

With that said, Fang Yi straightened her back with her arms akimbo.

To be honest, I really wanted to try.

"I'm married now." My righteous refusal, the expression and action on my face, would not make this refusal seem awkward.

Fang Yi curled his lips, "But your wife cheated on you. At worst, you cheated on her too. We're even."

Fang Yi's shocking words really shocked me.

It seems that Fang Yi's body has changed a lot, and his personality and thoughts have also changed a lot.

If it's just about character and thought, maybe I prefer the one I used to have.

"Yes, if everyone in the world thinks that way, then the world is in a mess, but if you don't mind..."

I intentionally gave a bad smile.

Fang Yi saw me like this, but he took two steps back and spat at me, "I do mind. If you don't get divorced and do anything to other women, I look down on you. Well, I hate men who cheat."

I smiled a few times and said that I was teasing her. She just gave me a blank look.

"All right, stop talking nonsense. I think it's about time."

With that, Fang Yi and I pressed our ears against the wall to hear if anything was coming from the next room.

Sitting in the room like this, it was really hard to hear the sound of the next door.

But when we put our ears against the wall, we really heard the sound of women doing that in the next room.