Do You Know Who I Am?

Hearing this voice, I immediately felt a trace of joy in my heart, and finally, it was done.

But in addition to happiness, it was immediately covered by a thick sadness.

Chen Yajing and I, a good marriage, why did it become like this?

"Now is the time for them to have fun. Now is the time to go."

Fang Yi said.

"But I won't go over. You can go by yourself."

I nodded.

It was really inconvenient for her to go there.

Then I went to the door of our room and looked at the door. After studying it for a few seconds, I was sure that with my strength, I could kick the door open.

"The man I wanted to scare has withered and won't be able to stand up again."

The expression on my face was a little ferocious.

Although I already knew that Chen Yajing had cheated on me, when it was time to catch the scene and tear the last layer of paper face to face, I still felt a little angry and uncomfortable.

After I get the evidence, I'm going to ask Chen Yajing about it.

Why did she cheat?

I opened the door and came to the door of room 8606 next door. I pressed my ears against the door. Sure enough, I heard the excited voices of men and women coming from inside.

I clenched my fist and took two steps back. With one boost, I rushed over and kicked the door of 8606.

I don't care if I'm being held accountable by the hotel or not.

I only have one idea right now, to film evidence of Chen Yajing's infidelity.

So, I got my phone ready in advance and set the shooting mode.

Fortunately, I was right. I kicked the door open.

The door slammed against the wall behind the door.

And the moment the door opened, I rushed in.

The scene in front of me almost blew me up.

At this moment, Chen Yajing was lying on the bed, and the middle-aged man was lying on Chen Yajing's body.

It was like role-playing or something.

Chen Yajing resisted, and the more he resisted, the more violent and excited the middle-aged man became.

I kicked the door open, and it was an instant when I entered the room.

The middle-aged man was frightened by the sudden movement and the sudden arrival of me.


With a frightened voice, he rolled down from Chen Yajing's body.

And he really seemed to have withered in fear of me.

Although I will take care of him, he is not the most important thing now.

I continued filming on my cell phone, then yelled at Chen Yajing, "Chen Yajing, what have I done to you? Why did you cheat on me?"

"Damn it, which eye of yours saw that she was Chen Yajing?"

The woman on the bed was still lying there without saying anything, but the middle-aged man reacted and scolded me.

"I... I'm not Chen Yajing."

At this time, the woman on the bed also turned over.

It was then that I realized that this woman was not Chen Yajing, but Wang Yan.

Just now, because the man was lying on her body and she was lying on the bed, she was buried in the bed. I only saw the back of her.

I was so angry that I subconsciously thought this woman was Chen Yajing.


It was only then that I calmed down a little and reacted. Wasn't it Chen Yajing, Wang Yan, and that man who entered the room with the three of them?

Why is it that only Wang Yan and the middle-aged man are doing it now?

Where's Chen Yajing?

It was mainly because I was so angry just now that I ignored the fact that there were only two people in the room.

"Wang Yan, where's Chen Yajing? I clearly watched the three of you enter the room together."

I gritted my teeth.

This time, we failed to catch the traitor.

Besides, this time I must have been exposed.

Chen Yajing would definitely know that I followed her to Sanya, but I didn't catch her at the scene.

How am I going to get proof that I can hammer her down after this?

"Chen Yajing, she..."

As soon as wang yan said these words, the middle-aged man glared at her and interrupted her.

"You're Chen Yajing's husband?"

The middle-aged man, instead of giving Wang Yan a chance to speak, stared at me with a dark look in his eyes.

It's good that this man doesn't talk. When he talks, I want to kill him.

Although I didn't catch Chen Yajing in bed with him, before that, I did see Chen Yajing and him outside the restaurant, and there was a picture of Fang Yi kissing him on my phone.

"I am your grandfather."

If I scold him, I will kick him in the foot.

He wanted to dodge, but as a middle-aged fat man, how could he compare to me when I was in my twenties?

I kicked him in the stomach and knocked him to the ground.

I didn't care if he was dressed or not, but I went up and kicked him again, venting my anger.

This man always wanted to get up, but how could I give him a chance?

If he hadn't been protecting his life, I would have probably disabled his thing.

"Do you fucking know who I am?"

Even though the adulterer's face was bruised and swollen from my beating, he still carried it on his shoulders. Unlike the last time I went to catch the adulterer and caught Wang Yan and her husband, her husband immediately became timid when he saw that he couldn't beat me.

"I don't care who you are. All I know is that I can't kill you today."

I kicked him hard again.

"If you can't kill me today, I'll keep you out of Sanya."

He still carried it on his shoulders and stared at me viciously.

"Then I'll kill you today."

I, who was already angry, was provoked by him.

In an instant, I overreacted. I picked up the ashtray next to me and threw it at his head.

In just a second, I cut open his head.

Blood flowed out in an instant.

This time, the man realized that I really dared to kill him.

He panicked a little.

"Li Cheng, stop fighting. Something will happen."

At this time, wang yan saw that things had become serious. She put on her clothes carelessly and wanted to pull me.

"Get lost."

I pushed her away.

Although I have always adhered to the principle of not hitting women.

But this Wang Yan is really a woman that disgusts me.

In particular, I suspect that Chen Yajing's infidelity was influenced by her abnormal thoughts.

Although the man was a little panicked, he was afraid that I would really kill him.

But he did not beg for mercy.

Instead, he covered his head where I had opened it and said viciously, "If you kill me today, your wife will be ruined tomorrow, and you will be in jail."