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"How dare you threaten me."

When I heard this man's words, especially the one about my wife being ruined, I realized that things might not be as simple as I thought.

But I couldn't bear it.

After a little calming down, I wouldn't dare to kill him, but if I let him bleed a little more, I would still dare.

Then, I was going to give him another one.

And then interrogate him, what the hell is going on?

But at this moment, Wang Yan suddenly pounced on me and pulled me back, "Li Cheng, you really can't be impulsive, or you and Chen Yajing will be doomed forever."

"So, what's going on?"

Wang Yan's words made me suppress my urge to clean up the man again.

"Let me tell you."

Just then, Chen Yajing's voice suddenly came from the door.

I turned around to look, and Chen Yajing walked in with a determined expression on his face.

I looked expressionless at the woman I once loved the most, "I really want to hear it. Why did you cheat on me?"


Chen Yajing wanted to say something.

But when I heard her call me husband, I felt sick and immediately interrupted her, "Don't call me husband."


Seeing my attitude, Chen Yajing's eyes were a little wet. He was used to calling her husband again, but when the words came to his mouth, he stifled them back.

"I'll explain to you later. You can let Chen Guangzheng go first and go to the hospital to deal with it. Otherwise, he'll lose too much blood later, in case..."

Chen Yajing looked at me pleadingly.

"Do you feel sorry for him?"

"No... I was afraid that if something happened to him, you would be involved..."

Chen Yajing explained.

To be honest, I don't know if what Chen Yajing said is true.

Was she concerned about me, afraid that Chen Guangzheng would bleed to death, that I would not be able to escape the law, or that she was just worried about Chen Guangzheng, afraid that Chen Guangzheng would bleed to death.

But what she said made sense.

Now that I have the iron evidence that she cheated on me, Chen Guangzheng has been severely punished by me.

It was a little calming.

If something really happened to Chen Guangzheng and I went to jail for it, it wouldn't be worth it.

"Get lost."

I looked at Chen Guangzheng, who was now huddled in a corner, looking at me resentfully.

"Wait a minute."

Chen Guangzheng got up and was about to leave when Chen Yajing suddenly stopped him.

"Chen Guangzheng, look what this is?"

Then, Chen Yajing took out his phone and played a video to him.

And I was there too, so naturally I saw the contents of the video.

It turned out that the video was playing a video of Chen Guangzheng and Wang Yan playing in the room.

In addition to the video, there was also sound.

It was Chen Guangzheng and Wang Yan who were playing role-playing, and they were still playing a very exciting rape scene.

Wang Yan resisted, but Chen Guangzheng said those words excitedly, forcefully holding Wang Yan down and joining her.

During this time, Wang Yan tried hard to resist, but he could not get away from Chen Guangzheng.

The action in the video, coupled with the dialogue between the two people, was a sharp scene.

"You... You filthy cousin, how dare you set me up."

Chen Guangzheng's eyes widened when he saw the video, apparently not expecting this to happen.

And I was also a little confused about what was going on.

Feeling trapped by the trap, Chen Guangzheng was so excited that he wanted to grab Chen Yajing's phone.

When I saw this, I mercilessly kicked him again.

"Chen Guangzheng, if you harass me or threaten me again in the future, then the big deal is, we'll be dead..."

Chen Yajing said to Chen Guangzheng decisively.

"Good, very good. You guys work together to set me up, right? Wait for me..."

Chen guangzheng gave Chen Yajing a hateful look and then glared at Wang Yan and me.

Then he covered his head and left.

When he left, he felt that he had lost his balance.

It could be due to excessive blood loss.

"Yajing, will he..."

Wang Yan said to Chen Yajing worriedly with a resentful look in his eyes when he saw Chen Guangzheng leave.

Before she could finish her sentence, Chen Yajing interrupted her, "No, he wouldn't dare, and he wouldn't want to. He's different from us. He has great wealth and glory. He won't be willing to leave these behind and die with us."

I stood aside quietly and did not speak.

He looked coldly at Chen Yajing and Wang Yan.

"Now, Chen Yajing, you can give me an explanation."

When they finished speaking, I spoke.