Reason 31

"Old..." Chen Yajing once again habitually prepared to call me husband, but in my eyes, he stopped, "Did you already know that I came to Sanya on a business trip to deceive you, so you followed me?"

"Yes, I was so sleepy that night that I heard you answer the phone in the living room, saying that after I had dispelled my suspicions about you, I went to look for the person you were talking to. At that time, I was about to dispel my suspicions about you. I thought I might have thought too much, but when I heard this call, I knew that you must have cheated on me. So, after that, I tried my best to act as if I could." We used to make you think that I don't doubt you anymore. Sure enough, not long after, you told me that you were coming to Sanya for a business trip, and I knew that you must be here to meet a adulterer."

"Besides, I also found out that the day I came back, someone sent you a video, and you hung up immediately, and then turned the phone off. Later, when you turned it on, you deliberately let me check it to make me believe that it was a video sent to you by Wang Yan, but later, I found out that the micro signal, even though it had the same head image as Wang Yan's, was full of Wang Yan's students. Live photos and the like, but the wechat number is different from the real Wang Yan wechat number."

"After that, I thought about it carefully. Many of the things you said were flawed, so I'm sure you cheated on me. I just want to know, why did you cheat?"

Why did you cheat?

This sentence, I almost roared out.

This is one of the things that I never understood.

"I didn't cheat. I didn't do anything to apologize to you. Really, I didn't."

Chen Yajing choked with tears.


Although I didn't get any hard evidence of Chen Yajing doing that with that man today, the photo of her kissing Chen Guangzheng was still on my phone.

I took out the photo and showed it to her.

"No? Then what are you saying?"

I'd like to see what she's going to say, though through the conversation between Chen Yajing and Chen Guangzheng, I know that things may not be that simple.

However, no matter what happened, it couldn't hide the fact that Chen Yajing had cheated.



I snorted.

"I was just trying to numb him."

"Do you think I would believe it?"

I was so angry that I laughed.

Kissing Chen Guangzheng in public was just to numb him and make fun of me.

"I can testify to that."

At this moment, Wang Yan, who had been quiet all along, suddenly interjected.

"Didn't you just come in and find me in bed with chen guang and ask me where yajing is?"

"Yes, so?"

"You must have seen the three of us enter the room together, but you didn't see Chen Yajing go out. All that she did with Chen Guangzheng was to trick Chen Guangzheng into getting involved tonight. Of course, the most outrageous thing was actually the one you saw kissing Chen Guangzheng's face. Later on, although Chen Guangzheng had been trying to take advantage of her, it was all deftly resolved by Chen Yajing."

"I'm sure you went with me tonight at dreamland, so you naturally know what kind of place dreamland is. The reason why Chen Yajing brought chen guangzheng there was to meet me, and then he told chen guangzheng that everyone would play together tonight. Chen Guangzheng was so excited that he agreed, so we went back to the room together."

After returning to her room, Chen Guangzheng couldn't wait to join us. However, the reason why yajing called me here was because she was loyal to you and didn't want to be touched by chen guang. So, she found an excuse to go downstairs and buy a product for fun. She let Chen Guangzheng and I play first. Chen Guangzheng believed it. Of course, yajing didn't really buy anything for fun. She was trying not to be taken advantage of by Chen Guangzheng, but also to adjust the monitoring equipment in the room. After yajing left, I suggested that chen guangzheng come to play role-playing. He agreed immediately. This was also what I discussed with yajing in advance. It was just to take this kind of video. As long as I cut the beginning and the end of the video, the recorded video is my hard evidence. You just saw it."

Wang yan said without a blush or heartbeat, not ashamed at all.

"Why did you agree to help her do such a thing and be taken advantage of by that man?"

I asked.

Wang Yan chuckled, "I, you already know. My husband and I never mind going out to get some excitement from each other. There are so many men who have slept with me. I don't mind being seduced by this man. Besides, yajing promised me a sum of money to help her. Why should I not?"

I was repelled by Wang Yan's idea.

This is basically why I feel a little disgusted with a woman like Wang Yan.

"Then why are you trying to set that bullshit, chen guang?"

After listening to Wang Yan, I looked at Chen Yajing again.