32 So This Is the Case

"Honey, I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have kept it from you."

At this moment, the tears in Chen Yajing's eyes seemed to have burst the dam.

He squatted down and buried his head between his knees.

After crying for a while, Chen Yajing calmed down and said to Wang Yan, "Wang Yan, let me talk to my husband for a while."

Wang Yan was very perceptive. He quickly tidied up his clothes and pants and went out.

Just then, Chen Yajing looked at me, "Honey, the cause of this is the time you embezzled public funds six months ago."

Chen Yajing's words made my eyes widen.

I never thought that Chen Yajing's affair, her explanation, was related to the only stain on my life.

"A year ago, it wasn't because mom (my real mom, her mother-in-law) was in the hospital and needed half a million dollars. We used the most advanced medical technology and medicine to operate. We were all in a hurry. If we couldn't take out the money right away, mom would probably... We took out all our savings, went around asking for money, and sold the car. We raised a total of four hundred thousand dollars, but we were still a hundred thousand short. Love, and there's evidence on hand."

My pupils shrank, "Did Chen Guangzheng get the evidence?"

I don't believe that Chen Guangzheng, a man from far away in Sanya, has never crossed paths with us. How could he have evidence of my embezzlement?

"It's not Chen Guangzheng. It's a lover of Chen Guangzheng. It's from our company."

"Chen guang is in Sanya. Why would he have a lover in our Haicheng?"

"I believe you know about the prosperity of the world."

"I know."

"Then you must know that there is a prosperous time in Sanya with me. In fact, there are more than ten prosperous times in the country. Chen Guangzheng is one of the shareholders of prosperous times. Although he is mainly in charge of this family, he occasionally goes to other places. So, he has a lover in our Haicheng."

"So, that lover gave him evidence of my embezzlement?"


"But I'm a nobody. Why should Chen Guangzheng pay attention to me? Why isn't it better for her lover to blackmail me with evidence and get a sum of money from me?" I have doubts in my heart.

"That lover is your former assistant. Do you remember half a year ago, when I strongly suggested that you replace your assistant, you asked me at that time that I didn't tell you the truth because she was beautiful and a vixen. I was afraid that she would take you away. In order to reassure me, although I didn't think she was wrong, I still changed her."

"Yes, there is." I nodded and said.

"The reason why she got the evidence of your embezzlement was because I had a contact with chen guangzheng. Chen Guangzheng took a fancy to me and hinted that I wanted to raise me, but I refused without hesitation. Chen guangzheng saw that I refused to eat hard and soft, but he couldn't get hold of me. He also found out that the little lover he raised was my husband's assistant, so he let his little lover find fault with you. And the thing you did, there was nothing before, because no one found out, but as long as someone wanted to investigate you on purpose, they could find something. So, the little lover got the evidence that you had embezzled the money and gave it to Chen Guangzheng."

"Chen Guangzheng threatened me with this evidence. He said that if I didn't listen to him, he would expose you. Besides, by his means, he would definitely double your sentence. Life is worse than death in prison. The exact evidence is right in front of me. I don't want your good life to be ruined and forced to be helpless. I said, give me some time to think about it first."

"Then, I kept trying to drag it on and see if I could find a way to solve it, but I didn't dare to tell you. I know I told you that you wouldn't compromise. You'd rather go to jail than let Chen Guangzheng insult me. But I love you so much that I don't want your life to be ruined. I can only hide it from you." Chen Yajing sobbed and said, "Because Chen Guangzheng only comes to Haicheng once in a while, I can keep dragging him. But when you are away on business, Chen Guangzheng comes to Haicheng again. He said that if I don't agree with him this time, he will definitely report you."

It turns out that Chen Yajing cheated on me because he loved me and didn't want my life to be ruined.

When I heard her tell me what happened, I was heartbroken by my attitude towards Chen Yajing and my doubts about her.

I feel sorry for her.

However, I can't accept a woman's infidelity, no matter what the reason.

I looked at Chen Yajing in pain, "So, during my business trip, you promised him to sleep with him?"