33 Love Me Well

"I didn't."

Chen Yajing looked up at me and said.

Looking at her eyes, this time, there was no need for Chen Yajing to explain anything. I believed her.

But Chen Yajing still explained, "The day you came back, you found out that I wasn't wearing underwear and had red palm prints on my butt. It was Wang Yan who did it. I didn't lie to you. When you were on a business trip, chen guang came to me and threatened me. Fortunately, he seemed to have something urgent to deal with all of a sudden. Otherwise, I really don't know what to do."

But it was also because of that time that he didn't succeed, so he kept pestering me, and I kept dragging on. Until that time, when you heard me answer the phone secretly in the middle of the night, he gave me a deadline and said that if I didn't accompany him once, he would give up. Since he couldn't get me, he would destroy you and my family. I had no choice, but I didn't want to betray you. Later, I could only think of a way to get wang yan to help me and use this to balance him so that he wouldn't dare to mess around."

"Besides, I didn't mean to hide it from you, so you wouldn't find out. I also got him a micro signal that copied the content of Wang Yan's circle of friends and changed his avatar to the same as Wang Yan's. I thought, in that case, maybe you wouldn't find out, but I didn't expect you to find out anyway."

"But honey, I really didn't betray you. My body is still clean, and I haven't been touched by another man. The worst thing I've ever done to you is to be taken advantage of by Wang Yan, and to pave the way for tonight's plan. Under Chen Guangzheng's strong request, I forced myself to kiss Chen Guangzheng's face in disgust. Other than that, I've never done it again."

Chen Yajing cried as he spoke.

Her eyes were swollen from crying.

"I know you suspect that I cheated on you. I'm really upset. I can't tell you what I've been through. I'm afraid you'll be impulsive and ruin yourself. I have to endure everything on your own. Now that we have a video of chen guangzheng and Wang Yan, I'm sure he won't dare to do anything else."

Chen Yajing's last words touched my heart.

"Honey, I'm sorry, I was wrong, I'm a jerk. I let you carry all this on your own, and I still doubt you."

I hurried over and hugged Chen Yajing.

My heart ached.

"Honey, I love you."

"Honey, I love you too."

After that, I kissed Chen Yajing's lips.

I think if Chen Guangzheng and Wang Yan hadn't done it in this bed just now and it was dirty, Chen Yajing and I would have had a good and vigorous exercise in the bed.

After a long, affectionate kiss with Chen Yajing, we let go.

Then, I sent a wechat message to fang yi, who was next door, "Fang Yi, thank you for your help. I made a mistake. Now I know the whole story. My wife is not cheating."

After I sent it out, Fang Yi quickly replied, "Well, this is the best result. I have returned to my room. If you need it, you can go back to the next room now. I won't disturb you."

I think Fang Yi was right next door to all this. She must have heard the whole story.

Then he left wisely.

I have to find a chance to thank her.

Then, I looked at Chen Yajing, picked her up, and prepared to walk to the next room and have a good time loving her.

"Honey, what are you doing?"

Chen Yajing was frightened by my sudden action.

"Next door, fuck you."

I smiled and said.

"You hate it."

Chen Yajing's shyness, like a little girl, made my heart even hotter.

But just as I was carrying Chen Yajing to the door.

The hotel staff came up and stopped us.

Said a client reported us.

After that, my plan to carry Chen Yajing to the next room for a romantic relationship had to be put on hold.

After all, I also kicked the door of someone's room 8606 broken, and it was to communicate with the hotel, compensation, to be resolved.

It was almost midnight after all these things were settled.

I just got back to 8608 with Chen Yajing.

After washing up, Chen Yajing and I were lying on the bed.

"Honey, love me well..."