04 Suspect

It's a woman's nature to love beauty, and so is Chen Yajing. Her skin is very white and good, so the red palm print on her butt, compared to the white skin, is fatal.

For a moment, anger, heartache, disgust... All sorts of emotions rushed in.

Combined with what I felt last night and today, I was almost certain that Chen Yajing was really cheating.

But I still can't believe that my beloved wife, the gentle and virtuous Chen Yajing, really cheated on me?

From the moment I flipped over and lifted her nightgown to look at her butt, Chen Yajing's eyes became a little flustered and he didn't dare to look at me.

I resisted the anger in my heart and asked her, "Honey, what's that red slap on your butt?"

"I'm sorry, honey."

When Chen Yajing saw me questioning him, tears were running down his face and he apologized to me in a choked voice.

Her words of apology, which sounded very sincere, made me clench my fists and almost burst into flames in my eyes.


I asked with gritted teeth.

"Hubby, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have kept it from you. In fact, during your absence, I... I don't know what kind of soul-stirring wang yan had given me. She took advantage of me so much. The palm print on my butt, in fact, was... Hit by... Wang Yan."

Chen Yajing's voice was very low, and he stammered, tears of grievance streaming down his face as he spoke.

But it made me a little confused.

"Actually, I just went downstairs to throw the garbage and take Wang Yan away. You weren't home these days, and I was a little scared. Wang Yan would come over to accompany me sometimes. Then, she liked to touch me, and she took me to try some toys to comfort herself. The slap mark on my butt was hit by her before you came back."

Chen Yajing looked at his guilty expression and choked up, "No, look carefully. The palm print on his butt is small. It's a woman's hand. I can't tell you, because I'm afraid you think I'm being rude. It makes sense to comfort yourself. I even used Wang Yan's toys. She's a bad woman."

Listening to Chen Yajing, I don't know if I should trust her.

"Then last night you said the camera was broken, but I just saw that it was good, and who sent the video just now? Why did you hang up in such a panic and turn off your phone?"

I still have a lot of questions in my heart.

"The camera really broke last night. I took it to fix it early in the morning. It was a video sent by Wang Yan. I hung it up and turned it off because we haven't been warm for a long time. I miss you too. I don't want anyone to disturb us."

Chen Yajing seemed a little aggrieved, but her words seemed reasonable.

Moreover, Chen Yajing turned his phone on again and showed me a wechat message. Sure enough, the video call just came from Wang Yan.

In order to prevent her from commenting like this on purpose, I also secretly flipped through the chat notes, which were the normal topics that girls talked about, and clicked into each other's circle of friends. Sure enough, some selfies were often posted, and it was indeed Wang Yan himself.

Although Chen Yajing's explanations seemed reasonable and I believed them, I always felt that something was wrong.

For a moment, I couldn't tell what was wrong.

At this moment, Chen Yajing's body was sticking up again. I could feel that she felt guilty for doing this and wanted to make up for it.

But now I don't want to do it. I'm not in the mood to do it.

The suspicion that my wife had cheated on me made my head green. Once it was aroused, it would not be easy to dissipate.

I've decided to go check with Wang Yan and see if my wife is telling the truth after I take a break.

Although I didn't want to do it with Chen Yajing, I still put my arms around Chen Yajing's beautiful and soft body and lay down on the bed.

His right hand habitually slid under her nightgown and touched her swollen, snowy buttocks. Chen Yajing couldn't help but snort because my hand was a little strong.

It seemed a little painful.

My heart ached a little. If it was really Wang Yan, then Wang Yan's hand was a little too heavy.

I gently rubbed her.

But when I rubbed Chen Yajing's butt, my hand would touch her nightdress from time to time, but the smooth and smooth feel of the nightdress made me feel different.

Now, I'm a bit of a frightened bird. Anything that's not right, I can think of evidence that my wife cheated on me.

I quickly got up and flipped over Chen Yajing's nightgown once again. There were marks on it that looked like semen stains.