05 Tracking

When I saw the mark, my pupils shrank.

I don't think men are too unfamiliar with these marks. Even if they haven't had sex, they've always lost their sperm.

Once again, a scene appeared in my mind.

A man was galloping around Chen Yajing. At the last moment, when he was about to withdraw his troops, Chen Yajing stopped him and whispered in his ear, "You can't do it inside."

Then the man pulled it out in a hurry, and because of the rush, it was everywhere, on Chen Yajing's body, on the sheets, including the nightgown she was wearing now.

Hence, such a mark was left.

"Honey, what are you looking at? It's just my love gel sticking to my nightgown. Why are you staring at it? You used to make me feel very comfortable. It's not often like this. It's just that when we did it, it was basically naked, so most of the time it was just on the sheets. This time, because I played by myself, I didn't take off my nightgown, so I got it on the skirt."

Chen Yajing came up to kiss me and said softly, "Honey, if you don't feel clean, I'll go change now."

"Yes." I nodded absent-mindedly.

Chen Yajing's explanation was not a problem. There was a situation where not only men could cause that kind of mark, but also the fluid in a woman's body, but I didn't know if I should believe her.

I feel very distressed.

Everything Chen Yajing said was perfectly reasonable, but I was always feeling uneasy.

Chen Yajing rolled over, pulled the curtains tightly, took off her nightgown, but did not find another one to change into. She showed off her proud figure completely and came to lie beside me.

"Hubby, didn't you always want me to sleep with you without anything on? I'm satisfied with you today."

With that, Chen Yajing kissed me again. I didn't dodge, but I wasn't in the mood to respond, so I said, "Honey, I'm tired. I want to sleep."

When Chen Yajing saw me like this, he laid down beside me obediently.

In the midst of a struggle over whether I should trust Chen Yajing, I gradually fell asleep. It was only in the evening that I was woken up by Chen Yajing's cooking.

"Honey, Wang Yan just sent me a video this afternoon to remind me that it's her birthday tonight. I've already made dinner for you. Remember to eat later. I'll be back early."

Chen Yajing gave me a sweet kiss, then changed and went out.

Wang Yan's birthday?

If it was in the past, I would have believed her without hesitation, but now...

As soon as Chen Yajing left the house, I quickly got up, put on some clothes and followed him out.

I want to make sure that Chen Yajing is not lying to me.

I especially hope that what she said is the truth, so that I can see with my own eyes the peace of mind, no longer doubt about our marriage, can be as loving as before.

However, because Chen Yajing took the elevator down first, when I chased her all the way to the entrance of the community, I only saw the back of her car, like a black audi.


I suddenly felt that my breathing had become heavier.

There was an audi picking her up, and I was sure it was a man driving.

Chen Yajing even lied to me that it was Wang Yan's birthday.

I quickly took another taxi and followed.

"Master, hurry up and follow the black audi in front of you." As soon as I got in the car, I told the driver in a hurry.

"Okay." The driver was so forceful that he sped out with a throttle. However, I felt that the corner of his mouth had an inexplicable smile. He looked at my head intentionally or unintentionally, as if he were looking at a green prairie.

I clenched my fists and prayed in my heart that I was thinking too much.

As I followed, I noticed that the audi in front of me was getting more and more out of the way. It didn't look like it was going to a birthday party. Eventually, the black audi drove into a village in the city. Far away, I saw them parked in an alley that almost no one had passed.

I quickly asked the driver to stop the car. When I got off the car, the driver threw me a sentence, "Brother, you want to drive."

I'm getting over it!

I secretly touched it, and my anger was at its peak, but at the same time, it was also at its peak. Chen Yajing, I love you so much, but you carried me behind your back...

But in my heart, there is still a last glimmer of hope. I hope that I misunderstood and thought too much.

However, in the process of sneaking in, I found that my wife and that man did not get out of the car.

The car, which had been parked steadily, now began to shake with frequency.