06 Misunderstanding

If a car could shake like this, as long as it was an adult, it could be accurately judged.

This is a fucking car crash.

Besides, it wasn't anyone else but my favorite wife who was in the car.

My last hope was shattered.

It wasn't that I didn't mention that I wanted to find excitement in the car with Chen Yajing, but Chen Yajing rejected me for being too ashamed. Now, she's crazy in the car with another man.

I couldn't help it anymore. I walked straight over and knocked on the window.

"Fuck you, open the door for me."

I feel like I'm about to lose my mind.

With this, the audi, which was shaking at an extremely regular rhythm, suddenly stopped.

"Brother, misunderstanding."

The car door opened and a man in his twenties came out. At first glance, he seemed familiar to me, but I glanced at the woman in the car who was hurriedly putting on her clothes. I didn't see her face, only her back, which was very similar to my wife.

"I misunderstood your grandfather."

After glancing at the woman inside, I felt like my scalp was about to explode, and I rushed up to do this man who had cuckolded me.

In an instant, the two of us were fighting.

"Stop it. I misunderstood. He's not my husband."

While I was in a fight with that man, the woman in the car got dressed and came out of the car, anxiously pulling us apart.

Only then did I notice that this woman was not my wife.

But apart from the fact that her face was not as good as my wife's, her figure and dress were very similar to mine, which led to my misunderstanding.

Seeing that this woman was not my wife, I was a little stunned.

While I was in a daze, the man kicked me again, "Are you sick?"

Although I was kicked, seeing that the woman was not my wife, I didn't feel angry at all. Instead, I breathed a long sigh of relief.

It's good that she's not my wife.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry to disturb you. Go on, go on."

I quickly apologized again.

Indeed, it was his fault for disturbing the good things of others. Although, it seemed that these two people's affairs were also disgraceful.

That man, seeing that I was sincere, just let it go.

However, I found this man more and more familiar. When I turned around and walked a few steps, I suddenly remembered who this man was.

Isn't that Wang Yan's husband? It seemed to be called wu ming. I met my wife once when I picked her up from work, but it was a long time ago, so neither of us recognized her.

When I recognized who he was, I panicked.

Isn't Wang Yan's birthday today? Why is his husband still messing with other women outside?

I quickly turned around and walked over.

By this time, Wu Ming had already hugged the woman again and leaned on the car to explore.

When he noticed that I turned around and came back, his face darkened, "Cao nima, what are you doing?"

"I'm sorry to bother you again. I was just asking, is today your wife's birthday?"

"Sick, get lost."

"Is that so? Otherwise, you won't be able to play today."

"Are you out of your mind? If it's my wife's birthday, I can still mess around outside? Get out of here."

After getting a confirmed answer, I left in a daze.

Chen Yajing really lied to me.

I sent Chen Yajing a wechat video with one last glimmer of hope.

No one answered.

My heart almost fell into the ice.

Pretend you didn't hear me?

I am not reconciled.

Another video was sent over.

This time, after a few rings, the video was connected, "Honey, I'm sorry, I just arrived. I didn't hear the first video you sent. Let me tell you, today I took a taxi with the taxi software, and I actually took an audi."


I took a long breath. It turns out that the audi was from the taxi software. It seems that I was thinking too much.

On the other end of the video, Chen Yajing's voice sounded excited. Looking at the background, it really looked like he was in the hallway outside a ktv.

There was a faint noise.

However, Wu Ming just made it very clear that today is not his wife's birthday, so who is Chen Yajing with at the ktv now?

So, I asked again, "Honey, didn't you go to celebrate Wang Yan's birthday? Where's Wang Yan?"

Chen Yajing gave me a blank look and said, "Honey, ever since you came back from your business trip, you've always been suspicious. Wang Yan and the others are in the private room."

After saying that, Chen Yajing also adjusted the camera to the rear, then pushed open the door of the box next to him. A deafening sound came. I saw that wang yan was standing in the middle singing, and all the people sitting around were women.

Then Chen Yajing withdrew and said, "Honey, look, the birthday on Wang Yan's id card is different from the actual birthday. Every year, she has two birthdays, once with her family, once with her friends. Besides, we are all women. Don't worry."

"Well, do you want me to pick you up?" I breathed a sigh of relief again. It seemed that I was just thinking too much.

"No, I don't know when it will end, but I'll be back early. We haven't been warm for so long. You're tired this afternoon. I don't want to miss tonight, hubby."

Chen Yajing bit his red lips and said.

After dispelling all doubts, Chen Yajing's words directly aroused my desire to look forward to tonight's battle with Chen Yajing.

"Then come back early and try not to drink."

"Yeah." Chen Yajing nodded and then made a kiss across the air.

Then we hung up the video.

However, just after I hung up the video, our vice president called.

It turned out that he had called a few of the key members of this project to celebrate, and I couldn't refuse, so I rushed over.

"I'll take you tonight to see how exciting it is." Our vice president was a middle-aged man who had put on a little weight, but now he said with a bright smile.

The others were all excited.

I knew what they wanted to do at first glance. I had never met any other woman except Chen Yajing, and I didn't want to look for this kind of excitement. I just thought that after dinner with them, I wouldn't go to that kind of place.

However, our vice president said, "Li Cheng, in order to reward you and let you see, I spent a lot of effort to get these membership cards to borrow. That place can't be played without members. Don't disappoint me."

As he spoke, the vice president took out a few black cards with an exceptionally enchanting logo and a line of numbers below.

The moment I saw this card, I felt like I was struck by lightning.

If I remember correctly, my wife Chen Yajing has a black card like this.