Prosperity 2007

I once saw it in her bag, and it was weird to look at it. I asked Chen Yajing, and she told me it was just a normal vip card.

Because she had a lot of membership cards, I didn't care. I didn't expect to see a similar card at our vice president's place today. Besides, according to our vice president, this kind of card is basically that kind of place.

As far as I can remember, my wife Chen Yajing's card was a little more advanced than our vice president's.

I started to panic again. I quickly asked our vice president, "What card is this?"

Our vice president had a bad smile on his face and said, are you tempted?

Then he said, this is our city's famous prosperous ktv card, unlike the ordinary ktv membership card, this card belongs to their members of the Happy club.

With this membership card, you can go to the top floor of the prosperous ktv, which is a paradise on earth.

And this kind of membership card, must be an acquaintance, or have an acquaintance to introduce, and have a certain amount of money, in order to deal with it, this is still a lot of effort for him to find such a few more special, can be used by more than one card.

After listening to our Linfu Boss, my face turned white.

"Lin Boss, is there a higher level of this card?"

Then I gave a general description of Chen Yajing's card, which had a little more than the card he took out.

After listening to my description, Linfu Boss was a little incredulous, "Li Cheng, I didn't expect you to see that kind of card when you usually look clean. You're talking about that kind of card. It's not just some svip card. As far as I know, there aren't many of those cards in total. Either powerful people can get them, or only the founders of the Happy club can have them. Take that card. No matter what the requirements are, as long as the prosperous world can do it, it will definitely be prepared for you properly. When did you see that card?"

Lin Fuzongyue said, the more desperate I felt.

Chen Yajing, not only does he own this card from the Happy club in the prosperous world, but he also has a top-notch card.

How could she have such a card?

Besides, she lied to me that it was an ordinary vip card, and I regretted not asking her where the membership card was. Otherwise, I might have realized something was wrong by then.

It wouldn't have taken him so long to hide it.

I didn't intend to go with them, but now, without their persuasion, I'm going. I'm going to see what kind of place it is.

After having dinner with them, it was finally time for prosperity.

Seeing us holding these cards, the prosperous waiters became more respectful, and then led us to a special passage to the top floor.

After all the formalities, he took us there.

The sound insulation here is the best I've ever seen.

Before I swiped my card and opened the door, I couldn't hear anything inside, but when I opened the door and entered, it was deafening.

The scene in front of me, however, made me completely speechless.

Scene after scene in the hall, all kinds of men and women, it is simply the so-called wine pool and meat forest, many men's hearts of heaven on earth.

I feel like my heart is bleeding. Chen Yajing, has she really been to a place like this?

"Don't look at the cards we have. We can only play in the hall, but there are many exciting places."

Linfu Boss explained.

Only then did I notice that this hall was only part of the top floor.

It was not the first time Linfu Boss had been here, and he was rather calm. The others were either a little stiff or excited, but I was the only one with an unusually ugly face.

After seeing what this place looked like, my heart was dead, and I had no intention of having fun with them here. I wanted to find an excuse to leave, but before I could say anything, I noticed a beautiful figure that was very familiar to me.