09 Destroys Three Views

I felt like I was about to explode when I heard the vulgar words of an excited man inside.

Chen Yajing, it was an affair.

I gritted my teeth and banged the door.

This time, I'm going to catch him at the scene. I'm going to see what else Chen Yajing has to say.

Because I suddenly interrupted the good thing, the man's curse came from inside: "Mud horse, knock you numb ah knock."

I ignored him and continued to knock on the door.

Then the door opened and a man in his underpants stared at me fiercely.

But the moment I saw this man, I was stunned.

This, really, isn't it Wang Yan's husband, Wu Ming?

Last time I caught him looking for a woman, this time I caught him?


Did Chen Yajing come to check in with Wu Ming this afternoon?

But Wang Yan sent the room number to Chen Yajing.

I felt a little scared.

Wu Ming, who was cursing, was shocked to see me.

"Open it for me."

I pushed him away and squeezed into the room.

"Chen Yajing, what have I done to you..."

As I said this, I walked in. I wanted to see how Chen Yajing reacted when I caught her at the scene.

But before I could fully vent my anger, I was shocked by the woman in bed.

The woman on the bed, who covered her body with the quilt and only had one head exposed, was not Chen Yajing at all, but Wang Yan.

I widened my eyes, "Why are you Wang Yan?"

"Why can't I be Wang Yan?" Wang Yan wasn't angry. Instead, he blinked at me, "Isn't it normal for me to have a room with my husband outside and have some fun?"

"Do you think it's your wife playing with my husband here that makes you happy?"

What she said left me speechless.

"Of course, I don't mind. If you don't mind, we can play together."

Wang Yan winked at me again.

"Brother, the last time I was playing with another woman outside, you came and ruined my good thing. This time, I opened a room with my legitimate wife outside, and you came and messed with me. What are you trying to do?"

"If you want to bring Chen Yajing to play with us, I would be very happy and very welcome. If you are purely here to do something, then don't blame me for being rude."

When Chen Yajing was mentioned, Wu Ming's face was particularly sinister.

However, the words of the two of them instantly refreshed my three views.

It seemed that the two of them had acquiesced to each other. They could play outside, or even propose to play together.

After being shocked by their words and slightly stunned, my face suddenly darkened.

Because when Wu Ming mentioned my wife just now, the expression on his face was not concealed.

"Why did I hear you calling Chen Yajing just now?"

I looked at him with dark eyes.

"It's just a name. What's the big deal? My wife doesn't mind playing the role of your wife to please me." Wu Ming seemed to be indifferent, and then the expression on his face became indescribable, "Brother, life is here. Why are you bound by the rules of the world? You've only met a woman named Chen Yajing. Look at me. There's always a different kind of excitement, okay? Do you want to try my wife? If we can make an appointment, we can play together, so that I don't have to let Wang Yan play your wife, and you can experience something totally different from before. Are you interested? Anyway, your wife..."

The more Wu Ming talked, the more excited he became.

Wang Yan didn't object at all. She was a little excited to hear Wu Ming say that. She looked at me as if she wanted to eat me up. She even lifted the blanket around her body to reveal her beautiful figure and seduce me.

The two of them were excited.

But when I heard Wu Ming's words, I almost exploded with anger.

Before he could finish, I couldn't help it.

He punched Wu Ming.