He's As Dazzling As The Stars

He's As Dazzling As The Stars



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505.Chapter 505 Mr. Bai's Public Confession (1)


"Xia xingchen, give me a baby!" That night, she was eaten up by a mysterious man. I thought it was just a dream, but two months later, she was really pregnant! When she went to the hospital to remove the child, no one in the country dared to operate on her, so she had to give birth to the child. Five years later, the child was snatched away, and then a noble man entered her world domineeringly. What? Is he the father of the child? Not only that, but he was also the president of a country above all others?! So... Is this really not a dream?... Good morning, Mr. President! It's an urban novel by the original author, nan yinyin, and it's updated at the same time. Good morning, Mr. President! The latest chapter, good morning from fellow scholars, Mr. President! Comments do not mean that bi qu pavilion agrees or supports good morning, Mr. President! A book friend's point of view. Good morning, Mr. President! If it's not bad, please click the share button at the top to share it with your circle of friends!

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