424 Strangers - Twins, Two Boys

When she met Jian Xia, she seemed to have a lot of pent-up emotions that she couldn't express in front of anyone else, including Bai Jili. In front of Jian Xia, she unconsciously revealed them.

It's such an honor to have a good friend who's dedicated to you, just like jian xia was to Yan Wanwan.

The court executed Yang Yiyun and Yang Shaojie's case very quickly. The next morning, when Lan Lan came to see her, he told her.

Yang Yiyun was sentenced to death and executed on a daily basis, while her brother was sentenced to life imprisonment, deprived of political power for life, and could only spend his life in prison. Before Yang Yiyun was sentenced, Yan Baizhi had divorced her and gone through divorce procedures.

"Mom, why do you think Yang Yiyun ended up like this today?"

Without a daughter, his son was unconscious because she was lying in bed, his husband abandoned her, his family despised her, and he killed his own brother's life. What did he get out of this life?

"Greed is not enough." Lan Lan smiled faintly, not because Yang Yiyun was sentenced to death. After all, if she hadn't died, no one would have expected her to end up like this.

Looking at Yan Wanwan, Lan Lan added, "Yang Yiyun was born in the countryside and didn't have much education. His ex-husband was a driver in the financial bureau where your father used to work. He often drove your father's car. So, you can imagine how resourceful Yang Yiyun was to hook up with your father through her ex-husband! Actually, I know that your father never loved her."

Yan Wanwan smiled and asked curiously, "How do you know?"

Lan Lan also smiled. "Because your father told me that he just wanted to sleep with her and never wanted to marry her."

She just wanted to sleep with her, and never wanted to marry her.

What a cruel sentence! Believe that any woman will be desperate when she hears it!

"Then why did dad marry her again?"

Lan Lan gave a faint sneer. "I was forced by Yang Yiyun."

Yan Wanwan also raised his lips slightly, and a sneer appeared on the corner of his mouth.

Yan Baizhi shared a bed with a woman he didn't love, the name of a husband and wife, and on the other hand, he hated the woman he loved. He couldn't let go of it, he couldn't erase it.

"A week later, your case will begin, and the lawyer will plead your innocence. You just have to follow the instructions you gave earlier. What else do you know? Do you understand?" Lan Lan warned yan wan to come to the evening.

Yan Wanwan nodded. "Yes, I see."

But since she had entered the prison, she had never expected to be acquitted and let out of here.

A week later, Yan Wanwan's case was held in a private trial in the municipal secondary court, and Yan Wanwan refused to hear anyone except the Yan family and the Bai family.

But Bai Jili knew in his heart that Yan Wanwan didn't want anyone from the Bai family to listen, even him.

So, he didn't go in for the trial, just waited outside.

Because the evidence from all sides showed that the theft of the three national first-class cultural relics of the xx provincial museum had nothing to do with Yan Wanwan, but it was an indisputable fact that she privately traded national first-class cultural relics. Although she did not know in advance that the three cultural relics were the national first-class cultural relics stolen by the xx provincial museum, it was justifiable, but the law was not tolerated. Finally, the court sentenced Yan Wanwan to 18 months in prison. Neat.

Originally, because Yan Wanwan was pregnant, the child in her belly was already nearly three months old and could be suspended for a year to execute the sentence, but because of Yan Wanwan and his family's request, the sentence was executed on the day and not suspended.

When the verdict was over, the judge stepped down and Yan Jinan, who was sitting on the bench, stood up and walked up to Yan Wanwan. He held her hand tightly, and tears welled up in his eyes.

"Wanwan, it's grandpa who's sorry for you."

Yan Wanwan held Yan Jinan's hand with his back, but he raised his lips and smiled brightly. "Grandpa, it's only 18 months. It's going to be over soon. When I left home, three years passed in the blink of an eye."

"Silly child, these 18 months, how can you compare with those three years, when you are at ease." Yan Jinan had, of course, seen all kinds of jails and prisons all his life in the officialdom, and knew how miserable it was to live without freedom.

Yan Wanwan smiled again. "It doesn't matter. I'm pregnant now anyway. I can't go anywhere. I'll just take it as a foster home."

Looking at Yan Wanwan, Yan Jinan nodded in relief. Although he felt guilty, yan wanwan felt much better if he thought so.

"Wanwan, no probation. Have you discussed this with Ji Li?" Lan Lan asked from the side. Just now, when the judge announced that Yan Wanwan would not be suspended, she was worried to death.

Was Yan Wanwan really going to have a baby in prison?

Yan Wanwan nodded. "We discussed it. Ji Li agreed."

"Ah!" Lan Lan sighed. "You two children, what can I say about you?"

Yan Wanwan smiled and said nothing.

How would Lan Lan know that she was unwilling to carry out the probation, but did not want to miss the child's growing up time.

If she accepted the slow walk, she would be missing at least 18 months of her child's life.

Therefore, she would rather suffer a little more in the detention center, but also hope to finish 18 months of imprisonment as soon as possible, go out early, a family reunion.

"Wanwan, thank you for your hard work." Yan Duanyun, who had been standing next to Yan Jinan without saying anything, finally opened his mouth.

She already knew everything. It was only these days that Yan Wanwan's' case' was going to be heard that she came back. At the same time, her job was transferred back to Huinan city with her husband, Zhao Zhoucheng.

Yan Jinan is old. Yan Wanwan is willing to go to jail for Yan Jinan. As a daughter, she can't do nothing.

Yan Wanwan smiled back and said nothing.

Now that yan duanyun could become so peaceful and happy, it was the best thing for her.

"You stay inside and rest easy. Don't think too much. I'll take good care of your grandfather." Seeing that Yan Wanwan was silent, Yan Duanyun smiled again.

"Okay, thank you, auntie."

Yan Wanwan was sent back to the original detention center and stayed in the original cell. Xiao mei was still in charge of taking care of her. Apart from having no freedom, she had the best food and clothes. As usual, Bai Jili would visit Yan Wanwan every day as long as he was not away from work. He would have dinner with her and stay with her for two hours. Then, he would stay in the detention center and take a look at her the next morning. After being safe and sound, he drove for another two hours and went to work in peace.

Even so, he could only sleep five or six hours a day at most, but in the nearest place to Yan Wanwan, he slept peacefully, and Yan Wanwan slept soundly.

Although she never woke up when Bai Jili came to see Yan Wanwan every morning, she knew very well that Bai Jili worked hard for her every day and did everything for her.

Two weeks later, her baby was 12 weeks, three months, and it was time for her first prenatal examination.

On this day, Bai Jili took a leave of absence to accompany her, and was escorted by the prison guards to the hospital designated by the detention center for prenatal examination.

When they arrived at the hospital, Old lady bai and Lan Lan were already waiting there. Today was Yan Wanwan's first prenatal examination. They all wanted to accompany Yan Wanwan so that Yan Wanwan would feel warm and be able to take care of the baby in the detention center.

After drawing blood and doing a series of routine tests, Yan Wanwan was sent to the ultrasound city. The ultrasound showed that the child in her stomach seemed to be developing well.

In ultrasound city, Yan Wanwan was lying in bed with Bai Jili, Mrs. Old, and Lan Lan.

The doctor who performed the ultrasound placed the ultrasound probe in her lower abdomen and moved it slowly. After a short while, he smiled at Yan Wanwan and the others and asked, "Mrs. Bai, have you had an ultrasound before this?"

Yan wanwan shook her head. "No."

Hearing the doctor's question, Lan Lan immediately became nervous and asked quickly, "Doctor, is there a problem?"

"No, it's not a problem." The doctor smiled and looked at everyone. "That's good news. Mrs. Bai is carrying two babies, not one."

"Two babies?!" Lan Lan was shocked.

Not only Lan Lan, Old lady bai and Bai Jili were shocked, but even yan Wanwan himself was so shocked that his eyes widened and he couldn't say a word.

"Yes, Mrs. Bai is pregnant. It should be fraternal twins, two babies." The doctor nodded and confirmed.

After the doctor confirmed it, Lan Lan cried with joy and held Yan Wanwan's hand excitedly. Tears welled up in her eyes and she said, "Wanwan, did you hear that? You're pregnant with twins, and mother will have two grandchildren."

"Ouch! That's great, that's great, god bless, god bless!" Mrs. Old came back to his senses and was extremely happy. He said excitedly, "Wanwan, you are so capable. You have two babies in one child. We Bai family have never had twins before. If your father knew, he would be overjoyed."

Yan wanwan looked down at her still flat belly and then at Lan Lan and Mrs. Old, crying with joy.

Originally, it was god's greatest gift to her and Bai Jili to have a child, but she never thought that she was pregnant with twins.

She and Bai Jili had two babies at once.

"Ji Li, did you hear that? Wanwan is pregnant with twins. You will soon be the father of two children." Seeing that Bai Jili was in a daze and completely out of his mind, Mrs. Old quickly pulled him up and shouted happily.

Bai Jili was not stunned, but he was too happy to know what to do.

He really didn't expect that because of Song Chengyuan, he and yan wanwan would benefit from misfortune.

At that time, the black clinic doctor who was going to take yan wan's eggs later said that when Yan Wanwan had two eggs at a time because he had taken ovulation drugs, he worked hard every day to sow.

At that time, he did not think that Yan Wanwan would be pregnant with twins. As long as yan wanwan could be pregnant and fulfill her wish, then he would be thankful and satisfied, but he never expected that Yan Wanwan would be pregnant with twins.

This was indeed a pleasant surprise!

"Honey, we're going to have two babies soon." Yan Wanwan looked up at Bai Jili, who was close by, smiling and teary-eyed.

Bai Jili held her cool little hand tightly, lowered his head, kissed the center of her eyebrows, nodded heavily, and said in a low and powerful voice, "Well, I know, you're great!"

Then he looked at the doctor and asked, "Doctor, my wife is pregnant with twins. Is there any danger?"

Behind the ultrasound doctor stood the chief doctor of obstetrics and gynecology. Hearing Bai Jili's concerned words, he smiled and asked, "What are you talking about?"

When Bai Jili asked, Lan Lan and Mrs. Old looked at him in unison.

"Can my wife's uterus and body withstand the normal development of the twins until they are ripe?" Bai Jili asked uneasily.

After all, Yan Wanwan's uterus wall was thinner than a normal woman's. Could the twins withstand the pressure and weight?

The doctor nodded slightly and answered clearly, "Mrs. Bai's uterine wall is indeed a little thinner than a normal person, but as far as the current situation is concerned, as long as you pay more attention and check on time, there should be no big problem. If there are any abnormalities, just come to the hospital immediately."

"The doctor said it's okay. We'll be fine that night with the baby. Ji Li, you can rest assured!" Seeing that Bai Jili was still worried, Mrs. Old quickly comforted him.

Bai Jili nodded slightly and smiled at the doctor. Then, looking at Yan Wanwan, his deep voice was especially firm and forceful. "Mom is right. You and the child will be fine."


Yan wanwan was pregnant with twins. Not only was the Bai family worried that she was in prison, but also the Bai family and Lan Lan were worried. Therefore, for Yan Wanwan and the two babies in her belly, Yan Baizhi used his power. Lan lan lan spent a lot of money and hired a specialist in obstetrics and gynecology to stay in the detention center to take care of Yan Wanwan and her baby. In name, she just said that the prison doctors in the detention center were not enough. In addition to the fact that all the women in the detention center were women, it was naturally best to add a gynecologist.

Knowing that she was pregnant with a twin and that she was well aware of her physical condition, Yan Wanwan was more careful every day. Every day, she would wake up in the morning to wash up and eat breakfast, then walk around the house, eat, sit down and copy the buddhist sutra.

As the time for copying grew longer, she became more and more thorough in understanding the buddhist scriptures and principles. In the past, many people who could not understand them could not understand them, but now when they saw them, they could understand the truth and the true meaning.

However, after all, she was an ordinary secular woman who could not copy the sutra regularly every day as the sutra said. Her original purpose was to calm her heart and not to get angry.

At noon, after lunch, she would slowly walk around the house a few more times, then take a nap, wake up, wash her face, continue to sit down and read quietly.

Apart from parenting books, most of what she read were professional books and magazines on business management and business economics. After all, she had promised lan lan that she would take over Beauty group in the future. If there was no real material, how would she manage a big company in the future?

At seven or eight in the afternoon, Bai Jili would come. They would have dinner together, and then bai jili would accompany her for a walk within the confines of the detention center. After that, she would return to her cell and take a bath and rest.

Although she was locked up in the same prison with many female prisoners, the female prisoners in the same prison did not know that there was a special person like Yan Wanwan in the prison, and Yan Wanwan never needed to meet her female prisoners.

One day, 24 hours, long or short, even without freedom, Yan Wanwan was still living a fulfilling and satisfying life. Every time she went to bed and thought about the scene of the four of them together after she got out of prison, she was filled with joy, even falling asleep with a smile on her lips.

In addition to Bai Jili coming to accompany her every day, people from the Bai family, the Bai family, as well as Lan Lan and Jian Xia, would also take turns to visit her. Day by day, the days passed before she knew it. Her stomach, unknowingly, grew bigger and bigger day by day.

When the baby was 18 weeks old, Yan Wanwan felt the fetal movement for the first time. It was so wonderful that she cried with joy.

Even if Bai Jili wasn't with her, she wouldn't feel lonely anymore, because there were two little guys who could already listen to her, always with her.

When the child was five months old and went to the third prenatal examination, the doctor told Wanwan and everyone that the twins in her stomach were two boys.

The happiest person to hear this news was Lan Lan.

She was only under 50 years old, and 20 years later, her two grandchildren would have grown up. If Yan Wanwan didn't want to run the Beauty group in the future, one of their brothers would be willing to take over the Beauty group.

Old lady bai was naturally happy, but he frowned and smiled. "Ouch, two boys, this is a big deal. With Xi, the three kings, the family has to fall out."

As soon as Lan Lan heard this, he quickly answered, "Mother, if you're afraid of making trouble, it's okay. Let me take care of you. I'm not afraid."

Old lady bai quickly scowled and glared at Lan Lan. "That's not good. My grandson is mine. I like it no matter how much trouble I make."

"How about this? Let them stay in the military commission courtyard for a week, and I'll stay for a week, okay?" Lan Lan discussed with Mrs. Old.

Mrs. Old thought about it and shook his head. "No, I'll let you go. What if I miss my grandson?"

"That's not easy. If you think about it, make a phone call and I'll send it back to you right away." Lan Lan said bluntly.

Mrs. Old frowned and hesitated again.

"Don't even think about it. We'll take care of the children ourselves." All of a sudden, Bai Jili, who had been smiling and not saying a word, spoke, instantly extinguishing half of Mrs. Old and Lan Lan's enthusiasm.

Mrs. Old glared at Bai Jili. "Both of you have to go to work. Why do you bring them yourself?"

"Mom, I can take the babies to work at the company for breastfeeding." Yan wanwan smiled.

In many ways, she and Bai Jili often coincided.

"Yes! Yes! Yes!" Lan Lan clapped. "Take it to the company. It's not a bad idea to take the baby to work. It's good for the baby to breastfeed."

Lan lan took Mrs. Old's hand and said with a smile, "Mother, don't you think so?"

Mrs. Old, "..."

Isn't this bullying?

Hmph, can we continue to talk happily this day?

"Since Wanwan is not afraid of getting tired, take him to the company. But after work, you all have to go home." Finally, Mrs. Old compromised.

"Well, that way I can see my grandchildren during the day and you can see your grandchildren at night. It's great to have both!" Lan Lan said happily.

Yan Wanwan looked at the two "Moms," nodded, smiled, and agreed, "Okay, after work, I'll take the child back to the military commission courtyard."

Bai Jili, "..."

Should he be the one who got hurt this time?

A world of two! Where is it?