425. - No, Mrs. Bai Is Bleeding

The third prenatal examination showed that everything was normal, but Yan Wanwan's belly was getting bigger and bigger, only five months old, but her belly was already much bigger than a normal pregnant woman's. The doctor was worried that her two children would gain too much weight and her uterus would not be able to bear the pressure, so he told her to try her best to control her diet, eat less and eat more, and try not to eat when she was not hungry. Be more careful in your actions, keep your mood calm, and don't let your emotions fluctuate.

In fact, Yan Wanwan was pregnant, except for her belly, which was as big as a ball in five months. In other places, her flesh was not very long and her limbs were still slender. From behind, she could not even see that she was pregnant with twins.

Back at the detention center, yan wan followed the doctor's instructions at night. Every time she ate, she only ate seven minutes full. All her actions were more cautious than before.

When her child was five months and two weeks old, Bai Jili told her that jian xia had given birth to a son.

Yan Wanwan immediately grabbed Bai Jili's arm happily and asked him, "How's Jian Xia? Is mother and son safe?"

Bai Jili looked at the way she was happier than she had given birth to a child. Her handsome brows were slightly twisted, but she still said truthfully, "The child is fine, but Jian Xia doesn't seem to be well. She's in a coma from excessive blood loss and hasn't woken up yet."

Yan Wanwan frowned and the smile on his face disappeared in an instant, and a look of worry rose in his eyes.

"Isn't Jian Xia always fine?" A week ago, Jian Xia came to see her. She was still fine. She didn't need anyone to help her walk. "How did she bleed when she gave birth?"

On second thought, Yan Wanwan said, "No, Jian Xia's due date is not at this time. Why is it two weeks earlier?"

Bai Jili held her hand tightly and lowered his head to kiss her forehead. "Don't worry. With Brother fourth and so many people around, Jian Xia will be fine. Just relax."

The next day, after breakfast, Yan Wanwan sat at the table and quietly copied the buddhist sutra as usual.

I don't know if it's because the weather has been humid recently, sometimes cold and sometimes hot. She didn't sleep well last night. When she didn't cover the quilt, she felt cold. When she covered her pants, she felt hot. So she woke up in the morning, showing signs of catching a cold.

But she didn't dare take the medicine. When she got up early in the morning, she asked xiao mei to get a bowl of ginger soup for her to drink. Although she was sweating all over and felt better, she suddenly felt a tickle in her throat and felt a little uncomfortable.

"Cough... Cough..."

She restrained herself, coughed twice and continued to copy the buddhist sutra.

"Cough... Cough..."" cough... Cough...

However, after a few seconds, the throat became more and more uncomfortable, no matter how much restraint, it was useless, so he had to get up, pour a cup of warm water, drink a few mouthfuls, it was much better.

She put down the cup, put her hands on her waist, and went back to the table to sit down. She lowered her head and raised her hand to caress her round belly. She spoke to the two little fellows in her heart with extra gentleness and calmness. Then she calmed down and copied the buddhist sutra.

Every word, every stroke, was written with Yan Wanwan's heart.

When she sat down and wrote a dozen more words, her throat itched again, and it was much worse than before.

"Cough... Cough..."" cough... Cough..."" cough... Cough...

She wanted to endure it, but no matter how hard she tried, she coughed violently.

Coughing was really uncomfortable, even the entire belly and uterus were tightening, the child in the stomach, also began to move uneasily.

Looking down at her tummy, which was getting tighter and tighter, Yan Wanwan quickly got up and wanted to pour another glass of warm water. But when she got up from the table, she felt something warm flowing out and sliding down her inner thigh...

Realizing something, she frowned and looked down at her thighs...

She was wearing a light gray maternity dress, and at this moment, a pair of straight and fair inner thighs were winding down, shocking liquid, not anything else, but seductive red blood...

"Someone! Someone!" At this moment, yan wan panicked, completely panicked.

She screamed as her stomach and uterus tightened and she became more and more uncomfortable.

However, she knew that she could not wait here, what if no one heard her scream.

Therefore, she did not care about the enchanting liquid between her legs, holding her big belly in both hands, and walked towards the door with difficulty...

"Bang!"" Bang!" Bang! Finally, she reached the door. With her arms around her stomach, she leaned against the cold wall and slapped the iron door hard. She called out with a frown and sweat." Come on, come on, come on...

Outside the door, someone finally heard the noise and strode towards yan Wanwan's cell.

"Bang,"" bang,"" bang!"" Is anyone there? Come on...

With a bang, the iron door was finally opened from the outside.

"Mrs. Bai, you..." When the female prison guard pushed the door in and saw yan wan leaning against the wall, her face pale, sweating, and looking extremely painful, she was stunned for a moment.

Yan Wanwan reached out and grabbed the female prison guard as if he had seen a straw to save her life. "Hurry! Get someone to take me to the hospital..."

"Good... Good..." The female prison guard saw the blood dripping down her legs and finally reacted. She nodded quickly and reached out to hold Yan Wanwan. "Mrs. Bai, hold on. We'll take you to the hospital right away."

In the municipal government, Yan Baizhi was holding a working meeting with the city's leading group, which naturally included the leader of the city's public security bureau, Bai Jili.

Just as the head of the financial bureau opposite Bai Jili finished his speech, Bai Jili's cell phone vibrated in his pocket.

In fact, such an important meeting is naturally not allowed to turn on the phone.

However, Bai Jili was worried about Yan Wanwan. No matter where his phone was, he never left, and no matter when, he would turn it on.

When he took out his cell phone and saw that it was from the detention center, he immediately frowned, and a strong worry welled up in his eyes.

After all, Yan Wanwan had never called him in the detention center for months.

If the detention center didn't call him, it meant that Yan Wanwan was safe and sound.

But at this moment, the prison suddenly called...

"The meeting has been going on for almost two hours. Everyone should take five minutes off, go to the bathroom or something, and continue in five minutes." Yan Baizhi, who was sitting at the top of the table, noticed Bai Jili's sudden change in expression as he stared at his phone and immediately spoke to everyone.

Yan Baizhi noticed the change in Bai Jili's expression, and so did the others.

However, bai ji li was Yan Baizhi's son-in-law, which was something everyone knew. The fact that bai ji li was the son of Shouzhang Bai Shoucheng in the military region, the nephew of Ji Hongming, the country's leader, and because of Bai Jili's hard work, Yan Baizhi gave him some small care when appropriate, and no one dared to say anything else.

So, without saying anything, they all smiled and nodded, got up and exercised their muscles, or left to go to the bathroom or something.

Bai jili was the first to get up, strode to a quiet corner, and immediately answered the phone.

"Captain bai, it's not good. Mrs. Bai is bleeding!" As soon as the call was connected, the director of the detention center said in a panic.

Bai ji li's black eyes suddenly darkened and lowered her voice anxiously. "What's bleeding? Tell me clearly."

"Mrs. Bai may have a miscarriage. She's on her way to the hospital." The director was too flustered on the other side, and didn't know how to organize the language to make it sound good.

Bai Jili's dark eyes, which were already so deep, suddenly sank again. Almost in an instant, they sank into the bottomless abyss. A heart also sank and fell into the ice cellar.

The next second, he turned around and rushed out of the conference room before he could even say an apology to Yan Baizhi, the leader.

"Ji Li, what happened?"

Yan Baizhi had been watching him, and when he saw him turn around without a word, he rushed out. He immediately followed him and stopped him.

Bai Jili stopped and looked back at him. "Something happened to Wanwan. I have to get there right away."

He couldn't wait for Yan Baizhi to respond, so he rushed out again.

Yan Baizhi stood there in a daze for a moment and saw Bai Jili dashing out of the conference room. He came back to his senses and quickly told the secretary beside him, "Inform everyone that the meeting will be adjourned until tomorrow morning."

"Yes, leader."

Yan Baizhi frowned and strode out.

When bai ji li and Yan Baizhi rushed to the hospital, Yan Wanwan was already in the emergency room.

Knowing that the leaders were all here, several hospital presidents put down their work and came to accompany them. The best and most professional gynecologists in the hospital were naturally sent to the emergency room.

The leaders of several hospitals did not know what was going on in the emergency room. Even if they were with Bai Jili and Yan Baizhi, they could not jump to conclusions to ensure the safety of Yan Wanwan and her son.

Therefore, he could only stay with him, not knowing what to say, and Bai Jili, who was standing motionless at the entrance of the emergency room, exuding a low pressure that they had never seen before, dared not say anything.

Bai jili stood in front of the emergency room, his hands resting on his hips. He was already wearing a dignified police uniform, but at this moment, he was like a military sculpture, unspeakable and awe-inspiring.

From the moment he arrived, he did not say or ask anything except to stare at the door of the emergency room. His thin lips were pursed into a cold straight line, his dark eyes rolling gloomily, and they were deep beyond words.

"I sent a prison doctor to take care of me at any time. How could this happen?" Yan Baizhi asked the director of the detention center on the side with a straight face.

The head of the detention center shivered and felt wronged. However, he tried his best to calm down and answer truthfully, "Leader, I'm not sure either. All I know is that Mrs. Bai copied the buddhist sutra in her cell as usual after breakfast. When she saw that Mrs. Bai was doing all right, no one was there. Who knew it wasn't long before she suddenly heard Mrs. Bai calling for help. The prison guard rushed to open the door and looked. Mrs. Bai is already bleeding."

Yan Baizhi looked at the director with a calm face and took a deep breath, but did not say any more words of reproach.

After all, this was in the detention center, not at home or somewhere else. No one could be with Yan Wanwan all the time. After all, no one wanted to see such an accident. How could he blame anyone?

He could only blame himself for being blind and sharing a bed with a vicious woman like Yang Yiyun for more than a decade or two.

"Ji Li, how's Wanwan?"

At this moment, Lan Lan strode over and saw Bai Jili standing at the door of the emergency room. She immediately went over to grab his arm and asked worriedly.

Lan lan spent a lot of money to buy up and down the detention center. If something happened to Yan Wanwan, someone would tell her immediately.

Bai Jili, who had been motionless for a long time, finally had some reaction at this moment, but he only turned his head and looked at Lan Lan with a pair of dim eyes without saying a word.

"Yan Baizhi, if anything happens to Wanwan and the child, I won't stop talking to you!"

Seeing Bai Jili's expression, Lan Lan knew that Yan Wanwan's situation was definitely not optimistic. For a moment, Lan Lan couldn't care less and turned around to roar at Yan Baizhi.

A few of the people around him did not know the relationship between Lan Lan and Yan Baizhi. Lan Lan's roar naturally made him feel strange and surprised. He did not expect that in Huinan city, there were people who dared to be so arrogant and domineering in front of their leaders.

Tsk, tsk, tsk!

Yan Baizhi looked at her with pursed lips and did not speak. Although her face was not pretty, she did not mean to be angry with Lan Lan at all.

Lan lan saw that he did not speak, and it was no fun to yell at him. If someone else saw him laughing, it would be even more boring. After giving him a hard look, she also calmed down and stood beside Bai Jili, staring at the door of the emergency room, waiting for news.

Yan Baizhi took a deep breath and walked over when she saw that Lan Lan had quickly regained his elegant and elegant appearance. Then she opened her mouth and comforted her. "Don't worry. Wanwan and the two children will be fine. If something really happened, someone inside would have come out to report the situation."

After all, he was the leader. Besides, Yan Baizhi's feelings for Yan Wanwan, his daughter, and his two grandsons, could not be compared to Bai Jili and lan lan, so he could calm down quickly.

Lan Lan took a deep breath and glanced at him, saying nothing as he continued to look at the door of the emergency room.

As they waited anxiously for a long time, the door of the emergency room was finally pushed open from inside and two chief doctors came out.

"Doctor, how is my daughter and her two children?" When the doctor came out, Lan Lan strode over and asked eagerly.

Bai Jili strode forward, unable to wait for the doctor's reply. After glancing at the emergency room, he strode in.

The doctor glanced at the battle outside and did not dare to stop bai jili at all. He smiled at Lan Lan and said, "Please rest assured that the blood has stopped smoothly. Mrs. Bai and the two babies in her belly are no longer in danger. However, Mrs. Bai's condition is not stable and she is in danger of miscarriage at any time. Therefore, we strongly recommend that from now on, Mrs. Bai be hospitalized to protect the fetus. Keep an eye on Mrs. Bai and the baby."

"Okay, we're in the hospital to protect the baby. We're in the hospital to protect the baby immediately." Lan Lan nodded and answered immediately, tears welling up in his eyes.

Yan Baizhi looked at Lan Lan, took a deep breath, then looked at the head of the detention center and asked, "My daughter is in the hospital to protect her baby. There won't be any objections from the other side of the detention center, will there?"

"No, no, of course not!" The head of the detention center shook his head repeatedly. "To make qianjin in such a situation, she must be hospitalized to protect her fetus. Life is the most important thing."

Yan Baizhi nodded faintly. "Well, since there's nothing wrong with the detention center, I'll let the hospital arrange for my daughter to stay in the hospital from today to protect the baby."

The director smiled and nodded. "Yes, the leader is right."

"Director li, please arrange it." Yan Baizhi turned around and looked at the hospital director on the other side.

Director li nodded quickly. "You're welcome. This is just my job. Please don't worry. I'll arrange it."

"Well, it's been hard!"