426 Affair - Husband, Protect the Child!

Yan Wanwan was assigned to a separate ward in the department of obstetrics and gynecology. The detention center sent xiao mei to watch over Yan Wanwan.

Although a separate ward was arranged, the gynecology and obstetrics wards were crowded and there were many female prisoners from the detention center. Lan Lan was naturally dissatisfied with the arrangement.

However, all the prisoners in the detention center were treated in designated hospitals, and there were no vip rooms in the hospital like other hospitals.

"This hospital ward is like a vegetable market. There are so many people coming and going. Wanwan might be quietly taking care of her baby here." Looking at Yan Wanwan, who was lying on his side, motionless and as pale as a sheet, Lan Lan was heartbroken and insisted, "I don't care. I'm transferring Wanwan to a private hospital at the Duan family. I won't stay here."

Bai Jili sat by the bed, his hands clenching Yan Wanwan's cold little hands, his dark eyes fixed on her pale little face. From the time yan Wanwan was pushed into the ward, he had not said a word.

Yan Baizhi looked at Yan Wanwan, who was still unconscious in the hospital bed, and then at Lan Lan. He didn't say much, but turned around and walked out.

Outside the ward, several leaders of the hospital were still there. When they saw Yan Baizhi coming out, and his face was not very good, director li immediately understood what he meant. Smiling, he walked forward and took the initiative to say, "Leader, if you don't think this is suitable, one floor on the top floor of our building is empty. It used to be a department of neurology. This department just left a month ago. There won't be any idlers to disturb. Very quiet."

Yan Baizhi was naturally satisfied with the arrangement. He nodded and said, "Okay, then let's make it this way. It's been hard."

"Where, where!"

In the afternoon, Yan Wanwan was transferred to the ward on the top floor. Lan Lan specifically called elder sister Li over to take care of Yan Wanwan 24 hours a day. When bai jili was not around, she couldn't leave. From the private hospital of the Duan family, she invited an expert from the department of obstetrics and gynecology to check on Yan Wanwan and the two children in her stomach every day. The hospital also specially sent two nurses, 24 hours a day, taking turns to take care of Yan Wanwan. They also sent private bodyguards to guard the entrance to the top floor. No one could enter except doctors, nurses and their families.

It was also in the afternoon when Yan Jinan and the Bai family both knew about Yan Wanwan's hospitalization for threatened abortion and bleeding and rushed to the hospital to see her.

When yan wan woke up late, it was already evening. When she woke up, everyone immediately surrounded her.


Yan Wanwan slowly opened her eyes. The first thing she saw was Bai Jili, who had been sitting by the bed holding her hands, and then turning her eyes. All the loving faces came into her sight.

"Husband, child..."

"The child is here. Everything is fine." Bai Jili held her hand tightly, and a faint mist rose in his slightly narrowed black eyes. He smiled and told Yan Wanwan, "Wanwan, the children are fine."


Yan Wanwan followed the voice. Lan Lan, Old lady bai, and Yan Jinan looked at her with their eyes full of deep emotions, which made her heart tremble.

"Mom, grandpa."

"Hey." Mrs. Old nodded quickly and agreed happily.

"Wanwan, do you feel any discomfort? Mom will call the doctor now." Lan Lan looked at Yan Wanwan and asked her with a smile that she didn't know how kind she was.

Yan Wanwan lowered his head slowly and looked at his bulging belly. His hand, which was held in the palm of bai ji li's hand, moved slightly.

Bai Jili understood what she meant, and immediately held her hand and stroked their baby together. When she thought of the scene in the cell when she saw the blood flowing out of her legs, Yan Wanwan could not help but shiver.

"Mom, I'm fine now. There's nothing wrong with me." Looking at everyone, Yan Wanwan smiled and asked, "What did the doctor say?"

Bai Jili didn't want to hide it from her, because he knew how important the two children in her stomach were to her, so he honestly said, "The doctor said that you have a premonition of an abortion, so from now on, you have to be hospitalized to protect the fetus."

Looking at Bai Jili, Yan Wanwan asked again, "Does that mean that I won't have to go back to the detention center until the baby is born?"

Although, staying in the detention center, apart from her lack of freedom, everything else was fine.

But, after all, it was to see the detention center. If she could take care of the baby in the hospital, she would never want to take care of the baby in the detention center.

"Yes." Bai Jili nodded. "Don't worry. The detention center has sent xiao mei to watch over it. You can keep the baby in the hospital, which is the same as being in the detention center. It won't extend the time of detention."

"Wanwan, you can rest assured that from now on, you will be safe and sound in the hospital. The entire top floor mother has sent someone to watch over you. No outsiders will come in and disturb you. You can also work on the top floor. Every day, an expert will come to check on you and the baby. Things like this won't happen again." Lan Lan also quickly pacified Yan Wanwan.

"Yes, Wanwan, you can take care of the baby. Leave everything else to Ji Li and all of us." Mrs. Old smiled.

Yan Wanwan looked at everyone, raised his lips and smiled, nodding. "Yes, I know. I will be more careful. There will be no more danger."

Because it was a hospital, not a detention center, and her situation was not optimistic, Yan Wanwan had no reason to refuse Bai Jili to stay with her.

In the evening, after dinner, everyone left, leaving only bai jili and yan Wanwan in the whole ward.

On the two iron beds, yan wan slept in one bed at night and bai jili in the other, but they were facing each other and hugging each other.

This feeling of peace, warmth, and sweetness that bai jili had embraced to sleep had not passed for months. Now, lying back in the bay of Bai Jili's strong and warm arms, he smelled the faint and pleasant smell of his body and caressed the two children in his stomach. Yan Wanwan felt that there was no woman happier and luckier than her in this world.

"Are you afraid?"

Bai Jili held Yan Wanwan in one hand, and the other hand, just like Yan Wanwan, gently landed on her stomach, comforted the two little ones in her stomach, lowered his head to kiss her forehead, and asked her softly.

Of course, Yan Wanwan understood what he was asking. He smiled slightly, buried his face in his warm neck, closed his eyes slowly, nodded and said, "Well, afraid! I'm afraid I'll never see you again with my two children."

Bai Jili frowned, because of her words, his eyes became hot, and there was a faint mist, which clouded his bloodstained eyes.

"I'm sorry!"

"Why are you saying sorry!" Yan Wanwan suddenly opened his eyes and looked up at him. "It's not your fault. Why are you saying sorry? If you have to blame me, I can only blame myself. I didn't expect it to be two babies."

If she had known that she was pregnant with a twin and the situation was so dire, she would have chosen to stay on probation for a year. After all, nothing could compare to giving birth to two healthy children safely.

Bai Jili looked down at her and smiled to kiss the tip of her nose.

Yan Wanwan, on the other hand, was getting fatter and fatter every day except for her belly.

"It doesn't matter. This will never happen again! I'll take three months off from the city and stay with you until the baby is born."

The doctor said that with yan Wanwan's condition, it was impossible to wait until the child was ripe. Only when the child was 32 weeks old, 33 weeks at the latest, and had fully developed, she had to carry out parturition.

Otherwise, Yan Wanwan's uterus would definitely not be able to withstand the pressure of the two children's continued development, resulting in another rupture of the uterus, resulting in massive bleeding.

In that case, it would definitely endanger Yan Wanwan's life, and even the two children next to him would have various complications.

"I don't want it!" Yan Wanwan looked at him, frowned, and shook his head. "Elder sister Li is already in the hospital taking care of me. Two nurses are on duty, and xiaomei is on duty. There are so many bodyguards outside. The doctor is on standby to check on me and the baby every day. Besides, you can come over after work and be with me at night. That's enough. I don't want you to stay by my side during the day, so I won't feel comfortable."

Bai Jili said softly, "Where are you feeling uncomfortable? What's the difference between me during the day and me at night?"

Yan Wanwan curled her lips. "Aren't you tired of being together every day?"

Bai ji li smiled, hugged her tightly and lowered his head. He gave her a heavy kiss on the forehead. "I'm not bored."

"I'm annoyed."

Bai Jili, "..."

Because of Yan Wanwan's insistence, the next day, bai jili and yan Wanwan went to work after having breakfast together.

Yan Wanwan sat by the window of the ward and watched bai jili get into the car. After the black hummer slowly drove out of his sight, he cooperated with the doctor and began the examination.

After the doctor simply checked on her and her child, she sat down and quietly copied the buddhist scriptures as before. When she copied the buddhist scriptures, elder sister Li and the nurse would be by her side.

Yan Wanwan was also more careful, and his body was more tired than before. He always sat for less than half an hour and started to feel uncomfortable all over. He could only lie down on his side and flip through the book. Then he fell asleep again without realizing it. Once he fell asleep, it was noon. Sometimes even the nurse was doing a fetal monitoring for her, and she didn't know it.

After lunch, she would be supported by elder sister Li and the nurse to take a walk in the hallway, but every step, she walked carefully and laboriously, and within ten minutes, she could only go back to the ward to rest.

In the afternoon, she leaned against the bed and read for a while, before she knew it, she fell asleep again. It was not until Bai Jili came over from work and had dinner with her that she woke up and was in good spirits.

Like this, she could still stay awake for a few hours a day, but it didn't last long. By the time her baby was 26 weeks old and almost 27 weeks old, her body began to swell up slowly. Her originally thin limbs, like balloons filled with water, grew bigger and bigger day by day, and her hands were no longer able to clench. By the time the baby was 29 weeks old, She was no longer able to hold chopsticks, and all the obstetricians and gynecologists were at a loss. They could only watch her whole body getting more and more swollen, her body getting weaker and weaker, and her spirit getting worse and worse.

By the time she was 30 weeks old, she could no longer walk or sit still. She could only lie in bed all day long. Most of the time, she was asleep. Only when she talked to Bai Jili or Lan Lan occasionally, she was awake.

Bai Jili no longer took Yan Wanwan's objections into account and asked for leave from the city. He stood by Yan Wanwan 24 hours a day, talking to her constantly during her rare waking hours.

By the time she entered the 31st week, she could not even eat normally. Every day, she slept longer and longer. Every time she woke up, the time was shorter and shorter. Sometimes, it was just a few minutes. Every day, she had to keep injecting nutrient solution to maintain her body consumption and the nutrition needed for her child's development.

The weather had already entered midsummer, and outside the window, the afternoon sun was scorching the earth, as if everything was about to burn, and life was dying.

Bai Jili was sitting beside the bed, not light or heavy, massaging the swollen hands and feet of Yan Wanwan, who was sleeping soundly. She looked at her slender and beautiful little pair. Now, one by one of her five fingers was swollen like something. As she looked at it, a tear fell from his eyes and dripped on the back of Yan Wanwan's hand.


The hot tears immediately woke yan wan up and slowly opened his eyes.

She raised her heavy eyelids and looked at Bai Jili, raising her hand to touch Bai Jili's face. "Why are you crying?"

Bai Jili quickly took her hand and pressed it against her cheek. Then, he leaned over and kissed her forehead. Then, just a short distance from her, he looked at her, raised his other hand, gently stroked her pale face with his warm and rough fingertips, raised the corner of his lips and said, "Wanwan, we won't wait. We'll have an operation today and cut the child out, okay?"

"No!" Yan Wanwan shook his head. "It's not 32 weeks yet. Wait a minute. After 32 weeks, I'll cut it."

Bai Jili frowned and smiled. "Here we are. Tomorrow will be 32 weeks. Are you mistaken?"

Yan Wanwan shook his head weakly, even opening his eyes as if it had become a laborious task.

"Honey, you lied to me. There are still 10 days left. There are 10 days left for 32 weeks."

During this period of time, although she spent most of her time in a coma, she was not confused. At sunrise in the morning and sunset in the evening, she would definitely wake up for a little while.

Bai Jili rubbed her cheek gently and coaxed her with a smile. "Fool, how could I lie to you? It's really 32 weeks tomorrow. If you don't believe me, ask elder sister Li to call the doctor in. Ask the doctor yourself to see if the surgery is ready."

"Yes, miss, your uncle is right. Tomorrow will be 32 weeks. We can operate." Of course, elder sister Li loved Yan Wanwan, and of course, she understood why Bai Jili lied to Yan Wanwan, so she coaxed Yan Wanwan with him.

"No, no, not yet. You lied to me..." Almost instantly, tears slid down the corners of Yan Wanwan's eyes. "Not at all. You lied to me..."

As a mother, the child was her achilles heel. Yan Wanwan would rather suffer ten times more than a hundred times than have the child not fully developed and unhealthy at birth.

As soon as yan wanwan cried, Bai Jili immediately panicked. He quickly wiped the tears from the corner of her eyes and comforted her."

"Yes, miss, don't cry. If your uncle agrees not to do it, he won't do it. Don't cry." Elder sister Li also nervously went forward to comfort him.

The doctor said that Yan Wanwan must not be agitated. Otherwise, it would easily lead to massive bleeding.

Yan Wanwan glanced at elder sister Li, then at Bai Jili, and cried out, "Then you promise that you won't let the baby cut out of my body until 32 weeks..."

Bai Jili nodded. "Okay, I promise you, I promise you, I won't let the doctor operate in less than 32 weeks."

Yan Wanwan stopped the tears in her eyes after she was assured. Her eyes sparkled and she smiled at bai jili and nodded.

"Do you want to get up and let me carry you to the window?" Seeing that Yan Wanwan's emotions had calmed down, Bai Jili wiped away the tears on her face and asked her with a smile.

It was summer, but her whole body was cold and her face was even paler.

Yan Wanwan narrowed his still beautiful cat eyes, nodded slightly, and said "Yes," then slowly closed them again.

She's tired again, so tired, so tired, just want to sleep!

Looking at Yan Wanwan, who seemed to be about to fall asleep again, Bai Jili lowered his head and kissed her forehead. Then, he reached out his hands and picked her up with great care. When elder sister Li saw her, he quickly went to help.

Holding Yan Wanwan in his arms, Bai Jili went to the sofa by the window and sat down on it, so that Yan Wanwan could lean more comfortably against his arms. The weight of the two children in her stomach was all on her.

The afternoon sun shone in through the clear glass window and sprinkled on Yan Wanwan's pale and shining skin. Bai Jili looked at it as if it was a thin layer of paper that could penetrate the air. A touch would break it.

If he had known that it would be so hard, painful, and even cruel for Yan Wanwan to have a baby in october, he would have been willing not to have a child for the rest of his life.

In this life, all he had to do was pamper Yan Wanwan.

Lowering his head, Bai Jili's thin lips gently landed on Yan Wanwan's brows and kissed her. His low, hoarse voice said with remorse and guilt, "I'm sorry, Wanwan, this time, I can't let you do it again! Tomorrow, tomorrow morning, we have to arrange the operation."

In the middle of the night, when he was in a deep sleep, Yan Wanwan had a dream.

In her dream, a snake as thick as a bowl climbed onto her bed. Then, she opened her mouth wide, spat out red letters and wrapped her tightly in circles.

She was trembling with fear, but she could not move.

Her stomach, after a while, began to tighten, and it was getting more and more painful. There was liquid under her body, which kept gushing out.

She's giving birth, she's giving birth!

Her stomach ached so much that the snake wrapped itself around her. It tightened and tightened around her. She could hardly breathe and used all her strength...

"Wah... Wah..."

The baby was born with a loud cry.

Son, her son, her and Bai Jili's son.

Looking at the little red boy, when Yan Wanwan wanted to reach out and touch him, the serpent circling around her suddenly turned around, opened its mouth and swallowed her son...



Yan Wanwan screamed and woke up abruptly.

"Wanwan, what's wrong with you?"

Bai Jili's heart trembled when he saw yan wan's sweaty face and pale face.

"Someone, call a doctor!" The next moment, he yelled at the door.

"Honey..." Yan Wanwan frowned and reached out trembling to touch Bai Jili's face.

Bai jili grabbed her trembling hand with his big palm and pressed it against his lips. He kissed the back of her hand and murmured, "Wanwan, don't be afraid. It's okay. I'm here. I'm here!"

Yan Wanwan looked at Bai Jili. Her beautiful brows tightened and her face became uglier and uglier. Her expression became more and more painful.

Trembling, she held Bai Jili's hand tightly and told him, "Honey... Protect... Protect the child..."

"No, Wanwan, you're fine. You must be fine!"

"Protect the child..."

Just as Yan Wanwan said the last three words with a trembling voice, Bai Jili felt the liquid spreading under Yan Wanwan's thin blanket.

He jerked open the blanket and saw...

"Wanwan, you can't do anything. Do you hear me?"

The next second, Bai Jili let go of Yan Wanwan and jumped out of bed, ignoring his shoes and pushing Yan Wanwan's bed out like crazy...

"Call the doctor, get ready for the operation, get ready for the operation immediately!"