427 - Bai Muchen And Bai Muyang

The dark night swallowed up everything, and even the noisy city, at this moment, also surrendered to the feet of the night, became extremely silent and dared not make a move.

Bai jili was standing outside the operating room, barefoot and wearing a white t-shirt that was dyed red.

It was Yan Wanwan's blood, all her blood.

Looking at the light on the operating room door, his dark eyes, which had always been so deep and vast, were suddenly empty and could not find a trace of focus.

Yan Wanwan said, protect the child!

No, he doesn't!

Without Yan Wanwan, there was no point in him wanting a child alone.

Who wants to take Yan Wanwan away from him? Who does he have to deal with?

"Uncle, put on your shoes. It's cold on the floor."

Elder sister Li took Bai Jili's slippers and squatted down beside his feet, whispering to him.

When she heard Bai Jili's roar, she woke up in the next room. When she opened the door and saw Bai Jili pushing Yan Wanwan out of the ward, rushing past her room and into the elevator, she was really scared.

She had lived for forty or fifty years and had never seen a woman bleed so much during childbirth.

She was stunned for a long time. When she realized it, she rushed into the elevator and pushed yan wan to the operating room with Bai Jili.

Fortunately, in the afternoon, Bai Jili had already discussed with the doctors that the operation would start at 9: 00 a. M. The next day, so everything was ready in the afternoon. As soon as the person arrived, the operation could be done.

However, it was not as expected. Who would have known that such a thing would happen at night, and the child could not wait to come out, not even for a few hours.

Sure enough, the children were all the debts they owed in their previous lives. In this life, they came to collect the debts, and they were still in their stomachs. They were so restless that they came to torment Yan Wanwan.

Squatting there, elder sister Li looked up at Bai Jili, but Bai Jili stood there like a statue cursed by the heavens, motionless, with no change in the pained expression on his face.

"Master,..." Elder sister Li wanted to say something else, but in the end, he just sighed and said nothing.

Because she knew that at this moment, Bai Jili wouldn't listen to anything she said.

Standing up, elder sister Li turned around and walked slowly to the side. Beside him, xiao mei and two bodyguards were also there.

At this moment, her phone rang. She took it out and saw that it was Lan Lan calling.

After Yan Wanwan was pushed into the operating room, she called Lan Lan and told her that yan wanwan was going to give birth. Presumably, Lan Lan was already on his way to the hospital.

"Elder sister Li, how are Wanwan and the child?" As soon as the call was connected, Lan Lan asked anxiously.

At this moment, she was sitting in the car on the way to the hospital.

"Chairman, several doctors are in the operating room. I don't know what's going on yet." Elder sister Li answered truthfully.

"When I went in the afternoon, the doctors said that there was nothing wrong with staying for a few more days? It's only been a few hours. Why is this happening?" Lan Lan asked with great heartache.

She had seen Yan Wanwan bleed a lot.

That time, she was terrified and prayed to god countless times not to let this happen to Yan Wanwan again.

But now, god still treats Yan Wanwan like this.

Elder sister Li sighed, not knowing how to answer.

"Oh, forget it. You don't know after asking. Where's Ji Li? How is he?" Unable to hear elder sister Li's voice, Lan Lan asked again.

Elder sister Li glanced at Bai Jili. "Uncle is outside the operating room. He hasn't moved."

"Ah!" Lan Lan let out a long sigh. "Tell me what happened before I arrived."


Time passed, bit by bit. About half an hour after Yan Wanwan was pushed into the operating room, the thick door of the operating room was pushed open, and the two children were carried out by two nurses, together with a pediatrician.

Bai Jili darted over, completely ignoring the child. He grabbed the doctor and asked anxiously, "How's my wife?"

"Captain bai, Mrs. Bai is still inside..." Emergency treatment.

Before the doctor could finish his sentence, bai jili had already released her and rushed into the operating room.

"Captain bai!" The doctor immediately went over and stopped him. "Captain bai, you can't go in. You can't do anything in there. It will only affect the doctor's rescue."

Bai Jili suddenly tightened his grip and stopped in his tracks. He did not go any further, but his hand, which was hanging by his side, was clenched into a fist.

"Captain bai, although the two children are premature, they still look healthy. We will send the children to the newborn department for a comprehensive monitoring. Do you want to see the child?" Seeing Bai Jili in pain, the doctor tried to distract him with the child.

"No, take it with you." In the end, Bai Jili did not even glance at his two sons and only said these words in a low voice.

Elder sister Li and xiao mei heard this and rushed over to see the baby in the nurse's arms.

"The child is so beautiful, like Mrs. Bai." Xiao mei did not understand Bai Jili's pain at the moment. She looked at the pink meatball in her swaddling clothes and said with a smile.

"Well, we'll send the baby to the newborn department now." The doctor looked at Bai Jili, nodded and agreed, then walked past him, took the two children, and went to the newborn department. Elder sister Li told xiao mei and the two bodyguards that xiao mei and the bodyguards also went to the newborn department with the nurse.

After watching the two children being taken away, elder sister Li looked at Bai Jili again, then went to get Bai Jili's shoes, walked to him and put them down, comforting him, "Uncle, you can rest assured that there are powerful doctors inside. Miss, she will be fine."

Bai jili glanced at elder sister Li and then at the shoes at her feet. Then she moved her feet and put them on. Then she nodded at elder sister Li and said, "Yes."

Yes, Yan Wanwan will be fine. He will be fine.

I don't know how long it took until Lan Lan arrived. Yan Wanwan was still in the operating room and didn't come out.

Lan Lan saw Bai Jili standing motionless at the door of the operating room, covered in blood, and knew how bad the situation was without further questions.

"Wanwan is still inside. Is the child okay?" After looking at bai ji li, lan lan asked elder sister Li.

Elder sister Li had just called her and told her that the child had been sent to the newborn department for examination.

"I've seen the baby. It shouldn't be a problem, but the doctor hasn't come over yet. Would you like to go to the newborn department?"

Lan lan shook her head. "No, I'll wait here for Wanwan to come out."

With that, Lan Lan looked up at Bai Jili, who was a few steps away, and walked over with a sigh. Like a mother, she patted him on the back and comforted him gently. "Don't worry. Wanwan had a hard time looking forward to you and her child. She won't leave you alone."

Even so, Lan Lan himself was not worried!

Bai jili looked at Lan Lan and nodded slowly, but did not say a word.

Lan Lan raised his lips slightly and smiled placidly at Bai Jili. "Have you named the child yet?"

Bai Jili nodded again and finally said, "Well, Wanwan said, it's called mu chen and mu yang."

"Mu chen, mu yang, Chenchen, Yangyang." Lan Lan savored it, nodded and smiled. "It's good. It's simple and grand. Wanwan will have the three of you by his side every day. How happy it is."

Bai ji li listened, but his brows twisted and he lowered his head. There was hot air in his eyes.

Father and son, how hard and difficult Yan Wanwan was, even willing to give up his life, in exchange for the name "Father and son three."

Just then, the door of the operating room, with a "Crash," was pushed open from the inside, and several department doctors and experts came out. One of the obstetrics and gynecology experts was a woman in her fifties.

Bai Jili and Lan Lan saw the doctor coming out and walked forward at the same time.

"Captain bai, chairman Lan, are you both worried to death?" Before Bai Jili and Lan Lan could say anything, the leading gynecologist took off his mask and smiled at them.

Hearing the doctor's words, whether it was Lan Lan or Bai Jili, a tightly clenched heart finally felt better.

"Yes, but I'm so worried. Is my daughter okay?" Lan Lan took a deep breath and immediately asked with a smile.

The ob / gyn specialist nodded and looked at bai ji li. "With the cooperation of several other department experts, Mrs. Bai's condition has stabilized. It's just that she has lost too much blood and may be unconscious for two days. When she wakes up, she will recuperate slowly."

Looking at the doctors in front of him, Bai Jili did not say a word, but his eyes were moist again.

Great, Yan Wanwan is finally fine!

"Thank you for your hard work!" Her thin lips moved. Finally, Bai Jili felt at ease and thanked the doctor sincerely.

The doctor smiled faintly and added, "However, with Mrs. Bai's condition, it is not suitable for her to get pregnant again. During the operation, I have already given Mrs. Bai a ligation. This is what you agreed beforehand, so during the operation, I did not ask for your opinion."

Bai Jili nodded. "Okay, thank you."

Even if the doctor didn't perform the ligation on Yan Wanwan during the operation, he would do it himself. Giving birth to a child is such a difficult and dangerous thing, he would never let yan wan do it again.

"Well, it's done. Wanwan can't go through this again." Lan Lan nodded.

Every experience was like a life or death experience. No matter Bai Jili or Lan Lan, or anyone else, they would never want to see Yan Wanwan torment himself in order to have a child.

"Mrs. Bai has to stay in the operating room for another hour to observe. If nothing happens in an hour, she will be sent back to the ward. Please wait patiently." Looking at Bai Jili and Lan Lan, the doctor added.

"I want to go in and see my wife now, okay?" Bai jili couldn't wait any longer and asked the doctor urgently.

The doctor looked up and down at him, hesitated, and then nodded. "Okay, you can go in."

The doctor was right. After nearly two days in a coma, Yan Wanwan finally woke up the next evening.

For the past two days, Bai Jili had been by her side all the time, and he didn't even want to close his eyes for a good rest, because he was afraid that if he fell asleep, Yan Wanwan would bleed and have an accident like that night.

That night, he only squinted for a little while, and Yan Wanwan's grip went off early.

Looking at Yan Wanwan, who slowly opened his eyes and woke up, and his eyes met hers, Bai Jili finally closed his eyes in peace. A hot liquid slid down from the corner of his eyes.

The doctor said as long as yan wan woke up late.

They finally got through this!


The bright sunset outside the window was especially dazzling. It spilled in through the clear glass window and reflected on the crystal clear tears at the corner of Bai Jili's eyes, which instantly burned Yan Wanwan's heart.

"Yes, I'm here." Bai Jili answered in a deep voice, opened his eyes, leaned over, reached out and carefully held her tightly in his arms, lowered his head and kissed her on the top of her hair, and said in a low, hoarse voice, "Wanwan, I love you. In this life, I can't live without you."

Yan Wanwan weakly raised the corner of his lips and smiled. He also raised his hand and hugged him tightly. "Me too. I will never leave you in my life."

Bai Jili closed his eyes again, and the dark world was lit up again, colorful.

"Husband, where's the baby? Where are they?"

Bai jili kissed her on the top of her hair and calmed down for a while before saying again, "They're both in the newborn department. They're staying in the incubator for the time being."

"What's wrong with the child?" Yan Wanwan immediately became nervous when he heard that the two children were living in the incubator.

Bai Jili let go of her with one hand and held her in his arms with the other. He lowered his head and kissed her between the brows. He explained, "There's nothing serious about the baby. It's just a small problem. Plus, it's premature. That's why he's staying in the incubator for the time being."

In fact, for the past two days, he had been by Yan Wanwan's side and never visited the two children. It was Lan Lan and Old lady bai who had been taking care of the two children.

"I want to see the children."

Bai Jili frowned slightly and didn't agree. "You just woke up. We'll let the doctor in first and check you out. We'll go back when the doctor confirms that you can go and see the baby, okay?"

"Hubby..." Yan Wanwan acted coquettishly.

Bai Jili immediately scowled. "No, you have to listen to me."

He was really scared. He was afraid that accidents would always come unprepared.

Yan Wanwan curled her lips. "Yuck!"

Bai ji li raised an eyebrow. "..."

Soon, the doctor came in and examined Yan Wanwan carefully.

Although her body was very weak, she had been given two or three liters of blood in the past two days. Her face was a little red. Although the swelling on her body had not completely disappeared and the wound had not healed, it was basically recovering. As long as she cooperated with the doctor and maintained a good mood, she would recover quickly.

After being confirmed by the doctor, Bai Jili finally felt relieved and took yan wan to see the child.

He carefully carried her to the wheelchair, covered her with a thin blanket, wrapped her head in a silk scarf, and only revealed a small face before pushing her to the newborn department.

Cory, Lan Lan, and Mrs. Old were all there. Yan Jinan and captain bai seemed to have made an appointment and went to the department of newborn together. So when Bai Jili and yan wan arrived late, they were standing outside the nursery of the department of newborn through the transparent glass window, looking at the two children in the incubator.

With two more grandchildren, old Shouzhang was very happy. Every day, he would come to the hospital to see Yan Wanwan and his two grandchildren, Bai Yanzheng and fang mengru. Every day after dinner, he would bring Nanxi to the hospital. Although he could not do anything, he would always feel better if he took a look.

Fang mengru was pregnant earlier than yan Wanwan, but Yan Wanwan was in a special condition. She was born prematurely, and her due date was three weeks later.

Although she had a big belly and was not relaxed, everything was normal because of her good health.

Yan Jinan came to the doctor for two hours a day, went to the newborn department to see his two great-grandchildren, then accompanied Yan Wanwan and talked to bai jili for a while.

On the other side of the hospital, the doctor said that the blood clot in Yan Chenxuan's brain had melted very quickly recently. If it went well, Yan Chenxuan would probably wake up in a month or two.

Of course, the most tired one was probably Yan Baizhi, who was busy and had to run to both hospitals every day. However, he didn't stay long. He just came to see Yan Wanwan and his two grandsons and knew that they were getting better, so he left without worry.

The two of them stood outside the nursery, leaning against the glass window, watching the two little guys in the incubator drinking milk in diapers with great interest, not paying attention at all. Behind them, Bai Jili pushed Yan Wanwan closer and closer.

"Grandpa, dad."

Hearing the soft, weak voice behind them, Yan Jinan and old white Shouzhang looked back at the same time. When they saw Bai Jili and Yan Wanwan, who were only a few steps away from them, both of them were obviously stunned.

"Wanwan, you're awake!" Yan Jinan immediately turned around and strode towards yan Wanwan.

Yan Wanwan looked at Yan Jinan, who was hurrying towards him. He reached out and held his hand. He smiled and nodded. "Yes, grandpa, I'm fine."

"Okay, okay, it's okay, it's okay!" Looking at Yan Wanwan, Yan Jinan grasped Yan Wanwan's cool little hand with his big old hands and nodded repeatedly, tears welling up in his excited eyes.

"It's good to wake up. Chenchen and Yangyang are so young, but we can't leave you as a mother." Bai Shoucheng also came over, looked at his son and daughter-in-law in front of him, and nodded with a pleased face.

"Yes." Yan Wanwan nodded heavily. "It's worrying everyone. I'll be fine soon."

"Okay." Bai Shoucheng smiled and nodded. "Hurry up and see the two children. Your mother and the others are breastfeeding them!"

"Yes." Yan Wanwan nodded and glanced at Bai Jili behind her. Bai jili smiled at her and pushed her towards the window of the nursery.

Coming to the glass window, Yan Wanwan pulled his neck and looked at the two children inside, only one glance. The originally calm her, tears immediately ran out of her eyes and fell down.

Just a little bit older, like a kitten, she was red all over, her tender skin was wrinkled, and she was lying in the incubator in diapers.

She had seen full-term babies lying in her mother's arms with large heads, fair and tender skin.

Bai Jili was also in a real sense, the first time he saw his two sons, he was a little stunned for a moment, until he felt that Yan Wanwan's breathing was not right, and looked down, only to find that Yan Wanwan was actually crying.

He quickly squatted down and raised his hand to wipe the tears off her face. "Why are you crying?"

Yan Wanwan looked at him and sobbed. "Poor child!"

Bai Jili looked at her and immediately felt like he couldn't laugh or cry.

"Silly child, Chenchen and Yangyang are not pitiful. They are only small because they are not full term. When they are full term, they must be much stronger than ordinary children." Yan Jinan looked at Yan Wanwan and quickly comforted her.

"Yes, when Ji Li was born, it was less than a month, and it was similar to chen chen and Yangyang. Look, not many people can fight now, can't they?" Bai Shoucheng looked at Yan Wanwan's soft appearance as a new mother and couldn't help but smile and comfort her.

Bai Jili, "..."

"Dad, are you telling the truth?" Yan Wanwan looked up at old white Shouzhang with tears in his eyes and asked him.

Old white Shouzhang nodded. "Of course it's true. If you don't believe it, go in and ask your mother."

Yan wanwan sniffed and suddenly smiled brightly. She looked at bai jili and said, "Honey, I want to go in."

"Okay, I'll get the nurse to change into a sterile suit. Let's go in together."