Is It the Child's Father Or Not?

After giving birth, Yan Wanwan stayed in the hospital with the child for another two months.

In the past two months, Yan Wanwan and the child lived together day and night, watching the child grow up little by little, little by little, little by little, become white and tender and chubby, from the birth of only about three pounds to almost ten pounds, just like a normal full-term child, healthy, beautiful and cute.

But in the past two months, she also had regrets. The only regret was that she could not breastfeed her child.

The doctor said that she was too weak to breastfeed, and that she was too weak to breastfeed, let alone two children.

After two months in the hospital, Yan Wanwan's body had almost recovered, but the complexion on his face was not as good as before, but the swelling on his body had long disappeared, and his body had recovered as before. It was protruding back and forth. There was a lot of meat in the area where it should grow, and it was more charming than before.

Now that she had recovered, Yan Wanwan had no reason to stay in the hospital, and she and her two children occupied the first floor of the hospital.

Although she really didn't want to be separated from her two sons, such a thing would only be bad for Ji Li, Bai family, or even for the Bai family, if someone with a heart were to make use of it.

On the day they left the hospital, Chenchen and Yangyang probably sensed that they were going to be separated from their mother. Together, the two of them were like two people competing to see who was crying harder.

Yan Wanwan was reluctant to part with the two children. When the child cried like this, her heart softened into a ball of water, and then overflowed from her eyes.

Bai Jili held Yan Wanwan in his arms and couldn't stand it any longer. If the two little guys were older, he would definitely go over and take their pants off, slapping each other hard on the butt.

However, the two-month-old child had no choice but to frown and say to Mrs. Old and Lan Lan, who were hugging them, "Mother-in-law, mom, take Chenchen and Yangyang first. I'll take Wanwan back to the detention center alone."

Lan Lan and Mrs. Old looked at a child who was crying in their arms, whose face had already turned bright red. They could only nod and agree.

"Wanwan, don't worry. Mom will take good care of chen chen and Yangyang." Seeing that Yan Wanwan was so reluctant and sad, Lan Lan carried the child over again, took out a hand to wipe a tear off her face, comforted her, and said, "Don't be sad. It's not that long since we can't see each other. Mom will take them to the detention center to see you in two days."

"Yes, okay." Yan Wanwan nodded and looked at the crying boss, bai muchen, in Lan Lan's arms. Tears still flowed out.

More than a month ago, fang mengru gave birth to a daughter and only had a baby.

There were only two nannies in the military committee courtyard, four children at a time, so old Shouzhang and Mrs. Old agreed to keep Chenchen and Yangyang with Lan Lan before Yan Wanwan was released from prison. If old Yangyang and Yangyang wanted to have two grandchildren, they could take them back to the military committee courtyard for two days at any time.

For the sake of these two precious grandchildren, Lan Lan hired two special senior babysitters, and there were two other babysitters at home, which was equivalent to a babysitter and a babysitter taking care of a child. When Lan Lan was usually away from work, elder sister Li would watch. Yan Jinan was now completely retired and had nothing to do. Naturally, she could go to play with the child every day.

In this way, everyone was naturally at ease.

Bai Jili looked at his eldest son and then at Yan Wanwan, who was in his arms. His long and narrow eyebrows twisted and he said, "Since you are so reluctant, then continue to stay in the hospital. Don't separate."

No matter what others said, he, Bai Jili, was afraid.

Yan wanwan tilted her head and glared at him with teary eyes, trying to stop the tears in her eyes. Then, she lowered her head to kiss little chen, kissed Yangyang, raised her lips and said to Lan Lan and Mrs. Old, "Mom, you can go."

"Wanwan, don't be sad. It's only been eleven months. Eleven months will pass in a blink of an eye. Soon, the four of you will be together every day." Mrs. Old saw that Yan Wanwan was holding back and comforted her.

Yan wanwan raised her lips and nodded. "Yes, I know."

"Let's all go. Don't make her feel bad anymore." Yan Jinan, who had been standing quietly and frowning, said.

It was probably because people were getting softer and softer. Seeing Wanwan and his two great-grandchildren together, he felt bad.

"Okay, let's go." Mrs. Old nodded, took the lead in carrying Yangyang and got into the car.

Lan Lan also took a deep breath, looked at Yan Wanwan and urged, "Don't cry, mom will take Chenchen and Yangyang to see you in two days."


Yan Wanwan nodded heavily and watched the two children get into the car and leave until the car gradually drove out of her sight. She still refused to look back.

"I can't see." Seeing that Yan Wanwan was still staring at her, unwilling to look back, bai jili whispered a warning in her ear.

Yan Wanwan could not help but feel a tingle all over his body. He immediately withdrew his gaze, glared at Bai Jili fiercely, and pursed his lips. "Why don't I think you look like chen chen and Yangyang's father?"

"Haha..." Bai Jili laughed heartily and cheerfully. "I'm not their father, so who is?"

Yan Wanwan glared at him, twisted his body, struggled out of his arms, and said angrily, "Then tell yourself, it's been two months. How many times have you held chen and Yangyang?"

Bai ji li smiled. "Why should I hug those two brats? They are so many people trying to hug. I can hug you."

Yan Wanwan, "..."

Not bothering to pay attention to him, after giving him a hard look, Yan Wanwan went straight to the car sent by the detention center not far away to pick her up.

Xiao mei stood aside, lowered her head and secretly enjoyed herself. She followed Yan Wanwan and got into the car.

However, she was in the passenger seat, and the two seats in the back were naturally reserved for Yan Wanwan and Bai Jili.

In fact, she really envied and envied Yan Wanwan for more than half a year with Yan Wanwan, but she didn't hate him at all. Who told her that yan wanwan was such a good person? A good person must have good karma.

Bai Jili lowered his head and smiled. After seeing Yan Wanwan angrily get into the car, he also took big steps into the car.

To be honest, Yan Wanwan really changed a lot from knowing that she was pregnant to two months after the baby was born. If she used to be a thorny red rose, then she is now a charming lily, fragrant and pure and beautiful.

Closing the car door, Bai Jili reached out his long arm to hold Yan Wanwan in his arms when he saw that she was still angry and ignored him.

Yan wanwan glanced at him. There were two people in front of the prison, so she didn't struggle and just let him hold her.

"You don't have to visit me every day in the future. If you have time, you should visit Chenchen and Yangyang more and talk to them more. Otherwise, they might really not know your real father." As the car drove away, Yan Wanwan unconsciously leaned into Bai Jili's arms, sniffed his reassuring breath, and whispered his instructions.

Bai Jili rested his chin on the top of her hair and smelled her body as well. The natural fragrance had a faint milk fragrance. It smelled nice, comfortable, and warm.

He nodded lightly and said, "Yes," without saying much.

However, in the following days, Bai Jili did not like what he promised. As long as he did not go on a business trip and had no urgent matters, he would definitely go to the detention center every day to accompany yan Wanwan. However, he would not stay in the prison for the night as before. Instead, he would go back and accompany his two sons as much as possible. He would only go to work after feeding milk to his two sons in the morning.

On the second monday after Yan Wanwan returned to prison, Yan Jinan came to the detention center to see her. When she was brought to the reception room and saw the big boy standing beside Yan Jinan who was as tall as yan jinan, not fat or thin, wearing a t-shirt and casual pants, she couldn't help but be stunned.

"Grandpa, is it just me, elder sister?" Seeing the stunned Yan Wanwan a few steps away, Yan Chenxuan asked Yan Jinan with a bright smile like the sun.

Yan Jinan followed Yan Chenxuan's gaze and saw Yan Wanwan. He smiled and nodded. "Yes, she's Wanwan. She's your elder sister."

- Elder sister?!

Yan Wanwan looked at the handsome boy with a bright smile and felt more and more familiar.

"Wanwan, you don't recognize me, do you?" Yan Jinan smiled and walked over to Yan Wanwan. Looking at her who was still a little worried, he said, "He's Xiaoxuan."

"Grandpa, it's Xiaoxuan. Is Xiaoxuan awake?" Yan Wanwan was surprised, and some did not dare to believe that the healthy and bright big boy in front of him would be Yan Chenxuan.

"Yes, it's Xiaoxuan. Xiaoxuan is awake." As he spoke, Yan Jinan turned around and waved at yan chenxuan. "Come, Xiaoxuan, come, come and call elder sister."

Yan Chenxuan smiled and walked happily towards them.

Yan Wanwan looked at the big boy who was getting closer and closer to her, and gradually became sure that he was Yan Chenxuan. He was just different from the fat man before because he was thin, but the outline of his features was still there, so she looked at him and felt so familiar.

"Hello, elder sister. I'm Xiaoxuan." Yan Chenxuan walked up to Yan Wanwan and smiled politely and politely.

Yan Wanwan looked at him and was confused again.

Before Yan Chenxuan fell into a coma, although her relationship with Yan Chenxuan was not good, it was not to the point of being so polite.

"Grandpa, Xiaoxuan, is this..."

"When Xiaoxuan woke up a few days ago, he lost his memory. He couldn't remember the people and things in the past." Seeing Yan Wanwan's confusion, Yan Jinan quickly explained.

Yan Wanwan was a little incredulous. He slightly widened his eyes and looked at Yan Chenxuan. Then he looked at Yan Jinan and said, "Xiaoxuan has lost his memory?"

Yan Jinan nodded. "Yes, Xiaoxuan has amnesia, but after the test, his iq is much higher than before. All the doctors and experts can't figure out the exact reason for this."

"Hehe... Elder sister, was I stupid before?" Yan Jinan's voice fell, and Yan Chenxuan scratched his head, looking embarrassed.

Yan Wanwan looked at the cute, honest and bright boy in front of him and smiled. He really couldn't believe that such a magical thing could happen.

"No, you weren't stupid before. You were just too playful and greedy." Yan wanwan smiled and extended her hands to Yan Chenxuan. "Come on, elder sister, give me a hug."

Yan Chenxuan grinned and reached out both hands to hug Yan Wanwan. "Then I won't be greedy or play anymore. I'll study hard and exercise more. I won't be the fat man I used to be."

"Yes." After a hug, Yan Wanwan released him and nodded heavily. "Elder sister believes that it won't be long before you become a man like your brother-in-law."

Yan Chenxuan grinned again. "I like my brother-in-law and my two little nephews. They're so cute."

"If you have time, go see chen chen and Yangyang with grandpa."

"Yes, okay."

Yan Jinan stood aside, looking at the two sisters chatting happily, not knowing how happy she was.

God chose to make Yan Chenxuan lose his memory, which was really a gift to Yan Chenxuan and even to their Yan family. In this way, all the negative things Yang Yiyun and Yan Xinyu left to him in the past would be wiped clean and would never affect Yan Chenxuan's future life.

Because with two children, even in the detention center, Yan Wanwan's heart was still very satisfied and full.

In the past, she had no other things to do every day except to copy buddhist scriptures and read books, but now it was different. Now, she began to learn to knit sweaters for chen chen and Yangyang.

Although it never snows in winter in Huinan city, and when it's coldest, there are only a few hailstones, and the temperature is about 3 or 4 degrees celsius, it's still necessary for a baby to wear a sweater in winter.

But how could Yan Wanwan do this kind of work before? Luckily, xiao mei learned a lot from her mother and could weave all kinds of patterns. So, Yan Wanwan asked Lan Lan to prepare a lot of cashmere balls for her. After washing up in the morning and having breakfast, she followed xiao mei to knit a sweater.

Not to mention knitting a sweater, she never even sewed, sewed, or even threaded.

However, as long as she had the heart, such a small matter as knitting a sweater, how could it be difficult to beat Yan Wanwan, not to mention such a smart person.

So, xiao mei only taught her for two days, and then she understood everything by herself, and she could weave all kinds of patterns that she wanted.

Knitting a sweater in the morning, reading a book in the afternoon, copying buddhist scriptures in the evening, the days passed day by day in a dull but fulfilling way. Unknowingly, it was winter. When lan lan brought Chenchen and Yangyang to the detention center to see her, and saw the two children wearing their own hand-knitted sweaters so beautiful and cute, yan wan's satisfaction as a mother was indescribable.

Although the two children saw Yan Wanwan once a week, sometimes at most twice, as long as they saw Yan Wanwan, the two little guys would rush into Yan Wanwan's arms, afraid that they would not be able to snatch their mother.

Every time she stayed with Yan Wanwan for two or three hours and walked away, the two little fellows always flashed their big obsidian eyes like the best, their mouths pursed, and they were unwilling to leave with tears streaming down their faces. Yan Wanwan seemed to have gotten used to such a short separation, and every short separation was also the countdown to the next meeting, so she no longer felt sad, but rather calmly kissed the two treasures in her heart. Bei, smiled and waved goodbye to them.

The days passed from winter to spring, just like that. On the calendar, every day was turned over. At the end of spring and the beginning of summer next year, when lan lan brought her children to see her, Yan Wanwan got good news from Lan Lan that Bai Jili was about to be promoted to the director of the provincial public security bureau, and Yan Baizhi would be promoted to the leader.

Huinan city is a first-tier city and also a provincial capital city. Bai Jili and Yan Baizhi have been promoted from city to provincial leader together. They don't need to transfer from huinan to other places. They still work and work in Huinan city. Life will not change for everyone.

"Why, hasn't Ji Li told you yet?" Seeing that Yan Wanwan didn't know, lan lan asked her with a smile.

Yan Wanwan teased Yangyang in his arms and shook his head as he kissed the little guy on the forehead. "No, he didn't come yesterday, but he called and said there were a few important meetings in the next two days. I told him not to come."

Lan Lan nodded. "Yes, as soon as he becomes the director of the provincial public security bureau, there must be a lot of things to hand over. There must be a lot of things to report to his head. Meetings and social engagements of all sizes must also be unavoidable. Besides, Ji Li has been promoted to the director of the provincial public security bureau at a young age. Of course, he has to work harder than ordinary people and pay more to avoid being criticized by others. So you have to be more considerate of him. He didn't tell you in advance, and he definitely wanted to wait until he took office."

Yan Wanwan looked at Lan Lan, couldn't help but smile and said jealously, "Mom, I'm your real daughter, okay?"

In fact, no one could understand better than Yan Wanwan that Bai Jili did not tell her in advance that he was about to be promoted to the head of the provincial public security department because in his heart, he did not care about this matter at all, not to mention his father and uncle, his position as the head of a small provincial public security department, was not worth mentioning.

Lan Lan also smiled and nodded. "Yes, without your daughter, how could I have such an outstanding son-in-law and two cute little grandchildren like you?"

As he spoke, Lan Lan put his forehead on Chenchen's in his arms and played with him as he fought with the cow. He teased him and said, "Right, grandma is right, little chen."

Little chen in his arms was teased by Lan Lan, and immediately "Creaked" and "Creaked" in Lan Lan's arms laughing uncontrollably, dancing, not to mention how happy.


"Mom, what's wrong with you?"

All of a sudden, lan lan let out a light cry, and her beautiful brows furrowed. The originally happy expression on her face immediately became extremely uncomfortable. When Yan Wanwan saw it, he immediately asked her uneasily.

After a short while, Lan Lan forced down the pained look on her face and smiled at Yan Wanwan. "It's okay. I just accidentally got kicked in the stomach by Yangyang. These two babies in our family, although they were born prematurely, are now stronger and stronger than those born at full term. They will definitely be as handsome and tall as Ji Li in the future. When the time comes, I don't know how many girls I'll charm!"

Yan wanwan smiled, handed Yangyang to Ji Li, and then patted Chenchen in Lan Lan's arms. "Come, Chenchen, come to mom."

When little chen heard the voice, he turned around and smiled at Yan Wanwan. He immediately crawled into her arms and shouted in a lisp, "Wan... Ma ma..."

"Chenchen, what's your name? Call it again?" Holding the child, Yan Wanwan said excitedly as he looked at the little boy who was drooling because of his teething teeth and smiling.

"Hehe..." Little chen smiled again. A pair of thick little fleshy hands went to hold Yan Wanwan's face and shouted, "Wan... Ma ma..."

"That's great, Chenchen. You know how to call mom. You're really too flattering." Holding Chenchen in her arms, Yan Wanwan's tears of excitement flickered, and the joy that suddenly rose in her heart, never before, was indescribable.

"Late... Mama..." After hearing her brother call her mama, mama was so happy. Yangyang didn't want to be outdone either. She started screaming like her brother and tried to hug Yan Wanwan as she screamed. "Hehe... Mama... Mama..."

"Mama... Mama..." Chenchen did not show any sign of weakness and shouted even more happily in Yan Wanwan's arms.

Yan Wanwan looked at Chenchen and then at Yangyang. She wanted to hug both of them, but how could she hug two fat, bouncing boys on her own?

Lan Lan and elder sister Li looked at it and laughed happily.

"Come on, grandma will hold Yangyang, okay? Mom can't hold you two." With that, Lan Lan got up and went to hug Yangyang.

However, before she reached out and touched Yangyang, another pair of strong big hands had already taken Yangyang out of elder sister Li's arms.

"Master, why are you here?"

"Hehe... Daddy... Daddy..." Yangyang was so happy when he was hugged by his father that he immediately began to play in bai ji li's arms, and his short legs and hands kept kicking and waving.

"Honey, did you hear that Chenchen and Yangyang are going to call mom and dad?" Seeing the sudden appearance of Bai Jili, Yan Wanwan said to him with great excitement. Her eyes were glistening with tears, like stars.

Holding his youngest son in his arms, bai jili stepped in front of Yan Wanwan in two steps. Then, he freed his other hand, completely ignoring Lan Lan and the others present. He hugged her, lowered his head, kissed Yan Wanwan's forehead, and said in a low, tired voice, "Yes, you heard me. Are you happy?"

As long as they were with chen chenyang, whether it was playing with them, feeding them milk, changing their diapers, bathing them, sleeping with them, bai jili would teach them constantly in their ears. Their mother was called "Wanwan," and they were called "Late" and "Mother." After a few months, even though the child was only seven or eight months old, it was impossible to speak at all. But when she heard more, she could naturally scream.

Yan wanwan raised her lips and smiled. Tears immediately slid down her face. She nodded heavily and said, "Mmm, happy, I'm so happy!"

Bai ji li smiled and raised his hand to wipe the tears off her face. Chenchen also reached out his fleshy little hand to wipe the tears off her mother's face with his father.

"In five months, you will be released from prison. By then, the two brothers will not only call their parents, but also walk."

Yan Wanwan was not the only one counting down the countdown every day. Even if Bai Jili was busy, he would never forget how many days and nights were left before yan Wanwan was released from prison.

Yan Wanwan smiled brightly. "Then we can take them for a walk in the garden."

Bai Jili nodded. "Yes, when your sentence is over, wherever you want to go, the three of us will be with you."


"Late... Mama..."

"Dada... Hehe..."

Lan Lan looked at the blissful scene of the four of them and smiled.

All of a sudden, her brows furrowed again, and the pain in her abdomen was the same as before, similar to that of her aunt when she was young.

Not only today, but also recently, she would feel pain from time to time. Originally, she hadn't had her period for several months, but this month came again.

It seems that she has to go to the hospital to have a good check-up.