429 Times - One Day Later Is One Day Later

That night, when Lan Lan returned home, he asked his assistant to make an appointment for a doctor and a full physical examination the next day.

In the past two years, because she was busy with work, she neglected to check her body. This time, she had to do a comprehensive examination of her internal organs.

Yan Wanwan was too young to support the entire Beauty group alone. There were so many things in the mall that she didn't know about. Her two grandsons were so young, so she couldn't let anything happen to her. She had to watch Yan Wanwan grow up healthily, take on the burden of the entire Group, and watch her two grandsons grow up.

The next morning, without even having breakfast, Lan Lan went straight to the medical center of the Duan family's high-end private hospital. Because of the physical examination, he had to draw blood, so he had to be on an empty stomach.

After Bai Jili returned from the detention center last night, he went back to the city bureau to continue his work. At night, he slept in the city bureau's dormitory. When he woke up in the morning to wash up and come to Lan Lan's villa, the two little guys just woke up. When they saw Bai Jili, they were so happy that they scrambled to climb on him.

Bai jili changed the diapers of the two little fellows. With the help of the babysitter, he changed the clothes of the two sons. Then, he took them downstairs and fed them milk and breakfast.

"Hasn't my mother-in-law gone downstairs yet? Wait for her." Seeing that elder sister Li had prepared a bowl and chopsticks for himself and brought all the hearty breakfasts to the table, Bai Jili said casually while playing with the two children.

Usually at this time, lan lan got up early to play with the children, but she didn't see anyone today.

"Oh, please eat, uncle. There's no need to wait for the chairman. The chairman is not feeling well at this time. He made an appointment with a doctor this morning to have a checkup. He left the house before you came." Elder sister Li answered with a smile as he prepared breakfast for Bai Jili.

"Is she not feeling well?!" Bai Jili was playing with a child with an electronic dog. When he heard elder sister Li's words, he frowned slightly. "What's wrong? Is it serious?"

Elder sister Li smiled. "I don't know exactly, but it looks like it's a minor problem. It's nothing serious."

Hearing what elder sister Li said, Bai Jili nodded slightly and smiled reassuringly.

"Uncle, have breakfast, or it will be cold."

Bai Jili promised, "Okay," put down the toys in his hands, let the two little guys play by themselves, and turned around to eat breakfast.

"By the way, master, did miss say what she would like to eat tonight? I'm ready to send someone to the detention center." Elder sister Li went aside and asked as he played with Chenchen and Yangyang.

"She didn't say. Just prepare a few of her favorite dishes. I'll be there after work."

"Okay, then I'll get the two of you ready for the driver to deliver."

"Well, it's been hard, elder sister Li."

"If you don't say so, this is what I should do."

Bai jili took a look at the two happy sons and raised her lips lightly. Without saying anything, she just started to eat breakfast.

Lan Lan finished his physical examination, and by the time all the results came out, it was already the morning of the third day.

At that time, she was in her office, discussing a new investment project with two executives of the company. Suddenly, the assistant knocked on the door and appeared at the door of her office.

"Come in." Lan Lan glanced up at the door and gave the order, before continuing to discuss the project with the two executives.

With permission, the assistant walked to Lan Lan's desk, but did not speak, just stood there with a heavy face.

Seeing that the assistant was silent, Lan Lan glanced at her and asked faintly, "What's the matter?"

The assistant frowned and looked at Lan Lan with a heavy expression. "Chairman, the hospital just called. Your medical results are out."

Hearing the assistant's voice seem to be a little lower than usual, lan lan turned her eyes and looked at her seriously.

Noticing the assistant's expression, her heart sank and she seemed to feel something immediately.

"Let's call it a day. You go back and come up with a new investment plan. I'll make a decision after reading it." A moment later, Lan Lan ordered the two high pipes sitting in front of her.

"Okay, chairman, let's go back and prepare a new investment plan." The two executives agreed and stood up.

Lan Lan nodded and watched them leave.

"How was the result of the physical examination? What did the hospital say?" After watching the two executives leave, Lan Lan opened a document and asked the assistant beside him.

"Chairman, the hospital said..." The assistant looked at Lan Lan, hesitant.

Taking a closer look, she realized that Lan Lan's complexion and spirit were really worse than before.

"What did you say?" Lan Lan turned to look at the assistant and said with a little impatience.

The assistant frowned and lowered his head, no longer daring to hide it. He said truthfully, "The hospital said that they found out that you have upper cervical cancer and let you..."

Looking at her assistant, Lan Lan suddenly widened her eyes. Before she could finish her sentence, she interrupted her and asked, "What did you say? Say it again?"

The assistant looked up at Lan Lan with a frown and a heavy expression. "Chairman, the hospital just called and said that your physical examination report showed that you have cervical cancer. The hospital asked you to go over immediately and do a detailed examination to confirm your condition."

- Cervical cancer!

Lan Lan's brain, "Boom," as if there was an explosion, instantly a vast expanse of white, completely stunned, like a puppet, fell into the back of the chair, motionless.

"Chairman,..." The assistant looked at Lan Lan and tried to comfort her, but he couldn't find a word to comfort her.

A woman, not to mention Lan Lan, who had no husband, no family, and worked alone to this day, already had countless riches. Standing at the peak of her life, she could look down upon all living things, but it was at this moment that she was suddenly diagnosed with cancer. This blow, as an assistant, naturally could not understand, but she could understand the pain and heaviness in Lan Lan's heart.

So, she couldn't find a word to comfort Lan Lan.

Trapped in the chair, Lan Lan stared blankly for a long time before he regained his focus.

Opening the drawer, Lan Lan took out a cigarette and a lighter, took one out and put it in his mouth. With a snap, he wanted to light a cigarette.

However, her hands trembled and she lit the cigarette in her mouth.

She hadn't smoked for a long time. When she first found out that Yan Wanwan was pregnant, she couldn't help but smoke a couple of cigarettes occasionally. But ever since Chenchen and Yangyang were born, she never smoked again.

I wonder if the bag in the drawer has expired.

"Chairman, let me do it!" The assistant looked at Lan Lan's trembling hand and immediately reached for the lighter in her hand.

Lan Lan looked at her assistant with a cigarette in his mouth and handed the lighter to her. The look at her assistant was filled with fear and fear. She had been with Lan Lan for five or six years and the assistant had never seen it before.

The assistant took the lighter and approached her. With a bang, he lit the fire for Lan Lan.

Lan Lan took a deep puff of the cigarette between her arms. The familiar smell was poured into her heart, circled it, and exhaled slowly. The fear and uneasiness she had never felt before were gradually suppressed.

Could it be that during this period of time, her stomach would always be uncomfortable from time to time, and she had not been menstruating for several months before, she would suddenly see blood.

Why didn't she think that all of this was a sign of cervical cancer?

However, how could she suddenly get cervical cancer, a person who rarely even has a fever and cold all year round?

One after another, Lan Lan sucked hard at her fingertips until the end of a cigarette. She asked her assistant, "What else did the hospital say?"

"The hospital didn't say much, just told you to come over immediately to confirm your condition."

After taking one last puff, Lan Lan put out the cigarette butt in the ashtray and promised, "Okay, call the hospital. I'll be right there."

The company needed her, Wanwan needed her, her two grandchildren needed her, and she couldn't let anything happen to her.

"Yes, chairman." The assistant nodded and immediately turned to walk out.

"Hold on." The assistant turned around and Lan Lan called her back.

"Chairman, do you have any further instructions?" The assistant stopped and turned around.

"This matter must not be divulged." Lan Lan warned, looking extremely serious.

Everyone knew what cervical cancer meant to a woman.

Now, Yan Wanwan is still in the detention center. Apart from her, there is no one else in the Beauty group who she can trust 100 % to take care of. If the outside world knows about her illness, the impact on the entire Beauty group can be imagined.

"Yes, I know. Don't worry, chairman."

Lan Lan nodded lightly and leaned back in his chair again, slowly closing his eyes.

The assistant frowned and sighed, then turned and strode out.

Lan lan went to the hospital and did a further detailed examination. After a night of waiting anxiously, the hospital confirmed that she had indeed suffered from cervical cancer. Fortunately, she found it in time. The tumor did not deteriorate and spread. She also dealt with the early stages of the disease.

As long as they cooperate with the doctor, arrange the operation in time, and receive reasonable treatment later, the possibility of cure is still very high.

Therefore, the doctor strongly recommended that Lan Lan be hospitalized immediately for treatment. With Lan Lan's physical condition allowed, the hospital would arrange for the best experts to operate on Lan Lan as soon as possible.

From yesterday morning when she heard from her assistant that she had cervical cancer, Lan Lan had already recognized her condition in her heart and knew that she really had cervical cancer. At this moment, when she heard the doctor's words again, she was not shocked at all, but unusually calm. Her face did not reveal too much of the situation, but she seemed a little depressed and heavy.

"I still have a lot of things to do. It's unrealistic for me to be hospitalized immediately." Lan Lan frowned and had to reject the doctor's suggestion that he should be hospitalized immediately.

The bad news was so sudden that she didn't make any preparations.

There were so many things in the company, who would handle them? Chenchen and Yangyang were still with her. If she was hospitalized, Bai Jili was so busy, and she had to go to the detention center every day to keep an eye on Wanwan. Who would take care of her?

"Aunt Lan, it's not good for you to delay this kind of thing. You should be hospitalized as soon as possible. I will arrange for the best doctor to do this operation for you." Duan Hao stood aside and looked at lan lan.

Originally, Duan Hao would not have asked about the medical center, but Lan Lan was not only a shareholder of the Duan family hospital, but also Yan Wanwan's mother, Bai Jili's mother-in-law, and she was found to have cervical cancer, so the following people specifically reported to him.

So, after Lan Lan's condition was confirmed, he rushed over to find out more about it.

Lan Lan looked at Duan Hao, pulled the corners of his lips, and said with a bitter smile, "Duan Hao, you know my situation right now. It's really impossible for me to leave everything behind and live in the hospital with such a sudden incident."

Duan Hao nodded. Of course, he knew Lan Lan's situation.

"How long will it take you?"

Lan Lan thought for a moment. "A week. I'll be in the hospital when everything is settled."

Duan Hao glanced at the attending doctor and made eye contact with the attending doctor. After a moment of thought, he nodded and said, "Okay, just for a week. This week, you take your medicine at home first. I hope you can control your condition temporarily."

"Okay." Lan Lan nodded heavily. "Then please prescribe the medicine for me for a week."

Thinking of something, Lan Lan looked at Duan Hao and said, "Duan Hao, I have cervical cancer, you..."

"Aunt Lan, don't worry. Protecting the patient's privacy has always been one of the highest tenets of our hospital. Besides, you are also a shareholder of the hospital. No one will ever divulge your condition." Duan Hao naturally understood Lan Lan's concerns and promised before she could say anything.

Lan Lan nodded reassuringly. "That's good."

After prescribing the medicine and watching Lan Lan's car drive away from the hospital, Duan Hao thought for a while, then took out his phone, found Bai Jili's number and dialed it.

Now that Yan Wanwan was still in the detention center, it was naturally inconvenient for her mother-in-law, Lan Lan, to talk to bai jili about getting cervical cancer.

But now that Lan Lan was alone and there was no man beside her, if even bai ji li, her son-in-law, didn't know, who else could she hope for?

"Haozi, how long has it been since you contacted me? Why do you suddenly think of me?" The phone rang three times before it was connected.

The last time they met, it was when Leng Tingyu and Jian Xia came back from france. The four of them were together and had a simple gathering. They didn't even have a meal. They had a cup of tea and he left.

Duan Hao smiled. "You're so busy. I really don't dare to disturb you."

Bai ji Lee Jung, who was on the other end of the phone, was standing in front of the car with his phone in one hand and the other on the roof. He lowered his head and smiled. "Tell me what happened then!"

Duan Hao frowned slightly and hesitated for a moment before saying, "Wanwan's mother came to the hospital for a physical examination. Do you know about this?"

"Yes, I know." Bai Jili said yes, thinking of something, and quickly asked, "Is there a problem?"

If it was just a normal physical examination and everything was normal, Duan Hao would never have called him specifically for this.

"Yes, it's been checked. Wanwan's mother was diagnosed with cervical cancer."

"Cervical cancer?!"

Bai Jili was surprised. Although he was not a doctor and did not know anything about cervical cancer, he knew what kind of disease it was.

This is the number one killer of cancer deaths for women every year.

"Yes, cervical cancer." Duan Hao confirmed, "But for now, you don't need to worry too much, because it was discovered early, or early. As long as the surgery is done in time, there is great hope for a cure."

Listening to Duan Hao's words, Bai Jili's tensed nerves finally relaxed a little and asked, "Does my mother-in-law know about it?"

"Yes, I know, but she said there were still too many things to be arranged, so she couldn't be hospitalized for treatment for the time being."

Bai ji li sighed deeply. "Okay, I see. I will persuade her to be hospitalized as soon as possible."

"Well, if you have time, try to care about her as much as possible. If you are in a good mood, it will be good for her condition."

"Yes, I see."

Hanging up the phone, Bai Jili frowned for a moment, then opened the car door and went into the Beauty group office building.

In the chairman and president's office of Beauty group, Lan Lan sat in a chair, staring blankly at the cervical cancer diagnosis report in front of him, still unable to accept the fact.

There is great hope for a cure, that is to say, the possibility of not being cured is also great.

After all, this is cancer!

It was a miracle that he was cured.

It's normal not to be cured.

She looked at the report in a daze and did not know how long it had been until there was a knock on the door before she came back to her senses.

With a deep sigh, she took out a lighter from the drawer and lit a corner of the report. She watched the report in her hand burn little by little. It was only when she was about to burn her fingers that she threw the last corner into the trash bin on the side. After watching it burn, she quickly tidied up her emotions and said to the door, "Come in."

Outside the door, with permission, Bai Jili pushed the door and entered. Looking up, he saw Lan Lan with a gloomy expression behind the huge desk.

"Ji Li, why are you here?" Seeing that it was Bai Jili who came in, lan lan was surprised and immediately asked with a smile.

Bai jili glanced at her and did not speak. He closed the door with his back hand and walked towards her. When he came to her desk and stood still, he smiled faintly and said, "Mother-in-law, are you okay?"

Lan Lan looked at Bai Jili and gradually couldn't smile. The light in his eyes just now faded away.

"You know all about it?"

Bai Jili nodded. "Well, Duan Hao told me."

Lan Lan frowned and said in disgust, "This Duan Hao is really true. He kept it a secret and turned around to tell you."

"I'm your son-in-law. They all say that a son-in-law is half a son. Don't you want Duan Hao to tell me that you don't want to recognize me as half a son?" Bai Jili stood tall and straight, his voice low and indifferent.

"Of course not." Lan Lan quickly explained, "Ji Li, you know mom doesn't mean that."

Bai Jili looked at her, frowning and sighing. "Mom, even if it's not for anyone, but just for yourself, you should let go of what you're doing and get treatment immediately."

Bai Jili's "Mom" stunned lan lan for a moment. She felt a sense of relief that she had never felt before. "Ji Li, you don't understand. The company..."

"You can rest assured that such a big Beauty group won't collapse just because you've been in the hospital for a few months. Besides, being in the hospital doesn't mean you can't act at all. You can still handle the company's affairs." Before Lan Lan could finish her sentence, bai jili interrupted her directly. "As for Chenchen and Yangyang, I will put them in the military commission courtyard first. When you are well and are discharged, I can pick them up at any time."

Looking at bai ji and li li, his concern, his determination, and Lan Lan's concerns were swept away in an instant. Suddenly, he found a reliance in his heart.

Finally, she nodded and agreed, "Okay, mom will listen to you and go to the hospital tomorrow."

Bai ji li heaved a sigh of relief. "Tomorrow morning, I will send chen chenyang to the military commission courtyard."

"Okay." Lan Lan nodded and said, "By the way, don't tell Wanwan about my illness."

"She must know."

"One day later, then."