Affair 431 - A Legend in the Business World

After a busy day, bai jili went to the detention center to watch yan Wanwan at night.

All the busyness and tiredness throughout the day could only be removed when he was with Yan Wanwan or his two sons and enjoyed the warm and satisfying time that truly belonged only to him.

Over the years, he had asked himself occasionally, "Why is it that he works so hard every day, spends most of his time working, and spends so little time with Yan Wanwan and his two sons every day?" Was it worth it? He and Yan Wanwan didn't lack money.

But the answer told him it was worth it.

Because his hard work, not only for the people and the country, but also for the people he loved the most.

He knew that even if he did not work hard and had the protection of his father and uncle, he could indeed live a good life. But if his father and uncle both fell, then who would he seek protection from, and who would he rely on for the people he loved the most?

Therefore, his hard work and dedication today is far more than for himself, not for the people, for the country, but for the future, for all the people he loves, to be able to rely on, to have a more stable and respected life.

When he arrived at the detention center, yan wanwan was sitting at the table, frowning and reading seriously. He stood outside the iron gate of the cell for a long time, but she didn't notice him. Until he gently pushed the door in, yan wanwan suddenly looked up and looked at him.


"Yes." Yan Wanwan raised his head and looked at Bai Jili, who was opposite him. Then he realized that something was wrong with his expression and immediately asked nervously, "What's wrong? Is something wrong with Chenchen and Yangyang?"

Bai Jili reached out and held Yan Wanwan's chopstick hand. He shook his head gently and said, "Chenchen and Yangyang are fine. Something happened to his mother-in-law."

"My mother?!" Yan Wanwan was surprised. "What happened to my mother?"

"She's sick."

"What disease?" Yan Wanwan's heart was in his throat.

Bai Jili looked at her and held her hand tightly. "Cervical cancer, fortunately, was discovered in time. It's still early."

"Cervical cancer?!" Yan Wanwan's brows furrowed, and his eyes instantly became wet. He asked in disbelief, "How did my mother get cervical cancer?"

Bai Jili went over, hugged her, held the back of her head with his big palm, put her side face into his neck, kissed her hair, and gently soothed her in her ear and temples. "Wanwan, it's an early stage of cervical cancer. The doctor said that the possibility of cure is very high. Mother-in-law is now in the hospital and has started treatment with the doctor. Believe me, mother-in-law will be fine."

"Really?" Uncontrollably, tears were already streaming down her eyes. "The doctor said that as long as she cooperated with the treatment, would my mother really be okay?"

Perhaps it was because she was already a mother, or maybe she was spoiled by Bai Jili, and now Yan Wanwan is getting softer and more compassionate.

"Well, don't worry. I've already confirmed with the doctor that there's a high possibility of early cervical cancer being cured. Mother-in-law is now actively cooperating with the treatment and has such a good medical team. Mother-in-law will definitely be fine."

"Yes." Yan Wanwan nodded heavily in Bai Jili's arms with tears in his eyes.

Although she did not specifically know about cervical cancer, she also knew that, for example, in the early stage of cervical cancer, without the spread of cancer cells, the hope of cure is very great.

It was just that she was really sad that, in such a difficult time for Lan Lan, she was her only child and could do nothing to help her.

She could not take care of her by her side, could not help her manage the company, and could not share her fear and uneasiness. Even meeting her once was an extravagant hope.

"Honey, I want to see Jian Xia tomorrow. Can you tell her?"

Chenchen and Yangyang were sent to the military commission courtyard. Now that Lan Lan was admitted to the hospital, the last thing she could let go of was probably the company. After all, it was her decades of hard work.

Bai Jili naturally knew why Yan Wanwan wanted to see jian xia at this time. Although he had already talked to Ting Yu who was too cold, Leng Tingyu also promised that if the Beauty group were in trouble, he would definitely help, but he would not stop yan wanwan from doing what a daughter wanted to do for her mother.

So he nodded, kissed her hair and promised her, "Okay, I'll call Jian Xia."


The next morning, Jian Xia received a call from Bai Jili saying that Yan Wanwan wanted to see her.

Without a word, Jian Xia dismissed everything and immediately went to the detention center to see Yan Wanwan.

When she arrived at the detention center and saw Yan Wanwan, her face was not very good, and there was a faint blue under her eyelids. Obviously, she did not sleep well last night.

"Why are you here so early? Have you had breakfast?" Seeing Jian Xia, yan wanwan asked with a smile.

It was less than two hours from the The leng family mansion, but it wasn't even ten in the morning.

Jian Xia smiled. "Don't worry, even if you don't eat breakfast, it's fine."

Yan Wanwan raised an eyebrow and joked, "Looks like your Master leng si has to make a note of it for me again."

Jian xia smiled. "I'm still in the mood to make fun of me. It seems that things are not very bad!"

"Ji Li told you everything?" He only thought that Jian Xia understood the situation, so he said so.

Jian Xia shook his head, reached out and held her hand. "My uncle didn't tell me anything, just that you wanted to see me."

As she spoke, jian xia raised her eyebrows and said, "But think about it. This is the first time in more than a year that you have asked to see me on your own initiative. Is there nothing going on? You just want to talk to me?"

Yan Wanwan lowered his head and smiled. He held Jian Xia's hand behind his back. "You've been with Master leng si for a long time, and you've become like him."

Jian xia glanced at her and said directly, "We have been good friends for so many years. If you have anything to say, you don't need to be vague with me. The reason why I came here immediately after receiving my uncle's call is that I hope I can do something for you and do something for you. I feel better in my heart."

Yan Wanwan was sentenced to prison. She had suffered so much in childbirth, but she couldn't do anything for her. Jian Xia always felt sad and felt that she should do something for her to make it easier for her.

Yan Wanwan looked at her and smiled. Just because of her words, her eyes were slightly wet and she said playfully, "Then I will not be polite and shamelessly ask you for help."

Jian Xia smiled helplessly and nodded. "What's the matter? Tell me!"

"My mother has cervical cancer and has been hospitalized for treatment." Yan Wanwan went straight to the point.

Jian Xia stared at her with slightly wide eyes, not expecting Lan Lan to have cancer.

But it was only a short while before she calmed down and said, "Are you afraid that someone might take advantage of your mother's time in the hospital to attack the Beauty group?"

Jian Xia was so smart, and after spending so much time with Leng Tingyu, his stink naturally became extremely sharp.

"Yes." Yan Wanwan nodded and asked solemnly, "Jian Xia, will you help me?"

For more than a year, Jian Xia had prepared all the books about business actions and company management that she had read in the detention center. Most of them were also read by Jian Xia. Yan Wanwan absolutely believed that jian xia had the ability to help her.

Moreover, Jian Xia had Leng Tingyu by her side, and with her status and wealth today, as long as she was willing to help, who would dare to touch the Beauty group.

Jian xia nodded with a smile and said without hesitation, "It's not difficult at all. I happen to have a big project on hand. I wanted to do it myself, but now I can work with the Beauty group."

Looking at Jian Xia, yan wanwan smiled. After hanging his heart all night, he finally let go of most of it.

Yes, once Jian Xia announced the cooperation with the Beauty group, all the backers behind Jian Xia would become the backers of the Beauty group, not only with the name of "Jian Xia,"" Leng Tingyu," but also with the name of" Beijing." This is the first international song in the country, and who dares to do anything wrong on the heads of" Jian Xia,"" and" Lan Lan.

"Don't worry, Wanwan. In a few months' time, when you get out of prison, there will be a healthy and growing Beauty group waiting for you."

"Well, Jian Xia, thank you."

Jian xia smiled. "What are you thanking me for? We'll be rich in the future. We'll earn together. We'll be legends of the business world together."

Yan Wanwan smiled and nodded. "Okay, I'll hug your thigh from now on."

Jian Xia glared at her and the two of them smiled at each other.

In the afternoon, jian xia went to the hospital to see lan lan and told her about the intention of cooperation. Lan Lan was naturally very happy. She never expected that such a big pie would suddenly fall from the sky and hit her alone.

But she also knew that this pie definitely didn't fall out of nowhere and hit her.

Yan Wanwan and Jian Xia had been good friends for many years. Yan Wanwan must have known that she had cervical cancer and was hospitalized, so he went to Jian Xia for help.

Fortunately, jian xia was a good girl with a true nature and strong feelings, so she would help her mother and daughter so generously. If it was someone else, I really don't know how to put a stone in the hole for my own benefit.

"Auntie, you can rest assured. Everything is almost ready in a few days. I will personally call for the press conference and announce the cooperation with the Beauty group. When the time comes, you can send a competent subordinate to attend the press conference." Before she left, Jian Xia comforted Lan Lan again. She didn't say much other nonsense, but only used her own actions to reassure her.

Lan lan nodded with a smile and said gratefully, "I don't know how to thank you for helping our mother and daughter like this."

Jian xia smiled. "Wanwan and I are not just classmates and good friends. In terms of seniority, she is still my little aunt. Isn't it all right for her to help her family?"

Lan Lan also smiled and thanked her. After a few words, he sent jian xia to the door and watched her leave. A heart that had always been worried and uneasy fell back into his stomach.

This business circle is not big, it is not small, but no matter which line of work, no matter where it is, it depends on the strength of the place to rely on.

Once the Beauty group had a relationship with Jian Xia and Leng Tingyu, plus the presence of the Beauty group and the Beauty group, no one dared to go overboard.

Seeing Jian Xia's figure disappear around the corner, Lan Lan stood at the door for a little while. Just as she was about to turn around and return to the ward, a familiar figure came into her sight.

- Song Chengyuan!

How could it be Song Chengyuan?!

Thinking that he was mistaken, Lan Lan stood still and looked at the familiar figure again.

Yes, it was Song Chengyuan.

After more than a year, he had lost weight and looked haggard. His deep brows and eyes showed more mature and restrained vicissitudes of life. His eyes were filled with more melancholy and sadness than before. But even so, it could not hide the happiness and uprightness of his figure, and the smell of hormones emanating from his body.

However, after a few seconds, Lan Lan came back to his senses. Thinking of what he had done to Yan Wanwan, he felt like a basin of ice water poured down his head and woke up instantly.

Song Chengyuan was her past. Ever since she asked him to leave, she never thought that she would have any more entanglement with him.

So, the next second, she looked away, lowered her head, turned around and strode back to the ward. Then, with a bang, she closed the door.

Song Chengyuan, who was only a few meters away from the ward, watched Lan Lan's reaction. When she slammed the door shut, his heart felt as if it had been hit by something heavy.

Perhaps, Lan Lan didn't want to see him. Perhaps, she still hated him.

But he wanted to see her. He wanted to be with her when she was in the most difficult time. Otherwise, he wouldn't have made such a big decision to appear in front of her again.

After a slight pause in his footsteps, he continued to walk on his long legs towards lan lan's ward.

When he came to the door of the ward, he raised his hand and tried to close the door, but when he landed in midair, he suddenly stopped.

It was a little abrupt for him to appear like this. Whether lan lan wanted to see him or not, he should give her time to think.

In the ward, elder sister Li, who was tidying up the coffee table, heard the "Bang" sound of the door closing. He looked up in surprise and saw that Lan Lan suddenly looked as guilty as a child.

"Chairman, what's wrong with you?"

"Nothing." Lan Lan shook his head, walked to the front of the coffee table, took a sip of water, and suddenly asked, "Elder sister Li, haven't I taken my medicine yet?"

Elder sister Li stopped working and looked at Lan Lan in surprise. "Yes, you did before chairman jane came."

"Oh, yes, I have." Lan Lan smiled, glanced in the direction of the door, took another sip of water, hesitated and said to elder sister Li, "Elder sister Li, go out and see if there's anyone outside."

Elder sister Li looked at Lan Lan confusedly and nodded. "Oh," he put down the documents he was about to pack and walked towards the door.

"Forget it, elder sister Li. There's no need. Just keep packing." However, elder sister Li only took a few steps, and Lan Lan immediately stopped her. Then, he sat down on the sofa, picked up a document, and looked down.

Elder sister Li was confused and looked back at her. "Chairman, what's wrong with you? Why are you so upset all of a sudden?"

After taking care of Lan Lan for so many years, Lan Lan was good to herself and never stingy with money, so elder sister Li had long regarded Lan Lan and Yan Wanwan as his family. Compared to the usual nanny, she was naturally more conscientious and responsible.

"It's okay. You can do your job."

Knock knock knock"

As a result, the sound of Lan Lan's voice came down, and there was a knock on the door. Elder sister Li looked at the door. When she saw through the transparent glass on the door that the person standing outside was Song Chengyuan, she immediately understood what was going on.

In the past few years, no one knows more about Lan Lan and Song Chengyuan's relationship than she does.

When she was with Song Chengyuan, Lan Lan was really like a young girl with a happy smile on her face every day.

Or rather, before being with Song Chengyuan, Lan Lan was a cold queen. After being with Song Chengyuan, lan lan became a happy princess.

After breaking up with Song Chengyuan, she didn't say anything and pretended not to care, but elder sister Li knew very well that Lan Lan was actually very depressed.

Even though Song Chengyuan had made a mistake, hurt Yan Wanwan, and hurt their mother and daughter, in Lan Lan's heart, she had never let go of her years of relationship with Song Chengyuan. Even what Song Chengyuan did not take away, she still kept it and did not let her get rid of it.

Maybe lan lan's illness had something to do with her being too depressed.

Hearing the knock on the door, Lan Lan's heart jumped and even his breathing tightened.

But instead of looking up, she continued to look down at her documents, but she had not read a single word of what was on them.

Elder sister Li looked at the door, then at Lan Lan. Instead of asking Lan Lan, he went straight to Song Chengyuan to open the door.

"Mr. Song, why are you here?"

Song Chengyuan slightly raised the corner of his lips and nodded to elder sister Li. Then, he looked at lan lan...