Chapter 1 432 Extras - Grand Finale

Clearly, he felt Song Chengyuan's gaze, but Lan Lan still pretended to be calm and didn't care about anything.

But Song Chengyuan seemed to have seen through her mind. No matter how calm Lan Lan was, he was just standing at the door, staring at her, not saying anything, not going over.

Elder sister Li stood between them, unsure of what to do. After a moment of hesitation, he hurried out and left the space for the two of them.

Elder sister Li's departure, the surging air, even more strange, almost ambiguous.

Just like that, Song Chengyuan looked at Lan Lan, Lan Lan looked at the document in his hand, the two of them were silent, and I don't know how long it took. Finally, Lan Lan did not resist, and took the lead to look up at Song Chengyuan.

Just as she looked up at Song Chengyuan, her heart trembled, a throbbing that had not been seen for a long time. In her heart lake, waves of ripples rippled uncontrollably.

"How did you know I was here?" Taking a deep breath, Lan Lan put down the document in his hand and raised the corner of his lips slightly to ask him.

Since she could not hold it in, she simply took the initiative to speak. She was not a young girl. At this age, there was nothing to be embarrassed about.

Seeing that Lan Lan was finally willing to take care of himself, Song Chengyuan's heart, which was hanging in suspense, finally fell in half.

He raised his lips and smiled warmly. He entered the ward and closed the door behind him, walking towards lan lan.

Looking at Song Chengyuan getting closer and closer, Lan Lan's heart beat faster and faster...

"Why are you so pale? Didn't you sleep well last night?"

Lan Lan looked at him and smiled sarcastically. "How can I compare a sickly old woman to a young woman?"

Song Chengyuan, on the other hand, did not mind at all. She raised her lips and smiled faintly. "Don't you know how attractive you are compared to those young women?"

He had slept with a lot of women, but lan lan was the only one who could make him, Song Chengyuan, marry her, live with her for a few years, and never forget her after the divorce.

Lan Lan smiled. Because of Song Chengyuan's words, she was a little sad. She frowned and said, "Why, young women are tired of sleeping and think of me, an old woman?"

Song Chengyuan looked at her with a slight frown. He couldn't figure out what Lan Lan was trying to say, but he knew that Lan Lan had never been such a self-deprecating person before.

"Lan Lan, a year ago, my parents died because of an accident. After dealing with their aftermath, I went back to Huinan city."

Lan Lan suddenly raised his eyes and looked at Song Chengyuan, his eyes slightly stunned.

"It's been almost a year, haven't you noticed that there's a single man living next door to your house?" Looking at Lan Lan, Song Chengyuan said indifferently. There was no sadness in his tone, nor did he mean to question him. It was just a plain narrative.

Lan Lan frowned and looked into Song Chengyuan's eyes. The astonishment became more and more obvious. At the same time, the suppressed things in her heart began to flow out gradually.

She lived in a wealthy villa area. Each villa was at least one kilometer or more away. Each house had its own oversized garden. The villa next to hers was upstream of her villa. It should be 1.5 kilometers away.

If she remembered correctly, the villa had been vacant for two or three years, and in the last year, because of the birth of Yan Wanwan and her two grandsons, she was busy every day. When she returned home, she was just playing with chen chen and Yangyang. How could she care if there was anyone living in the villa 1.5 kilometers away next door and who was it?

Seeing that Lan Lan was only looking at himself for a moment, Song Chengyuan smiled and said, "Chenchen and Yangyang are very cute and smart. They look a little like you."

A week ago, he was standing outside the gate of Lan Lan's villa for a while. At that time, the two little fellows were crawling all over the garden. Yangyang saw him first, and then he climbed to the gate curiously. Later, Chenchen followed him. However, the two little fellows only climbed a few meters away from the gate. They looked at him with big black eyes, grinned and then quickly climbed back.

"Song Chengyuan, what do you want to do?"

At the mention of the child and the thought of what Song Chengyuan had done to Yan Wanwan, Lan Lan immediately became vigilant again. The emotion in his eyes disappeared in an instant.

Song Chengyuan smiled faintly. "You don't have to be so nervous. I just think they're so cute. Like you, I can't help but look at them a few more times."

Lan Lan looked at him warily and did not speak.

"Lan Lan, I know what a stupid thing I did. I know how much I hurt you." As he spoke, Song Chengyuan frowned and lowered his head, his face full of guilt. "But I regret it. I really regret it. Over the past year, the most thing I want to do every day is stand in front of you and get your forgiveness. But I know you won't, so I never dare to show up."

"Then why are you here now?" Lan Lan suddenly asked loudly. She didn't know if it was because of anger or sadness. She had an inexplicable urge to cry.

When Song Chengyuan did that to Yan Wanwan, she didn't think about crying. She wasn't sad enough to cry. But why did she want to cry now?

"Because you're sick, I just want to be by your side and take good care of you."

Looking at Song Chengyuan, because of his words, Lan Lan's strong tears, like a burst of water, poured out in an instant.

However, she stared at Song Chengyuan stubbornly and shouted at him, "Song Chengyuan, I have people to take care of me. I don't need you. Get out of here!"

"I don't mean anything else. I just want to see you get better." Then Song Chengyuan looked at Lan Lan with another faint smile, a smile full of affection and tenderness. "When you are well, if you don't want to see me again, I promise I won't appear in front of you again."

As he spoke, Song Chengyuan did not linger any longer. After taking a deep look at the tearful lan, he turned and walked out of the ward.

Lan Lan turned his face away, not looking at his back, letting him go further and further away. Then he opened the door of the ward and walked out, tears streaming down his body, wetting his hospital gown.

Outside the door, when elder sister Li saw Song Chengyuan coming out, he immediately strode over and said regretfully, "Mr. Song, are you leaving now?"

Song Chengyuan shook his head. "No, I'm right here."

Elder sister Li immediately nodded happily. "It's good if you don't go. It's good if you don't go."

Song Chengyuan smiled faintly. "She's a little unstable. Go in and see her."

"Okay." Elder sister Li said yes and immediately pushed the door open and headed for the ward.

When she entered the ward and saw Lan Lan with tears all over her face, elder sister Li was really surprised.

She had been taking care of Lan Lan for so many years. She had never seen her cry so hard.

However, on second thought, Lan Lan's suppressed emotions for so long can be vented out, and it's good to hold them in his heart, it will only get worse and worse.

Instead of disturbing Lan Lan, elder sister Li went into the bathroom quietly, helped lan lan twist a hot towel, and then came out to hand it to her.

Lan Lan remained in the same position as before, tilting his head and looking out the window, but he had stopped crying.

Seeing the hot towel in front of her, she looked up at elder sister Li, took it, and wiped the tears off her face.

"Some things will get sick if you hold them in your heart for a long time. It's a good thing that you cry."

Lan Lan wiped the tears off her face and smiled at elder sister Li.

To be honest, she felt much better after crying.

"I didn't expect that after all these years, besides Wanwan, you were the only one who was close to me."

Elder sister Li smiled. "Aren't the two young masters still young? When they get older, I don't know how considerate they are. And uncle, don't look at his cold appearance and say very little, but also care about you. And..."

Seeing Lan Lan suddenly look over, elder sister Li hesitated.

"Who else?"

Elder sister Li smiled. "And Mr. Song. I can see that Mr. Song actually cares about you. He's still outside."

Women are old, even if their children are good, but their children always have their own family, their own things to be busy, or they have to find a partner that they rely on in their hearts, and slowly live.

Lan Lan frowned and looked towards the door.

"Do you want me to invite Mr. Song in now?" Seeing the attachment in Lan Lan's eyes, elder sister Li said quickly.

"No need." Lan Lan shook his head. "Let him be outside."

"Well, okay."

At six in the afternoon, before going to the detention center, bai jili went to the hospital to see lan lan.

The relevant doctors and experts at the hospital have studied lan lan's condition. They can treat her with conservative chemotherapy or surgery to remove the tumor and preserve the uterus.

However, if only the tumor was removed, the possibility of recurrence in the future could not be avoided.

Once the tumor relapses, the situation will be worse than it is now.

Once and for all, the solution is to remove the entire uterus.

The hospital asked Lan Lan and his family for advice, but bai jili didn't say anything. He only respected Lan Lan's choice. In the end, Lan Lan made the decision to remove the uterus.

She was already a woman in her fifties. Although she was well maintained and looked young, it did not change the fact that she was already menopausal and could not have children.

Besides, who else is she going to have children with in this life? Now that she had two grandchildren, she was satisfied. Even if god gave her the ability to have children, she would never want them again.

Therefore, removing the uterus was the best option.

Since the decision was made to remove the uterus, the hospital and Lan Lan were already prepared for the operation, which was scheduled for tomorrow morning, so this afternoon, no matter what, Bai Jili had to come to see her to rest assured.

When he came out of the ward, he saw a familiar figure outside the ward, but Bai Jili was not surprised at all, because as early as four months ago, chen chen and yang yang had just been brought back to Lan Lan's villa to raise, he accidentally found Song Chengyuan not far from Lan Lan's villa.

At that time, he acted as if he didn't know anything and didn't tell anyone. He just asked the security guards at the villa to keep an eye on Song Chengyuan's whereabouts and see what he was up to.

Later, when he went back to the city bureau and asked someone to check Song Chengyuan's entry and exit information, he found out that Song Chengyuan had lived in the villa next to Lan Lan for a long time, and for a long time in the past, he did not do anything unusual, but every day when lan lan was not at home, he would stand outside Lan Lan's villa for a while, then quietly leave.

After Chenchen and Yangyang were raised in Lan Lan's villa, Song Chengyuan still maintained this habit, and still did not change any unusual behavior, so bai jili was gradually relieved of him.

It was perfectly normal to see him in the hospital at the moment.

Song Chengyuan, who had been standing outside the door, sensed something and looked down the corridor. When he saw that it was Bai Jili, he did not change his expression at all. After glancing at bai ji li, he withdrew his gaze and continued to stand where he was.

Bai Jili just looked at him, didn't say a word, and didn't stop. He walked past him, walked to the door of the ward, and knocked on the door.

Because after watching Song Chengyuan for the past few months, he really didn't need to guard Song Chengyuan as an enemy anymore. Plus, with the man's intuition, Bai Jili knew that Song Chengyuan was still in love with Lan Lan.

"Uncle, you're here!"

Elder sister Li came to open the door and saw that it was Bai Jili. He smiled happily and, by the way, took a look at Song Chengyuan who was still outside the door.

Bai Jili nodded lightly and walked into the ward. At first glance, she saw lan lan sitting on the sofa looking at the documents. Lan Lan heard the sound and looked up. When she saw Bai Jili, she put down the documents in her hand and smiled. "You're so busy. Why are you here again?"

"There's still time for a trip to the hospital." Bai jili smiled and walked over. "You will have an operation tomorrow morning and rest well at night. Don't deal with the company anymore."

Lan Lan smiled and nodded. "There are a few more documents. I'll rest after reading them."

"I'll be here before the operation tomorrow morning. You don't have to worry. Just relax and accept the operation." Seeing that Lan Lan was doing well, Bai Jili was concerned.

"It's not a life-and-death surgery. You don't have to come over."

"Wanwan, she won't rest assured. I'll be waiting outside the operating room until you wake up after the surgery." Bai Jili said calmly, Yan Wanwan is not around Lan Lan, this is what he should do as a son-in-law.

Lan Lan smiled with relief. "Tell Wanwan not to worry. Even for her and chen chenyang, I won't let anything happen to me."

Bai Jili nodded. "Have a good rest then. I'll go first."

"Ji Li." As Bai Jili turned to leave, Lan Lan suddenly stopped him.

Bai Jili turned around and looked at her.

"Song Chengyuan..."

"The past is over. I don't want to talk about it anymore. Besides, Wanwan doesn't know about it, and I don't want her to know about it anymore. So you can make your own decisions on your own. Wanwan and I won't interfere, and we will respect your decision."

Lan Lan looked at him. Just as she didn't know what to say, Bai Jili gave her the answer she wanted.

Looking at Bai Jili, Lan Lan suddenly breathed a sigh of relief. Originally, she thought that bai jili would be the one who cared most about Song Chengyuan's appearance, but she never thought that he would have let go of it long ago. Instead, it was herself who had been holding it in her heart.

"Okay, I got it." Lan Lan smiled knowingly. "Thank you, Ji Li."

Bai Jili slightly raised his lips and then strode off with his long legs.

Elder sister Li sent Bai Jili away and hurried back. He asked lan lan with a smile, "Chairman, Mr. Song has been outside all the time. Do you want him to come in?"

Lan Lan glanced at elder sister Li and shook his head decisively. "No, just leave him outside."

Perhaps because he knew that Song Chengyuan had been outside the door all this time, Lan Lan had slept better than ever that night. When she woke up in the morning, her whole body was extremely comfortable.

Because the operation was scheduled at 10 am, yesterday, all the tests were done. In the morning, the nurse came in, only took her blood pressure, did some simple tests, told her to eat less breakfast, eat a little light, and then put away the things to go out.

"By the way, are the people outside still there?"

Before the nurse left, Lan Lan asked. Because it was too early, elder sister Li hadn't come to the hospital, and she hadn't gotten out of bed herself, she naturally didn't know what was going on outside the ward.

The nurse smiled. "Is chairman Lan asking the tall and handsome man who has been waiting outside? He was still there at night, but he didn't seem to be outside the door just now."

- Gone!

Suddenly, a deep sense of loss rose in Lan Lan's heart.

"Chairman Lan, do you have anything else to do?"

"It's all right. You can go out."

The nurse nodded and pushed the thing away.

After the nurse left, Lan Lan took a deep breath, pulled the covers off the bed, and went to the bathroom to wash up.

When she was halfway through the bathroom, she heard someone push the door in the ward outside and come in. She thought it was elder sister Li. Lan Lan didn't care. She continued to wash, but accidentally, when she washed her face, she wet her hospital gown.

"Elder sister Li, bring me a clean suit." Looking at the wet patch on his clothes, Lan Lan called out to the outside.

Song Chengyuan, who had just put down his breakfast, heard this and glanced around. He immediately walked to the closet, opened it, took out a set of silk pajamas, and strode to the bathroom.

He came to the bathroom door and knocked gently.

Soon, the door to the bathroom was opened from inside, but he didn't go in. Instead, he reached out and handed the clothes in.

Lan Lan waited for a moment, but could not hear anything. He turned his head to look at the door. When he saw the strong arm of the man holding his pajamas, he could not help but be slightly stunned.

How many times has this strong arm picked him up like a princess, shuttling back and forth between her office and her home?

Even when she was young and was in love with Yan Baizhi, she had never felt as happy as a young girl.

"Come in!"

After a moment of confusion, Lan Lan came back to his senses, his heart surging, but his face and voice were extremely calm.

With permission, Song Chengyuan pushed the door open and closed it behind him after entering the bathroom.

Lan Lan looked at him and said expressionless, "Why aren't you leaving yet?"

Song Chengyuan smiled, put his pajamas on the shelf, and walked up to Lan Lan. It was natural, just like they used to be husband and wife, he said with a slight reproach, "Why are you so careless? You can wet your clothes by washing your face."

"I had an operation at 10 am to remove my uterus, didn't you know?"

Song Chengyuan nodded. "I know."

"So you're still staying?"

"I want to go too, but I can't convince myself, so I have to stay."

"Song Chengyuan, whatever you want, whether it's a child or money, you won't get it from me."

Song Chengyuan threw her pajamas into the dirty clothes not far away. Then, she raised her hand, lifted Lan Lan's chin, shook her head and said, "No, Lan Lan, I don't want any more children, I don't want any more money from you, and I don't want anything from you. I just want to be with you, that's enough..."

Before she could finish, Song Chengyuan lowered his head and kissed her...