433 Extras - Grand Finale (part Two) - the End of the Article

Lan Lan's operation was successful. By the time she was pushed into the ward from the operating room, the anesthetic had already faded and she was awake.

"Are you okay?"

Song Chengyuan came to the bed, took Lan Lan's hand and asked her with concern.

Lan Lan nodded, his face unusually calm, and his eyes swept past him, looking at Bai Jili not far away.

Bai Jili put his hands in his pockets and smiled at Lan Lan. Then he looked at Song Chengyuan.

Although the two of them had been waiting outside the operating room, there was no communication.

"Song Chengyuan, what have you done to Wanwan before? Wanwan doesn't know. We don't want her to know anymore." At this moment, Bai Jili looked at Song Chengyuan, word by word, word by word, very powerful, with a powerful voice, "But if you want to do anything to Wanwan in the future, I will definitely not let you have a good day."

Song Chengyuan also looked at Bai Jili, slightly raised his lips, and nodded. "Don't worry. I never planned to remarry Lan Lan again, nor did I ever think of taking up any position in the Beauty group. All I wanted to do was stay by Lan Lan's side."

Bai ji li smiled and did not say anything more to Song Chengyuan. Instead, she looked at lan lan and said, "Mom, I'll go first. Have a good rest. I'll come back another day."

After that, he turned around and strode out of the ward.

He had reason to believe that Song Chengyuan was not here for Lan Lan's money and fame, because he found out that more than a year ago, Song Chengyuan set up his own investment company and did a good job, and now his own wealth is not cheap, if it was just for money, he really did not have to wait until now to appear.

After leaving the ward, he took out his cell phone and called the detention center.

Xiao mei happened to be beside Yan Wanwan. When she saw that it was Bai Jili's phone, xiao mei quickly handed the phone to Yan Wanwan.

"Honey, how's my mom?"

Yan Wanwan answered the phone and immediately asked worriedly.

"Everything is fine. My mother-in-law is awake. She's very nice."

As Yan Wanwan listened, her heart finally fell back into her stomach. "Thank you, hubby."

Bai Jili had no choice but to smile. If Yan Wanwan were in front of him now, he would definitely give her a shudder.

"I only found out this morning that Chenchen and Yangyang have new teeth. I'll bring them over later."

"You've been in the hospital all morning, so don't come over in the afternoon. Just let mom and the baby come over." Yan wanwan was afraid that there were too many things for him to do, so he refused without thinking.

"Why, from now on, you just want your son to miss me? Mm -"

Yan Wanwan, "..."

What an injustice!

"Of course not."

"What's that?" Bai Jili suddenly acted like a naughty child, determined to get an accurate answer.

"I miss you more."

Yan Wanwan was telling the truth. Chenchen and Yangyang were taken care of. She wasn't worried at all, but she was worried about Bai Jili.

He was worried that he would not be able to eat well, sleep well, be too tired every day, and that his work would not go smoothly after he was promoted to the chief of the public security bureau.

In short, she was worried about everything about Bai Jili.

Bai ji li raised her lips and smiled lowly, lecturing yan wanwan. "In the future, if you want to say anything, don't be ungrateful. Just say it directly and boldly. I'm not someone else."

Yan Wanwan, "..."


It's really... Just a little sunshine!

Two days later, Jian Xia's midsummer Group called for a press conference to announce the establishment of a long-term partnership with the Group. At the press conference, the reporter asked her if she and Lan Lan's daughter, Yan Wanwan, were college classmates.

Jian xia smiled and replied, "Yan Wanwan and I are not just college classmates. Our relationship is too complicated."

As she spoke, she reached out her hand and pointed at each of them. "First, she was my classmate, then her roommate, and then she became a good friend, also known as a close friend. Later, at some point, she became my bedmate and often warmed my bed. Now, she is still my aunt."

Hearing Jian Xia's generous and lively answer, the reporters below all smiled and asked, "Jian dong, you asked yan wan to warm your bed for you. Isn't Master leng si jealous?"

"Eat, then let him be sour."

"Hahaha..." All the reporters below burst into laughter.

In the office of the chairman and ceo of the top floor of the Hongyuan group office building, a man was lying leisurely on the sofa with his long legs crossed and his deep, dark eyes narrowed as he watched the elegant, funny, bright and gorgeous woman on tv. He couldn't help but curl his lips and smile.

It seemed that she would have to taste the sour taste of the vinegar jar after it was knocked over.

Summer to autumn, autumn to winter solstice.

Unknowingly, it was early winter.

In the courtyard of the military commission, he got up early in the morning and changed the diapers for chen chen and Yangyang. After washing up, Mrs. Old changed the two little guys into red clothes.

Big red sweater, big red pants, and even shoes are big red.

"What is this? Go on stage and perform?" Old white Shouzhang glanced at Mrs. Old when he saw the two little fat grandchildren dressed strangely.

"Chenchen and Yangyang should be wearing festive clothes when they go to pick up their mother today." As he spoke, Mrs. Old looked at his two young companions and asked with a smile, "Is that right, chen chenyang?"

The two little guys immediately nodded and mumbled, "Hee hee... Take mama home... Home..."" mama... Go home... Go home together...

Chenchen and Yangyang had been one year and a month old. Not only did they know how to speak simple words, but they had learned to walk just a few days ago. A few days later, the two little fat babies who had been walking unsteadily could walk steadily after a few days of training.

"Ji Li, look, do Chenchen and Yangyang look good in their clothes?" Mrs. Old asked triumphantly when he saw bai jili coming down the stairs.

Bai Jili was wearing a dark gray suit jacket on his arm and was buttoning his shirt cufflinks as he walked downstairs. When he heard the sound, he looked down into the living room."

What Chenchen and Yangyang were wearing was really... Eye-catching!

Fortunately, the red sweater and pants were embroidered with cartoon characters. Otherwise, it would be really weird.

"Mom, I think it looks pretty good. Why don't I go and change ai ai into a red one, which matches chen chen and Yangyang." Fang Mengru came out of the kitchen and smiled when he saw Chenchen and Yangyang in high spirits.

"Yes! Yes! Yes!" Mrs. Old immediately nodded in agreement, picked up little ai ai beside old white Shouzhang, and kissed her. "We have to change our little princess into a red dress, so that we can be more festive. Then we will follow brother Chenchen and Yangyang to pick up our aunt."

"Mom, grandma, I'm going to put on the red one to pick up my aunt." Nanxi, who was brushing his teeth in the bathroom, heard him with a toothbrush and a mouthful of toothpaste foam.

"Okay, mom will find it for you." Fang Mengru nodded quickly, put down his things and headed upstairs.

Bai Yanzheng, "..."

Bai Jili, "..."

Old white Shouzhang,..."

In the detention center, yan wan woke up at dawn, washed up, and then ate breakfast as usual. From her calm and calm expression, she could not even tell that after a year and a half, a full 18 months of imprisonment, she regained her freedom and the joy and happiness of reuniting with her family.

However, only she knew that the excitement and joy in her heart was almost too full to hold, and it was about to overflow.

"Mrs. Bai, do you want to take these buddhist scriptures that you copied?"

Yan Wanwan was having breakfast, while xiao mei was helping her clean up.

In fact, all Yan Wanwan had to pack was all kinds of books and a pile of buddhist scriptures that she had copied, so when she saw a pile of hand-copied buddhist scriptures in the corner, xiaomei asked her for advice.

Yan wanwan tilted her head, glanced at the pile of copybooks in the corner, and nodded. "Well, take them away."

It didn't work, but she took the time and thought to copy it.

Xiao mei smiled brightly. "Okay, I'll help you pack up. You have breakfast. After breakfast, we'll go help with the formalities. After you finish the formalities, you can leave and be free again."

Yan Wanwan nodded, looked at xiao mei and smiled gratefully, and said sincerely, "Xiao mei, thank you."

Looking at Yan Wanwan, thinking that she might never see her face again, xiao mei suddenly felt a little sad, and tears slipped out unconsciously.

"What's wrong?"

Seeing the tears in xiao mei's eyes, Yan Wanwan quickly got up and walked over to wipe the tears off her face.

Xiao mei grinned. "It's okay. I just thought I might never see you again. It's a pity."

Yan Wanwan also smiled. "Why not? Don't you have my contact information? You can contact me anytime."

Xiao mei nodded heavily. "Well, I see. You should hurry up and eat your breakfast, or it will be cold."


After breakfast, yan wan was accompanied by xiao mei to go through the formalities of getting out of prison, because everyone on Yan Wanwan's body greeted her with a smile and respect.

Soon, all the procedures for getting out of prison were completed. The director of the detention center and several leaders of the prison came to see Yan Wanwan off personally.

The weather in Huinan city in the early winter was neither warm nor cold. It was fifteen or sixteen degrees celsius, plus the bright sunshine, which made people feel as comfortable as spring.

Walking under the blue sea and blue sky, the sun was shining brightly. Yan Wanwan turned around, narrowed her beautiful and clear cat eyes, and looked at the dark building not far behind her. Inside, Yan Wanwan did not know how many women she had imprisoned who had made mistakes in the past, but without a doubt, she was the luckiest and happiest of them all, even if she was the one to suffer for others.

However, after walking out of here, in this life, she no longer needed to carry anything, to be able to live freely with Bai Jili, and their two sons, and no longer owe others.

"Mrs. Bai, please forgive me if I have been neglecting you for more than a year." The head of the detention center stood beside Yan Wanwan. When he saw her stop and look back, he smiled uneasily.

Yan Wanwan withdrew her gaze and smiled at the director, but said nothing. She only stepped up and walked towards the high iron door, because she knew that the person waiting for her through the iron door was the most heavy and beloved person in her life.

The director made a gesture of invitation to keep up with Yan Wanwan, and everyone else followed.

When yan Wanwan was about to walk to the gate of the detention center, the tall and majestic iron door was slowly pulled open by the sound of "Rumble," and familiar figures came into Yan Wanwan's eyes.

There were bai ji li, their two sons, bai lao Shouzhang and Mrs. Old, bai yanzheng and his family of four, yan jin' an, Yan Baizhi, Yan Chenxuan, Lan Lan, and even Jian Xia and Lan Lan.

Looking at the familiar and gentle faces, yan wan raised her lips late at night. Her nose was sore and tears welled up in her eyes.

Her family, her lover, her children, and her friends.

They were her angels, illuminating the path of her life at every stage of her life.


"Hehe... Mama..."


Yan Wanwan's tears of joy streamed down his face as he watched the two red meatballs run towards him with their short legs.

She raised her lips, smiled brightly and brightly, and squatted down. Chaochen and Yangyang opened their arms and hugged her babies.



Chenchen and Yangyang looked at Yan Wanwan. The two brothers ran faster and faster as if they were in a competition. Then, at the same time, they plunged into Yan Wanwan's arms and laughed non-stop while shouting "Mama,"" creak,"" creak." The two brothers grabbed her hand and kissed her face. They shouted," mama... Go home...

"Dada... Let's go home together..." Yangyang turned around and pointed at Bai Jili, who was striding over, cheerfully said to yan wan.

Yan wanwan kissed the two children, then picked up the clock, looked up, and looked at Bai Jili, who was striding over. Under the sun, he was dressed in a dark gray suit with a white shirt. He was handsome, like a god, shining on her whole world, making her dreamy.

"Papa... Mama... Let's go home together..."

Bai Jili strode over and bent over to pick Yangyang up. Then, he freed another hand and took Yan Wanwan into his arms. In front of everyone, he had no scruples. He kissed Yan Wanwan on the forehead with an affectionate and gentle kiss.

"Hubby." Yan Wanwan looked up at her as if he were looking at his own god.

"Yes." Bai Jili nodded and looked at her with a burning gaze. "Honey, let's go home."