Chapter 521 Sun Yu

After entering the county, the speed of the car slowed down obviously, and the roadside stalls were laid out, constantly steaming out.

"Eat something first."

"Aren't you going to find Sun Yu?"

"Not short of that. I'm starving. Finish it quickly."

When the car stopped, Qin Ming got out of the car. I opened the door and followed. Breakfast was very simple. Each person had a drawer of steamed buns and a bowl of porridge.

"I've never seen a woman like you eating."

"Cut, you've seen a lot of things."

I glared at Qin Ming, leaving only the last one. Because I was in a hurry to do something, I was a little anxious. Qin Ming was looking at me secretly. I turned my attention to other places. A man came out from the corner of the street with a black bag in his hand. He was walking in a strange position. His hair was very messy. What attracted me was his clothes, blue and white school uniform.

"Qin Ming, is that Sun Yu?"


Qin Ming turned around with a bun in his hand. The man came out of the street and walked directly across the street.

"Sort of. Why is he out?"

Sun Yu was crazy. The last time we went there, his mother said that ever since she went crazy, she had been watching carefully at home for fear of accidents, and Sun Yu never went out during the day.

"Let's go."

"Ah, here's the money."

"No need to look."

Qin Ming took out a fifty and threw it on the table. Sun Yu was walking towards the alley, but it was inconvenient to drive. The two of them trotted behind. Sun Yu, who was walking in front, didn't seem to notice us.

What are you doing? Are you going to worship me?

"Qin Ming, what day is it today?"

Qin Ming frowned. He said the date, and I remembered that there was nothing wrong with it. Today was the day Zhou Ya disappeared six years ago.

"The anniversary of Zhou Ya's death."

Qian Feng had made it very clear that Zhou Ya was dead. Just after they separated that day, the person who killed Zhou Ya should be Zhang Chao who was scared to death after falling off the wall.

Sun Yu carried the bag and walked out. It was very close to no.1 middle school. After three years of studying here, the surrounding terrain was still very familiar.

There was a botanical garden in front of them. Because of the lack of management, most of the flowers and plants were destroyed, leaving only some trees. Because few people came, it became a sacred place that couples often visited.

Six years ago, three people were supposed to meet here?

I followed with questions and soon saw the water. It was originally an artificial lake. There were several boats docked by the lake. Over the past few years, it was completely deserted. The lake was covered with green moss and weeds. Sun Yu walked to the edge of the artificial lake and stopped.


Qin Ming nodded. The whole thing finally came to fruition. Qian Feng didn't tell us where Zhou Ya's body was, but he gave us a clue. It was water.

In the abandoned artificial lake in the botanical garden, Zhou Ya's body should have been thrown here.

Sun Yu looked up and kept circling around. His movements looked very strange. After a few rounds, he slowly stopped. He seemed to be looking for something.

Finally, he stopped and took something out of the black bag. Our guess was right. Sun Yu might be really crazy or pretending to be crazy. Today was the anniversary of Zhou Ya's death, and all he took out from the black bag were money and sacrifices burned to the dead.

The fire lit up quickly, and Sun Yu squatted there staring blankly at the water.

"Let's go. It's time for the case to end."