Chapter 522 The Extra Bones

Qin Ming and I walked out from behind and were still very worried when we got close. Sun Yu was different from normal people after all. A few meters away from Sun Yu was an artificial lake. If he suddenly went crazy, I really didn't know what would happen!

Qin ming walked towards the fire. Sun Yu still squatted there, as if we didn't exist. I stood behind him and saw Qin Ming approaching him. I finally breathed a sigh of relief.

"Sun Yu, can we talk now?"

"We're all dead, what are we talking about?"

Sun Yu's tone was very flat, completely different from what we saw before. Although her hair was messy, her face was clean and her blue and white school uniform was almost spotless.

I slowly walked over and looked at Sun Yu's pale and haggard face. His dark circles were deep and he squatted in front of the fire, staring blankly at the water. At this moment, Sun Yu was more like a sad person than a madman.

"Do you come every year today?"


"How did you know that Zhou Ya's body was here?"

"Zhang Chao said it."

"Zhang Chao? When?"

Sun yu let out a long breath. It was obvious that Sun Yu knew something that Qian Feng did not know. He kept his eyes on the water as he spoke.

Because of Sun Yu's strange behavior, I also became nervous. Did he see something?

Although it was daytime, it was always cold here.

"Before he died, I was the first to climb up the wall, and then Zhang Chao. When he pulled him up, he felt something was wrong. He grabbed my hand and told me that he killed Zhou Ya because he was unwilling to be deceived. He was a beast trying to force Zhou Ya's body. He didn't expect Zhou Ya to fight back and strangle her. Zhou Ya had come to him and asked for his life."

"And then?"

Sun Yu gritted his teeth. "I was angry that he did that to Zhou Ya, but when he saw that his eyes were straight and his body was stiff, it was retribution. Retribution came, and he was really angry, so he pushed him down from above."


I can't believe that Zhang Chao was pushed down by Sun Yu, not by herself. Qian Feng was down there, and I didn't see that scene. Besides, Zhou Ya's death was related to him, because I didn't expect sun yu to do that.


"Revenge for Zhou Ya. She's so pitiful."

"Where's Qian Feng? What does this have to do with him?"

"Of course, Zhou Ya told me to avenge her."

Sun Yu suddenly opened his eyes wide, grabbed the money on the ground and threw it on top of the fire. A gust of wind blew through the ashes in the fire and kept blowing.

"You killed Qian Feng?"

"No, it's Zhou Ya. I just told him that qian feng would go to the internet cafe that night and be killed by a car the next day. This is karma."

"What did Qian Feng do wrong?"

Sun Yu looked up. "Is he right? If Zhou Ya hadn't told me, I wouldn't have believed that the best brother would have done that."

Sun Yu said with his brows tightly furrowed and his hands gripping the position of his chest and heart. I winked at Qin Ming to signal him not to use that tone.

"Is it related to Zhou Ya? If so, tell us, this is the greatest comfort for Zhou Ya."

Sun Yu sneered. "No, never. That would be the second time Zhou Ya was violated."

"Do you still want to go crazy? It's not Zhou Ya who wants you to kill, it's you, the evil in your heart."

"No, it's Zhou Ya. She's been contacting me, telling me what happened and what to do. I'm just doing what she said. I'm helping her, avenging her, and killing those demons who covet her body."

Sun Yu burst into laughter, his eyes a little scary, he was still crazy, turning himself into Zhou Ya's guardian, the terrible avenger, if that was the case, why would he take out the phone six years ago when we went last time?

"Qin Ming."

Qin Ming took a deep breath. "Crazy!"

"Yes, I am crazy. What about you people who are not crazy? You have to find out the truth all day long to clear up the deceased. Zhou ya died so miserably. After so long, where is the truth?"

"If you were willing to say it six years ago, the police would have solved the case long ago."


Sun Yu shook his head and a smile appeared on his face. "That's not good. It's very quiet here. It's just me and Zhou Ya. We can be together forever."

Sun Yu must be deeply in love with the dead Zhou Ya in his heart, which is why he became like this. Qin Ming walked to the side and took out the phone to call back to the office.

"What did you do!"

Sun Yu suddenly stood up and stared fiercely at Qin Ming who was holding the phone.

"Find Zhou Ya's bones and close the case."

"No, Zhou Ya belongs to me alone."

"She's already dead, and the best place to go is to bury her body. Sun Yu, if it's for zhou ya's good, you should be like this, not selfish. Have you ever thought about how uncomfortable it is to stay in the cold and smelly water all day long? She loves to be clean, right?"

"Yes, zhou ya loves to be clean. She always has a faint fragrance on her body. It smells good, but she can't smell it anymore."

Sun Yu slowly closed his eyes and soon there was a siren. Qin Ming frowned and muttered, "These guys!"

At a time like this, the sound of police sirens would only make Sun Yu uneasy. The case was over and there was no need to be so ostentatious.

"Don't come over. No one is allowed to touch Zhou Ya's body. No."

Sun Yu became agitated and quickly retreated towards the lake.

"Sun Yu, stop. Zhou Ya won't want to see you like this."

The only person who could change Sun Yu's mind at this time was Zhou Ya. He stopped, looked at me with wide eyes, and shouted Zhou Ya's name out of his mouth.

"Zhou Ya, you're back, aren't you?"

I turned around quickly. There were a few trees behind me. I didn't see anyone. Sun Yu was talking to someone.

"He thinks of you as Zhou Ya and tries to stabilize him."


Qin Ming nodded, and I breathed a sigh of relief. Dealing with a lunatic is really troublesome.

"Sun Yu, thank you for staying with me all these years. I don't need it anymore. I'm leaving here and reincarnating. If there's an afterlife, we'll be friends again."

Qin Ming motioned for me to step back. Sun Yu moved forward and kept shouting, "No, no, don't leave me."

I sped up my pace, turned around and burrowed into the woods as soon as I got close to them. Sun Yu's almost desperate cry came from the ear. He knelt on the ground and grabbed his hair with both hands.

"Thank you!"

I froze. The sound came from behind the bushes. The leaves were very lush and there was no light falling. I turned around quickly. There was a girl standing under the shadow of the tree. She was smiling and looking at me with a smile.

"Zhou Ya!"

Zhou Ya turned around, footsteps approaching, and I watched her body disappear.

Soon, the police pulled a corpse out of the water. The blue and white school uniform was not rotten. There was no mistake. It was Zhou Ya, a female student who had mysteriously disappeared six years ago.

"Head, there seems to be something else."

"Bring it up."

The two men in the water continued to fish down, and as they raised their hands, the people on the shore simultaneously let out a cry of surprise, holding onto another white bone in their hands.