Chapter 524 Informant

Qin Ming and I stood up at the same time and looked at the man who walked in.

"Who is it?"

"Qin Lang."

"How could it be him!"

I looked at Qin Ming, and the others looked surprised. Only Qin Ming and I looked ignorant. Who was Qin Lang?

Wangdui waved his hand and motioned for us to sit down. Qin Lang's death was definitely not that simple.

"Qin Ming and Ruoxi don't know what's going on here. Qin Lang was the person who reported Zhou Ya's disappearance. He was in a relationship with Zhou Ya. That night, Zhou Ya didn't go back. The next day, he came to school and didn't find anyone. He was worried about something and reported it. Because his father was the leader of the county, he still took it seriously."


"Our county committee secretary's surname is qin."

I understand. Qin Lang is the son of the county committee secretary. The man who was with zhou ya was him. It was nothing. Why did he die in the artificial lake in the botanical garden and with Zhou Ya's bones?

"It's too much to do. Keep it a secret for now. I'll discuss it with the director."

Wangdui said and walked out quickly. If Qin Lang was killed, his father, the secretary of the county committee, would not give up. This was the strangest thing.

"How did you find out the identity of the bones? Has Qin Lang reported his disappearance before?"

"Yes, I did. I also collected fingerprints and blood samples of my relatives, but later I heard that I found them. The missing persons department didn't log off the information on the internet, so I could compare them."

"Found it!"

"This is what makes people confused. No one has seen Qin Lang in these years. It is said that he has been in the province all the time. This is the matter of the leader's family. No one can ask."

"Qin Ming, Ruoxi, you two come with me."

Captain King came in from outside, his face a little ugly, and he called out Qin Ming and me directly.


We were poor, and the county government was not so grand. The three-story buildings were old buildings.

The guards knew all the cars in the police station, so they opened the door and went in.

"Don't talk nonsense in a while, Qin Ming. This can be big or small. You kid has real ability. It's time to use it."

"Your surname is also qin. The leader is not your relative, is he?"

After I finished speaking, qin mingle said, "If that's all right, Captain King is at least polite to me. He has to treat me to a meal."

"Stop talking, watch, listen, and speak."

"Don't worry."

On the third floor, the first room was the secretary's office. Captain King knocked on the door and a strong man's voice came from inside. He pushed the door open and the pungent smoke made me cough violently.

Secretary qin was not a bad person and had no shelf. He walked over and opened the window. There was air coming in, and the smoke in the office was immediately blown away.

Instead, I felt a little embarrassed and followed Captain King inside. I had never seen such a big world and sat on the sofa, not daring to move.

"Secretary qin, there's actually something I want to confirm with you."

"Is it about Qin Lang?"

"Secretary, you know everything."

Captain King breathed a sigh of relief. Secretary qin, who was sitting in front of him, sighed instead. "I really don't know what to say about this. I heard that there are people in the institute who know that?"

"Yes, they are."

"I'll see if you can accompany me to my house tonight."