Chapter 525 An Unusual Day

"Of course!"

Captain King agreed to the secretary's request. I looked at Qin Ming. He seemed worried. Was it because of Qin Lang?

This is really strange. We found Qin Lang's body. He died six years ago when he fell into the water. The most incredible thing is that Qin Lang appeared later and stayed at home.

Secretary qin had something to do. Qin Ming kept winking at Captain King, looking for a reason to go out, worried that people here would hear him go straight to the toilet. I stood at the door and heard Qin Ming whisper to Captain King.

"Captain, it's not appropriate tonight. Tomorrow."


Qin Ming said, "Tonight is a cloudy day, and it's a difficult night. Everything is not right. This is such a wicked thing. This past is not looking for trouble for yourself!"

I stood at the door and heard it clearly. Captain King laughed. "All right, you little boy, stop scaring people with your stuff. Secretary qin has been so busy all day and has worked hard for the development of the county for so many years. No matter what the reason, he has to go and do it well."

"Why are you so diligent? You're not so backward." Qin Ming complained.

"Qin Ming, watch your words." Captain King immediately raised his voice. Qin Ming's words clearly reflected secretary qin.

"Okay, okay, just go."

"That's right."

When the two of them came out of the room, Qin Ming's face turned a little ugly. I walked over and poked him with my finger. "What's wrong with the cloudy day? What does that mean?"

"It's just not good. If it's not, something will happen." Qin Ming sighed and glanced at Captain King next to him, "Some people don't believe it. I used to be the same, especially in feng shui. I can't see or touch it. You've helped people get feng shui ready. There are all kinds of reasons to be successful. And since the The qin family accident, I almost never touch feng shui again."

"Then why are you still learning?"

"No way. Forced. If you can choose not to touch this thing, look at the difference between those who show people feng shui and those who carry ragged sails and beg for food."

Qin ming was telling the truth. Those who were rich and powerful were usually real estate developers or big bosses with resources in their hands. They must have raised a lot of experts who knew feng shui.

"Then do you think feng shui is a lie?"

"Of course not. Feng shui has a lot of knowledge. The little one can change his fortune, the big one can change his life against the heavens and walk Yin Yang."

"Walk Yin Yang, can you?"

I looked at Qin Ming and immediately thought of Lu Jun, the father who might have entered The underworld, left Yin city, and thought of many things. As the third master said, some things are really life. No matter how hard you try to find the answer, it's still empty in the end.

"No, that's what I learned."

Qin ming smiled at me when the office door opened.

Captain King coughed, indicating that we should not continue talking. There was a sound inside, so he quickly led us back in and slowly closed the door.

Secretary qin looked at the time. It was still half an hour before work. I have a question. Why must I go there at night? Did he already know that Qin Lang was not a person at home?

"I thought about it, but there are some things I have to tell you in advance. Six years ago, xiao lang disappeared for a while. Captain King and the others knew about these things, and then he came back, and this was over. Although he came back, his temperament changed greatly. He locked himself in his room all day long and refused to come out. All the windows in the house were covered with black cloth, and no one was allowed to enter his room. At first, he thought that he had suffered something. It'll be fine in a while. Unfortunately, it's been almost six years and it hasn't changed. I recently found out that I always go out in the middle of the night and come back around dawn."

I took a look at Captain King. The discovery of the bones under the water should have been made known. The autopsy was done. Unless the comparison information left six years ago was wrong, it was Qin Lang.

Captain King coughed. "Secretary, didn't you say you had someone look at it? What do you mean?"

Secretary qin sighed. "This is all ground up. According to common sense, party members and cadres should not be exposed to this thing. Some relatives said that they might have been possessed by evil. Indeed, they have looked for a few people who were able to communicate with yin. Of course, they were all brought back by women in the family. This is definitely not appropriate. Considering that it is for the sake of children, they should turn a blind eye. No matter what, it is useless to make a few troubles. I never looked for it again."

"Actually, we came here because a case six years ago involved several students at that time."

"You mean the murder case in no.1 middle school six years ago?"

"Yes, some new clues have been found recently, and the bones of Zhou Ya, a female student who disappeared six years ago, have been found. It is confirmed that she was killed by Zhang Chao. As for the cause of death of Zhang Chao and others, there is no accurate judgment yet."

"Zhou Ya, is she dead?"


"I've seen that girl before. She was very close to Qin Lang at the time. This was strongly opposed. After all, it was the students who should focus on their studies, but there was no way to force the young people to interfere. Didn't you say that they transferred?"


"I see."

The transfer should have been a statement given by the school later on, and it was no longer important to convince Zhou Ya's parents to accept the fact.

"Is this related to Qin Lang?"

Captain King frowned. It was finally time to tell the truth. I sat there and watched. Once Captain King told the truth, how would secretary qin react? His son, who had been by his side, died six years ago.

"At the same time, another body was found during the salvage. After examination, it was related to the secretary. We suspect it might be Qin Lang."


Secretary qin's eyes widened, a fact that no one could accept. No wonder he made such a big move.

"Secretary qin, don't get excited, because the result of the comparison is only close and can't be confirmed completely."

"I knew this day would come sooner or later!"

Secretary qin slumped in his chair, his fingers trembling with smoke. I thought he couldn't accept such a terrible and cruel fact. It wasn't that what had happened to Qin Lang in the past six years had already been noticed. It was just that his parents were unwilling to accept such a fact.

"Then shall we go tonight?"

"Go, we have to figure this out. Not only to myself, but also to the people of the whole county. Captain King will give it to you. Remember, don't feel pressured and follow the procedure."

"Got it, secretary."