Chapter 528 The Yin Emissary Appeared

"Let's go."

Qin Ming pulled me towards the dormitory, completely ignoring the rest of the people, the terrible sound of chains appeared, and Qin Ming obviously panicked.

Did you find that thing?

Overcast days, sleepiness, could what qin ming said have something to do with this?

"What should we do?"

Running up the stairs, I opened the door and Qin Ming followed me in. I saw him take out a few symbols and stick them to the door. He quickly backed away with a compass in his hand.

"Ruoxi, listen up. One for each of the eight and one for each of the eight. Kun and geng. Come on."


Qin Ming's voice was very urgent. He held the compass and a white light appeared. The other hand handed me a few talismans. I had no idea what he was talking about.

"Take it!"

Qin Ming actually handed me the compass and jumped up. One symbol was pasted to the southwest corner and quickly changed its position. The other one was pasted to the corresponding position.

"Keep breathing, keep your hands steady and aim for the north."


The direction of the dormitory door was north. Qin ming made it clear that I still didn't understand what he meant.

These are all things in feng shui. I don't understand them at all. I can only follow his compass and aim it at the door. I hope it can be useful. At this time, I can only rely on Qin Ming.

Clatter, clatter, the sound of the iron chain touching the ground appeared again and was approaching quickly.

That thing was really coming. It was getting closer and closer. I panicked. The compass in my hand almost fell to the ground. Qin Ming jumped over from behind and took it.


There was a cabinet on the side. I opened the door and went straight in. Through the gap in the cabinet, I looked out. The light of the compass in Qin Ming's hand was connected with the symbol in the southwest corner, and several rays of light intertwined with each other.

Can he deal with the guys who are close to him?

Qin Ming must be capable. As for how strong he is, I don't know. I hide inside and my body keeps shaking. If only Lu Jun was there.

The dead guy returned to The underworld. He didn't know how happy he was, but he had forgotten about me a long time ago.

The sound of the chains stopped at the door. I held my breath and felt a hand fall on the door. Almost at the same time, the light from the compass fell on the door.

Did it work?

The groan disappeared, and a loud noise shook the door violently. I watched Qin Ming's body fall back quickly. I couldn't believe that the guy outside the door was so strong.

The door opened, and Qin Ming got up from the ground. I could see through the cracks in the cabinet. A man came in from outside, his whole body wrapped under a black robe, and in his hand was a silver gray chain.

The smell of death, when he appeared, I could feel the strong smell of death from him, even if I hid in the cabinet.

"Where is that woman?"

The voice of the emissary. He didn't seem to notice me hiding in the cupboard. He strode straight towards Qin Ming.

"It's gone."

With a sneer, I couldn't see what was happening. I vaguely heard Qin Ming's painful voice. Qin Ming had no ability to fight back in front of this guy.

What happened to him? Would he be brutally killed? Would the same thing happen again? Anyone who has anything to do with me will die miserably, and Qin Ming is no exception.

"Say it quickly."

"I won't tell you."

"You want to die!"

The cabinet door opened with a bang. I pushed it open with both hands and came out. Qin Ming was grabbed by the emissary's neck. His face was so pale that it was frightening. The compass fell to the ground.

"Ruoxi, run. He's here for you."

The yin emissary turned around and looked at me coldly. I slowly retreated to the door behind me.

"You won't. Take another step back and break his neck."

I stopped and took a deep breath. Even if I ran out of the door, the emissary still had a way to catch me. In front of him, we were just lambs that were slaughtered at will.

"Let him go."


Yin shi released his fingers and slowly turned around. I frowned. The face hidden under my black robe was not as terrible as the last time I saw it in Flyover town. It was a man's face.

"Why are you looking for me?"

"I'm not looking for you. Someone is looking for you. But don't be afraid. I won't hurt you, as long as you agree to my terms."


I frowned and looked at the scary man in front of me. "What's the condition? Who's looking for me?"

"You don't need to know much, just promise to be a matchmaker!"

"Ruoxi, don't promise him."

What is a matchmaker? Is it an introduction to a dead person? Qin Ming's voice, his actions clearly provoked the sinister to be unhappy, pointing back, a black gas directly wrapped around Qin Ming's neck.

"Don't hurt him."

I have seen this kind of black qi more than once. It is the ghost qi of The underworld prefecture, which can instantly turn a living person into a corpse.

"No, I won't kill him until you promise."

"Why did you choose me?"

The yin emissary sneered. "It's very simple. You are born with a yin body. You are most suitable to help The underworld. Don't think it's a bad thing. How many people want to be a yin matchmaker?"

"Help The underworld!"

"Yes, you should feel that the current rules are completely out of order. The living are like corpses all day long. The dead do not reincarnate, causing a large number of wronged souls to remain on earth. This requires people to solve these problems and restore the original rules, so that there will be no more killing, war chaos."


"Of course, as a yin matchmaker, you can also gain benefits, accumulate yin de to increase your life, and even walk Yin Yang."

"Walk Yin Yang! Can we go to The underworld?"

The yin envoy burst into laughter. "It's not that easy. It's not impossible. As long as you have accumulated enough yin virtue, you can pass through the gates of yin."

"Ruoxi, don't believe him."

Qin Ming was wrapped around his neck by the ghost and his voice was very low, as if he had squeezed it out of sang's eyes.

I took a look at Qin Ming, and there was no choice. Moreover, if there was a chance to enter The underworld, I would never give up. When I came back from Yin city, I was depressed and confused. I had no way to find my lost family in my life, and I had no ability to change the terrible curse that troubled Bai family people.

When the light of hope appeared again, my heart rose again. If I could, even if I had to pay more, I would still do it.

"I promise you."

"Very well, come here."

The messenger waved at me. His eyes were a little frightening, as if they had a terrifying magic power. I slowly walked over and watched his hand rise and fall on top of my head. His cold fingers were like knives.

What is he doing!

There was a sharp pain, and I could feel the sharp nails cutting through the skin on my forehead, and the cold feeling seeped through in an instant. Was he going to kill me?

Probably not. What he needed was a living person working for The underworld, not a dead person.


Yin made his fingers fall, and I touched my forehead. The cold feeling was still there, and there was no wound left. What exactly did he do to me?

"Don't be afraid. A mission will remind you that in order to make you live and work for The underworld, it's best to learn how to deal with ghosts first."

A sneer made me stand still and watch the yin emissary walk out of the dormitory. The sound of the iron chain disappeared.