Chapter 530 Man-eating Female Ghost


The man lowered his head. It was obvious that he was one of the people who had followed him into the mountain, so he was so clear about this matter. Because the evil spirit's revenge made the whole village in danger, and they were afraid of being bitten to death by the evil spirit, they had no choice but to invite someone. The other party shook his head and didn't dare to come at all.

"What about the paper man hanging on the tree at the entrance of the village?"

"The old man in the village said that the paper man can communicate with the spirit. When the wind blows on the tree, the ghost can't tell if he thinks it is a person. If he accepts the paper man, he will be fine."

"Does this work?"

Qin ming nodded. "It should be a stunt. The paper man's birthday is tied to his body and his hair is wrapped around it. Ordinary ghosts can't be distinguished, but those vengeful ghosts shouldn't be fooled."

"What about black dog blood?"

The man looked at Qin Ming. He didn't expect Qin Ming to understand these things. At that moment, it was as if he had grasped the last straw.

"It's useless. That dog is not pure. Even if it is pure black, its owner killed it to save its life. How can he protect its owner?"

"Then what should we do?"

"Police comrades, you have to take care of this. No one else can die."

"How many people were left in the mountains?"

The man sighed. "I'm the only one left. I'm afraid I won't be able to make it through tonight."

This is troublesome. Without Lu Jun by my side, I have no idea how to deal with the horrible man-eating ghosts. Although Qin Ming knows something about feng shui, he is not good at catching ghosts.

The way to catch a ghost, I suddenly remembered the last time the yin envoy left, he said that he could learn some ways to catch a ghost. It sounded good, but he didn't say what the way was.

Could it be the black mark on my forehead? I raised my hand and felt something inside. As my consciousness moved closer to that position, I couldn't believe that some words had actually appeared in my mind.

"The art of the underworld."

There really is. I ignored it, and I got excited. What was recorded in the art of yin and ghost was actually some methods to deal with ghosts. All the yang things could cure yin and ghost, such as children's urine, red rooster, including black dog blood and so on.

"Qin Ming, where do you think that ghost will come in?"

"It should be the window."


"There are many people walking by the door, and there must be a yang qi on it. The windows are different, and they can absorb yin qi themselves, so ghosts at night prefer to lie on the windows and look in, not on the door."

I nodded and thought what qin ming said made sense, so I could arrange it according to the method recorded in the art of catching ghosts.

"Ruoxi, when did you learn?"

"Just now."

"Can it be done? Life is at stake."

"Is there any other way?"

Qin Ming shook his head."

"I can only try."

My arrangement was actually very simple. First, I sprinkled the ash in the stove pit at the door. This kind of ash was left after the firewood was burned. The yang qi was enough. The goal of the door was to stop evil spirits from entering through the door. Then, the windows in the house. The windows in the countryside were different from those in the city.

The windows were all on the kang, and the whole wall was almost the same. The sun was especially bright in summer, and now it was troublesome. Qin Ming and I had limited control over the area, and I didn't know if the new method worked.


"Sprinkle the millet first. Cover the kang and quilt."

After all this, he was still uncertain. Black dog got some blood. What he thought at that time was that if it worked, there would be children's urine. The boy in this house was definitely a child before he was ten years old. As for Qin Ming, he couldn't count on it at all.


"Girl, is it really okay?"

I scratched my head. "Try your best. If we really can't handle it, we can't."

The man's face was still ashen and his hands were trembling as he ate. I really didn't know what to say to comfort him. After all, it was him who was going to be in trouble. I couldn't understand how he was feeling right now.

Qin Ming and I stayed in the house until it was dark. The village was as quiet as death. When it was dark, we started to move. According to the previous arrangement, I hid behind the cabinet on the kang with the quilt. Qin ming was at the door.

Why isn't it here yet?

My left hand was holding the urine of a child, and my right hand was black dog blood. The two scents kept drilling into my nose, which made me very uncomfortable. At this time, I could only pray that the man-eating ghost would appear sooner.

The man shrank under the blanket, only revealing his head. His body was trembling inside. I looked at Qin Ming, who was squatting below, and suddenly he raised his hand.

Qin Ming held a compass in his hand, which could judge yin qi. As he moved, I became nervous and the ghost appeared.

Creak, creak, the window shook. I hid inside and looked out through the gaps in the black curtain. After a few swings through the window, a woman slowly appeared. She didn't need to open the window at all and went straight into the room where the man was sleeping.

When I got closer, my fingers suddenly felt stiff and really nervous. The woman didn't rush over immediately, but looked cautiously into the room.

Qin Ming was squatting on the ground. He should not have been found.

I'm in an awkward position right now. I'm too far away from the female ghost, so I have to get close enough, and it's best when the female ghost is focused on the man.

The ghost looked around. I held my breath and didn't seem to notice Qin Ming and me. The ghost quickly relaxed and fell down from the top, near the man's head behind her.


I could see the screams of the female ghost clearly from inside. She stepped on the millet sprinkled on the kang, and a puff of smoke rose from her feet.

As the ghost screamed, Qin Ming jumped out and the compass in his hand glowed white.

Qin Ming's ability to catch ghosts was limited, but his compass could scare people. The moment the female ghost saw the compass, she showed an obvious expression of fear and quickly grabbed Qin Ming with both hands.

This was an opportunity. The black curtain lifted, and I rushed out, perhaps too anxious to step on something. I threw myself straight in front of him and the two pots in my hands flew out.

With a shrill scream, the ghost quickly backed away and continued to smoke from her body. She was already injured and should not be light. The window that had been closed all along quickly opened and the ghost jumped out.


Qin Ming and I chased out. The ghost had already escaped, so there was no way to go back to the house.

When the lights went on, the man came out of his bed and thanked him. I glanced at Qin Ming and said, "The ghost is only injured, but it's not removed. If she gets well, she will retaliate even more."

"Then what should we do?"

"Find the ghost and destroy her completely."