Chapter 442 The Wish to Take Care of the World [ Fourth More ]

"Are you wondering why the great emperor's court is hidden in the dark?"

Gu tiantian asked, and upon hearing this, Zhou Xuanji nodded lightly.

Isn't this guy blind?

No, this is a virtual world. It doesn't matter if you're blind or not.

Gu tiantian asked and answered himself, "The great emperor's temple is indeed powerful, but there must be equally powerful beings that restrict them, just like those mysterious beings in the thirty-third heaven, and the ancient immortal race that has disappeared for a long time."

Above the thirty-third heaven?

Zhou Xuanji suddenly thought of the prince, and his true self was locked up there.

According to the prince, there was a very strong presence to supervise, could that person be able to resist the existence of the great emperor's court?

He had heard of the ancient immortals.

A true immortal!

There is heaven's approval!

"Li fu's mission is to send you to the hands of the evil emperor, but the cliff has been plotting against you and will not give up. There will be a battle between the two of them. At that time, it will be your chance. I will use the map of the world to transfer him out. As for where to transfer him, it is up to fate."

Gu tiantian turned to Zhou Xuanji and said softly.

He spoke in a relaxed manner.

Zhou Xuanji asked, "They are so strong that even if I escape, I will be found."

Gu tiantian replied, "It is a disaster to be able to escape. They are not omnipotent. The reason why they can find you is that everyone knows you are at the divine cliff."

Zhou Xuanji came back to his senses.

That's right. The evil emperor and li fu are really so powerful. They found him long ago. Why wait so many years?

Gu tiantian suddenly opened his eyes. His eyes without eyes were like two black holes, scaring Zhou Xuanji's face.

"The cliff of thieves also trained me, but he killed me when I was unprepared, but I left my eyes before. If you can find it, you can revive me. I am full of hatred for the cliff of thieves. If you can revive me, I will not die with the cliff of thieves in my life, and your pressure will be reduced sharply."

Gu tiantian stared at Zhou Xuanji and said leisurely.

Zhou Xuanji was speechless. How could they all think of resurrection after they died?

He couldn't help but recall the past. Were the enemies he killed before really dead?

"Well, I hope to see you again next time. I can see you alive."

Gu tiantian waved his hand and said, "Before Zhou Xuanji agrees, the virtual world will be broken."


Zhou Xuanji woke up like a dream, and the fire shone on his face.

He found himself lying on the ground, surrounded by trees, and a bright moon hung in the night sky.

He turned around and saw li fu sitting not far away. His body was already gone.

Li fu noticed that he had woken up, but he didn't care. He held a piece of yellow skin in his hand and looked at it carefully.

Zhou Xuanji did not speak and looked at li fu quietly.

This guy is really ugly.

At the thought of the tragic death of the li qing envoy, the anger in Zhou Xuanji's heart could not be suppressed.

One day, he will let li fu die miserably!

"You want to kill me?"

Li fu asked without glancing.

Zhou Xuanji did not answer. Although he was angry, he was not stupid. At this time, he would only make himself miserable by contradicting li fu.

Li fu continued to hint at the yellow skin and said softly, "I know how you feel, even more painful than you. Do you know why I changed from buddha to demon? Because buddha can't change anything, save people, and also can't save himself. If I become a demon, without any scruples, I will be the strongest state."

Zhou Xuanji snorted.

Which villain has no reason?

But no reason is enough to avenge your life.

"You are a sword cultivator. If you are possessed, you must be very strong. I have seen a sword demon before. That man is really powerful. If he is still alive, he is definitely the top ten transcendent being in the world."

Li fu continued to laugh, as if opening a chatterbox, he began to talk incessantly, praising the sword demon.

Zhou Xuanji didn't want to be a demon.

He had a wife and daughter, someone he cared about, and didn't want to hurt them.

Then look at the demon emperor dugu. Although he usually seemed to have a strategy and was very gentle, he was often possessed after his ascension.

Li fu picked up the yellow skin and smiled at Zhou Xuanji, "Do you know what this is?"

Zhou Xuanji said angrily, "Your butt skin?"

Li fu said with a smile, "The skin of the ancient immortals. The ancient immortals are true immortals. Every piece of skin and every hair contains the power of the heavenly dao."

"I am studying why they are gods."

Zhou Xuanji frowned and asked, "You're so strong, aren't you worse than a fairy?"

Li fu laughed, his words full of contempt.

"The ancient immortals have fallen. I just want to study the power of the heavenly dao. Do you believe that anyone can match the power of the heavenly dao?"

His tone became feverish.

Side by side?

Zhou Xuanji replied casually, "Of course I can. The dao of heaven is just a kind of rule. When I am strong enough to be a rule, it is the dao of heaven. If I can surpass the rules, I can surpass the dao of heaven. There are many realms above the dao of heaven, which are endless."

He had read a lot of fairy tale novels in his previous life, and it was easy to say.

One of his favorite author, the immortal knight, let me laugh. When he read novels, he saw the protagonist reach the sage realm and stand shoulder to shoulder with the heavenly dao.

In the end, the sage realm was just the beginning, and it was so awesome that it exploded!

Especially when he saw the protagonist become the supreme emperor of heaven, transcend time and space, and create everything, he was extremely impressed.

Fortunately, the man did not cross, otherwise...

There is still a way to live in this world.

Of course, it is impossible to cultivate immortals, because the protagonists written by this man are very crazy, and this kind of character will be killed very early on the road to cultivate immortals.

"Oh? The heavenly dao is the rule?"

Li fu's eyes lit up and he said thoughtfully.

He seemed to have thought of something, but he could not grasp the feeling.

Zhou Xuanji saw that something was going on.

He immediately pulled up his calf and said, "Dao is dao, very dao, heaven is dao, for dao, dao gives birth to one, life two, life two, life three, everything..."

Li fu frowned and did not interrupt him.

Zhou Xuanji blew it off in one breath. It was very refreshing.

What, are you scared?

Li fu looked disgusted and said, "What are you talking about, lying to children?"

Zhou Xuanji was stunned. This set of words had enlightened the overlord. How could this guy not fall for it?

He changed the subject and asked, "Where is the evil emperor?"

Li fu replied, "It's far away."

"How far is it?"

"You can't imagine it."

"How far is that?"

"You said you couldn't imagine it!"

"Then tell me!"


Li fu turned to look at Zhou Xuanji with a ferocious smile and a murderous intent.

Zhou Xuanji shut up wisely.

He prayed in his heart and hurried to the cliff.

Only then could he take advantage of the chaos and leave.

If li fu were to find the evil emperor, there would be no chance of winning.

The night deepened.

The flames flickered between the two of them, and li fu's attention fell back on the yellow skin.

The night passed.

When the first rays of sunlight fell in the morning, li fu still had no intention of getting up.

Zhou Xuanji couldn't help but ask, "Why aren't you leaving?"

Li fu said calmly, "Wait for the cliff."

Zhou Xuanji frowned.


This guy knew that the cliff was coming?