Chapter 443 The Battle between Li Fu And the Cliff Robbers

Li fu said that he would wait for the cliff to be stolen, so he stopped moving.

Zhou Xuanji didn't know where it was or how far it was from the evil emperor.

He began to regain his power. Li fu did not seal his cultivation. It seemed that this guy was really conceited and was not afraid of him running away.

Near noon, li fu took Zhou Xuanji away.

Along the way, Zhou Xuanji noticed that the speed was not fast.

This guy is still waiting for the cliff.

Three days later.

The two of them fell on a cliff. Li fu put him down and stood at the edge of the cliff without saying a word.

Zhou Xuanji sat on the spot, too lazy to talk to him.

Half an hour later.

Li fu opened his mouth and said, "Come out. How long will you be with me? The people in the great emperor's court are all rats like you?"

Zhou Xuanji opened his eyes and finally came!

A cold wind blew through, cloudless, and the wasteland rose and fell, leaving no one in sight.

"Tsk tsk, li fu, I didn't expect someone like you to become an evil lackey. It's a joke to say that your life is higher than the sky and that your strength is super holy."

The mocking laughter of the cliff followed, causing the temperature between heaven and earth to drop abruptly.

Zhou Xuanji remained silent, waiting for the war to begin.

However, emperor zhao said that the strength of the cliff was not strong, and he was afraid that he would be beaten by li fu.

Soon, the cliff appeared on the opposite side of the cliff, looking at li fu from afar.

Their eyes met, and the corners of li fu's mouth were raised. They appeared out of thin air and surrounded the cliff.

Zhou Xuanji always felt that these avatars were living beings, like li fu's twin brothers.

Of course, this is nonsense.

Can li fu's mother give birth to so many at once?

Maybe not a human being?

Zhou Xuanji had wild thoughts and maliciously speculated on li fu.

Li fu sneered, "Cliff robber, I advise you to leave the great emperor's court. You work for them. They never help you restore your body. You are not even recognized by the heavenly dao. Why do you have to work so hard?"

The cliff said lightly, "You just don't understand."

Li fu pointed at Zhou Xuanji and said with a smile, "You want to take him away? That's how you treated gu tiantian back then, but that kid was so good that he made you suffer."

Zhou Xuanji frowned, trying to snatch me away from the cliff?

He looked carefully and found that the expression on the cliff was a little unnatural.

The cliff pulled out a spine from its sleeve, and there were many black lines between the white.

He held the long bone and waved it gently. Black cyclones appeared on the ground around him. Then, countless skeletons rose. There were human bones, demon bones, and even mountain-like giant skeletons.

A great war is about to break out!

Zhou Xuanji called in his heart to look after the world.

Unfortunately, gu tiandi did not answer.

He was not worried. If he wanted to live, he could only depend on him.

Li fu's disciples all rushed to the cliff.

The cliff disappeared out of thin air, and the great army of bones he summoned began to fight with the disciples of li fu.

Boom! Boom! Boom...

Explosions were heard one after another, the cliffs collapsed, and dust billowed in the air.

Zhou Xuanji quickly retreated, far away from the battlefield.

Li fu did not follow him closely, as if he was not worried about his escape.

"Cliff of thieves, do you think you can act recklessly by being immortal? Today I will suppress you and let you taste the eternal boredom and loneliness!"

Li fu laughed wildly. His arms were raised horizontally, and two black light balls appeared in front of his palms.

A strong wind blew and gathered around the black ball of light, forming a strong wind.

Even though Zhou Xuanji was thousands of meters away, he was still hunted by the wind.

"Still not running?"

Zhou Xuanji shouted in his heart, li fu is indeed powerful, just the momentum made him feel like a ghost.

You know, he has reached the level of the eight transformation golden immortal!

It was hard to imagine how strong li fu was.

The cliff suddenly appeared above the head of li buddha, holding the bone whip in his right hand and pulling it away with great force, causing the air to explode.

Li fu dodged easily and waved his hands. The two black light balls exploded directly, giving off a brilliant light that made the sky and the earth lose color, and their bodies were submerged.

Just then.

Zhou Xuanji suddenly felt dizzy. The next second, he lost consciousness.


A wave of shaking woke Zhou Xuanji up, and he slowly opened his eyes.

He was shocked to find himself lying in a prison car, his white clothes broken, covered in blood, and his face covered in blood.

He wanted to move and found himself powerless and lacking in power.

"You can feel liu jiangcheng eight hundred miles ahead."

"The recent chaos in central shenzhou has caused serious injuries to the sect master of the daotian sect, countless deaths and injuries to the sacred cliff, and the cliff master's sudden death."

"It's said that it's all because of Zhou Xuanji."

"Who did Zhou Xuanji offend?"

"This is the lone star of heaven. Whoever gets close to him is unlucky."

The soldiers around them talked as they walked forward.

Zhou Xuanji frowned slightly and glanced at a beggar girl beside him.

The woman was dirty and smelly. Her hair was messy and she was sleeping in the corner of the prison car.

"What happened? This is..."

Zhou Xuanji felt dizzy and ready to explode.

He began to use his skills to heal his wounds.

The soldiers noticed his awakening and laughed at him.

At this moment, a general on a tiger striped horse approached the prison car and asked, "Name yourself. What clan are you from?"

This general only had six skills as a sanxian. Because Zhou Xuanji was seriously injured and did not have any magic power, he looked like a mortal in his eyes, without any threat.

This prison car was made of strange wood and was very strong. It was attached with a forbidden system, so it was very difficult to break it.

Zhou Xuanji replied, "My name is zhou menglang. I am from the heavenly temple. I was attacked by the enemy when I went out to practice."

Heavenly palace!

The general and the soldiers' faces changed slightly, but they did not panic.

The heavenly palace was very far away from here.

They were not afraid that the sky was high and the emperor was far away.

The general warned, "I advise you not to think about escaping. The area around you is a place where the demons are rampant. Running around with your current injuries will only result in a very bad death."

After that, he rode to the front of the line.

Zhou Xuanji noticed that there were a total of thousands of soldiers in the troop, and nearly a hundred prisoners' cars were holding people and demons.

He thought to himself, where do these people want to take him?

He was not afraid. Although he had no magic power, he still had the divine sword.

He quietly took out the top quality control bag and let bai suwan out to hide in his arms.

Bai suwan said in a voice, "It's suffocating me!"

Its tone was full of resentment.

Zhou Xuanji had no choice but to force bai suwan into the top quality control pouch before he had time to think about the attack on shen ya. After that, he had no chance to take it out.

He comforted him a few words and continued to recuperate.

At this time, the beggar girl who was in the same prison car with him woke up and saw Zhou Xuanji healing. She was surprised and then felt guilty. She carefully said, "I'm sorry, I wanted to save you, but I didn't expect to meet the supreme devil and make you a slave."