Chapter 444 Escape from the Living, Close Door

"Thank you for your help. You say this is the territory of the supreme devil sect? Can you tell me?"

Zhou Xuanji looked at the beggar girl, thanked her first, then asked.

After all, this woman was also kind, how could he blame her?

At the same time, he was secretly frightened that the movement of the world map was really horrible, if only he had a feeling that his body was about to be torn apart.

The beggar girl breathed a sigh of relief and said, "This is the south side of the central divine state, near the cloud demon daze. Recently, for some unknown reason, the demon race outside the central divine state has begun to invade. The supremacy is fighting with them. We will be captured as slaves and dig for them Lingshi, heaven and earth treasures."

Zhou Xuanji nodded and began to think.

From today onwards, he will be hunted down by the evil emperor and the great dao court.

He wrote down the vengeance of the sacred cliff, and he will avenge it in the future.

But the most important thing is to figure out what to do next.

At first, the goal of ascension was to strive for cultivation, reach the true god realm as soon as possible, and then return to protect the northern wilderness.

But now that he was reduced to a stray dog, where should he go?

His only advantage was that his fate could not be counted, and those enemies could not count on him.

That's it!

Just like before, find a place where there is no one, cultivate in peace, and then look around for the whereabouts of the eighteen holy swords.

He sighed, and the more he thought about it, the angrier he became.

The thought of li qing envoy and han xuzi made it difficult for him to restrain the murderous intent in his heart.

Since his arrival in the northern wilderness, divine cliff has been the first force to truly treat him well.

The sect of epiphyllum did not count, it was just the coercion of the immortal flower.

He thought of the fairy and the flower again, not knowing where the old witch was and whether she was safe and sound.

When the beggar girl saw that Zhou Xuanji was depressed, she blamed herself even more.

She leaned over to Zhou Xuanji and comforted him in a low voice, "I'll get you out of here. I'll heal you."

With that, she reached out her right hand and held Zhou Xuanji's palm.

In an instant, a cool sensation soaked in his heart and lungs penetrated Zhou Xuanji's body, making him feel refreshed and look at her in surprise.

Because there were so many people around him, it was inconvenient for him to take out the holy light redemption sword.

However, the healing ability of this technique is not strong. It can be called a divine technique for the lower part of the realm of alchemy, and the effect will gradually decrease if it goes up.

Zhou Xuanji asked, "You have such a spell, why are you still so down and out?"

If she went to open a clinic, she wouldn't be so poor.

The beggar girl whispered, "I'm protecting myself. You can call me chan."

Her tone was a little excited. Looking at zhou Xuanji's tone, she obviously didn't resist herself.

She began to calculate.

It was hard for a person to survive. She wanted to win over Zhou Xuanji and take him under her command so that she could be protected.

The more she thought about it, the happier she became.

Zhou Xuanji was puzzled by her eagerness, but did not say much.

After that, he shut up and practiced.

Chan did not disturb him.

As he practiced, he listened attentively to the soldiers.

Ten days had passed since the attack on shenya, which caused a stir in central china.

If the powerful forces such as the divine cliff and the daotian sect were attacked one after another, would they be trampled down and razed to the ground in a short time if they were other forces?

Panic spread throughout central china.

All the cultivators were discussing who attacked the sacred cliff and daotian sect.

Zhou Xuanji was even more upset when he learned about the tragic situation at the sacred cliff.

The team continued to wade through the mountains and rivers.

The reason why they did not fly fast was to continue to capture slaves along the way.

Zhou Xuanji also saw the figure of the demon race.

Those demonic bodies were like human beings, with the characteristics of other creatures, and the demonic qi surrounding them could be seen to the naked eye.

In the same realm, demons were generally stronger than humans, and they were violent and difficult to control their emotions, like beasts.

A day later.

Zhou Xuanji was about to leave when he slowly got up and took out the holy light redemption sword. Holding it in his reverse hand, the blade cut and pressed against his arm. He looked down at xiao chan and asked, "Do you want to come with me?"

The half-asleep chan rubbed her eyes and muttered, "What are you thinking? You should come with me."

Boom -

The nine-strong wild beast magic sword suddenly appeared beside Zhou Xuanji, and the terrifying force exploded, destroying the prison car directly, causing chan to lose sleep instantly.

She was thrown out by the force of the nine fierce wild beasts. Fortunately, the tyrannical sword appeared behind her in time and caught her with its blade.

Zhou Xuanji stepped on the wind blade and a divine sword appeared around him. Ignoring the frightened soldiers, he stepped on the river of the sword and flew in one direction. Xiao chan was absorbed by the sword of the overlord and followed closely behind.


The leader of the general gave a loud shout and rushed at Zhou Xuanji with a knife.

The ghost emperor turned and chopped away. Countless evil spirits killed him, scaring the general to turn around and run away.

Xiao chan's eyes widened. When she saw those evil spirits, she was instantly dumbfounded.

Is Zhou Xuanji a demon?

Her expression became desperate.


After flying for three hours, Zhou Xuanji stopped in a bamboo forest. He held the sword of the holy light and began to practice. The abyss of the ghost emperor and the nine wild beasts sword fell beside him to protect him, while the other divine swords were kept in the supreme treasury by him.

After xiao chan landed, she kept her distance from Zhou Xuanji.

Zhou Xuanji did not open his eyes and said, "You can leave now. Go east. There is a city seven hundred miles away."

Xiao chan froze and fell into a tangle.

Although Zhou Xuanji did not seem to be a good person, she would probably be captured by the supremacy and become a slave again without Zhou Xuanji.

She said cautiously, "Can I stay? I can be your maid."

Zhou Xuanji said without hesitation, "No way. You and I don't owe each other. It's time for you to leave."

Xiao chan's cultivation was too weak, and that healing spell was not enough, so staying by her side was just a drag on her.

Next, he planned to find a place to continue his seclusion and break through the ten transformation jinxian as soon as possible.

Chan became anxious and said, "Take me with you. Although I am not strong enough, I know the south side of central china very well. You will definitely need me."

Zhou Xuanji frowned and did not answer immediately.

Xiao chan sat down obediently, not daring to disturb him.

Three days later.

Zhou Xuanji's injuries were completely recovered, his soul was not injured, and his physical injuries did not go deep into the inner core and the baby yuan.

He left with chan.

He flew at full speed all the way, and finally found a mountain forest with abundant spiritual energy. He used his divine sword to open a cave, and used the seal technique to close the hole.

He released bai suwan and said, "You two stay in the cave and practice yourselves. You are not allowed to go out until I leave the customs."

Upon hearing this, xiao chan's face turned bitter.

Closed door?

How long does that take?

Zhou Xuanji ignored her and sat down cross-legged, taking out the red bead and continuing to practice.

In order to prevent accidents, he took out the ancient divine sword and stood beside it. Although the nine spirits did not appear, they could communicate with him in spirit.

He told the nine souls what had happened during this period of time.

Emperor zhao tutted and exclaimed, "What a mess, brother, let me come back to life. If I come back to life, I will fight for the position of the supreme devil sect's leader. Then I will help you hide the news and let you hide in peace. At the same time, I will help you find the whereabouts of the eighteen holy swords."