Chapter 445 Hundred Years Old, Sword Sect Immortal And Ghost Cry [ Third Geng ]

Faced with emperor zhao's proposal, Zhou Xuanji asked in his heart, "How can I help you revive?"

Emperor zhao was silent.

Donghai sword emperor sneered, "He still leaves his eyes as a medium for the world. What about you? This is nothing more than an ancient emperor."

Emperor zhao was embarrassed and began to bicker with donghai sword emperor.

Zhou Xuanji asked xuanzun again, how did he die?

Xuan zun held it in for a while before he said leisurely, "I want to know how strong the heavenly dao is. It flew to the 36th heaven and was destroyed by the heavenly dao."


Zhou Xuanji was stunned and the other eight spirits quieted down.

This is an awkward way to die.

"So you committed suicide?"

Emperor zhao sighed, his words full of banter.

They had no choice but to do so, and xuan zun was seeking his own death.

But this also shows that xuanzun is really strong, otherwise how can he challenge the heavenly dao?

Xuan tiandao jun asked, "You have xuan in your name. Have you ever heard of my xuan tiandao jun?"

Xuan zun asked, "Who are you?"

Xuan tian dao jun was silent.

Zhou Xuanji communicated with them and absorbed the spirit of the red tire bead.

Xiao chan chatted with bai suwan.

Both of them were girls, so it was easy for them to get together.

Liu wuji and the others sounded in Zhou Xuanji's mind, "Your current situation is indeed tricky, but it is not hopeless. Judge cui is right. You should go to find the eighteen holy swords. Although li fu is strong, he is still a devil. He does not dare to approach the holy swords. There must be some reason why the evil emperor did not do it himself."

"As for the other powerful figures in the great emperor's court, there are also ways to deal with them. There are many people like you who have encountered them. The lone demon emperor, the prince, and the great emperor without arrogance, including us, can think of ways to draw out some of the greatest celestial arrogance in the hidden world, or to resurrect us. Our resurrection can greatly restrain the attention of the great emperor's court and the evil emperor."

His words may be selfish, but they do make sense.

Zhou Xuanji also had a question: "The evil emperor should be considered as your younger generation, why can he be strong enough to let li fu work for him?"

Liu wuji replied, "He has become a demon. No one really knows the exact reason."

Become a demon!

Zhou Xuanji suddenly remembered li fu's words.

Become stronger as a demon?

Why didn't the supremacy and the demon clan dominate the world?

He couldn't figure it out and simply stopped thinking about it.

In the following period of time, neither li fu nor the cliff had returned.

At first, Zhou Xuanji was a little worried, but then he was relieved.

It seemed that the cliff could not calculate his whereabouts and could only rely on searching around for information.

A year and a half later.

Zhou Xuanji turned 100.

"The sword master has been detected to be a hundred years old and has started to draw randomly!"

Ding! Congratulations to the sword master for drawing the sword of the holy light, the shadow sword, the spirit of heaven for the magic sword, the sword sect immortal ghost cry!"

Zhou Xuanji opened his eyes, and joy flashed in them.

The hundredth birthday, as expected, was a great gift.

The message of the two divine swords appeared before his eyes:

Sword name: holy light shadow sword

Level: extermination

Explanation: the sword of holy light, coming out of the sword, the shadow dance world, has the power to exterminate the world. In battle, it can cause extreme illusion, and it needs to be used by eight golden immortals.


The name of the sword: the god of chaos asks for the magic sword

Level: heavenly soul

Explanation: the will of god and devil casts this sword, and those who are not mentally strong cannot use it.


The sword of light?

Is it a series?

Zhou Xuanji thought of the holy light redemption sword and immediately took out the holy light divine shadow sword.

A flash of light appeared, illuminating the entire cave. Xiao chan and bai su turned their heads in surprise.

This is a lightsaber. The blade is very wide and is one and a half meters long. With this sword in his hand, he can feel the warmth. With a slight wave, the air of the sword sweeps out and directly hits the wall, creating a crack, causing the whole mountain to shake.

Zhou Xuanji quickly withdrew his sword and closed his eyes in the face of xiao chan and bai suwan without explaining.

Xiao chan already knew Zhou Xuanji's identity, and even with zhou Xuanji's warning, bai suwan accidentally let it slip.

Ever since she found out about this, xiao chan had been completely devoted to Zhou Xuanji.

She exclaimed, "The emperor of swords is the emperor of swords. Any sword is so handsome."

Unfortunately, the flattery was not answered.

Zhou Xuanji began to inherit the sword sect immortal ghost cry.

When his inheritance was over, he became excited.

This swordplay could become his strongest swordplay.

To be exact, it was the strongest god!

He manipulated his own swords with his soul power, allowing these swords to attack and approach his enemies on their own, with their range under his control. At the same time, with the help of celestial power, each sword would burst out with immortal light.

Celestial power!

He immediately got up and left, ready to practice this divine power.

Xiao chan and bai suwan's eyes lit up and followed them out.

After a year and a half in this cave, they were almost suffocating.

Coming into the woods, Zhou Xuanji pulled out all the magical swords and began to practice.

"You must not go too far away. If you reveal your tracks, I will not hesitate to abandon you, because you are the ones who are responsible for your death."

Zhou Xuanji warned. Xiao chan was so frightened that she spat out her tongue, but bai suwan didn't care.

The sword sect immortal ghost weeping was a divine skill, and there was no sword technique to speak of. After inheriting the method of luck and mobilizing the celestial power, he quickly learned it.

At first, he controlled ten swords. That day, when the immortal power was poured into their swords, they each emitted silver light and circled around him at high speed.

His mind was stirred, and these divine swords fell on a small mountain. With a loud bang, the mountain shattered.

Master of the ten thousand sword dragon technique, it was not difficult for him to learn the sword sect immortal ghost cry.

However, the heavenly dao immortal power was extremely tyrannical, stronger than the power of heaven and earth, and his control over the divine swords could not be precise.

Ten days later.

Zhou Xuanji took full control of the sword sect immortal and ghost weeping. He grabbed xiao chan and bai suwan and returned to the cave to continue his cultivation.

Six months later, he succeeded in breaking through to the ninth transformation.

Two years later, he broke through to the tenth transformation of the golden immortal, and the red tire bead had also been sucked up and turned into dust.

The more he got to the back, the faster he absorbed, and he felt that it was related to celestial power.

Ever since he learned the sword sect immortal and ghost cry, his cultivation speed became faster and faster.

In two and a half years, he won three divine swords.

There were three swords, the prisoner wolf sword and the pompous sword.

All of them were amethyst grade, so it was obvious that the world destruction sword and sword sect immortal ghost tears had depleted their luck.

After the breakthrough, Zhou Xuanji was refreshed and left with chan and bai suwan.

"Where are we going next?"

Asked xiao chan curiously, looking back at the cave where she had been for four years.

For four years, she had been a beggar. Although she had washed her face and body to reveal a beautiful face, zhou Xuanji did not give her new clothes, which made her very depressed. Her storage ring had long been snatched away by the supremacy of the devil.

Zhou Xuanji looked up at the sky and said, "Look for the eighteen holy swords!"

He felt as if he was already a virtual immortal!

But it was still far worse than li fu.

"I know a place where there is an old immortal who has lived for countless years, secluded in the mountains. He may know the whereabouts of the eighteen holy swords."

Xiao chan said excitedly. Upon hearing this, Zhou Xuanji took out the truth sword and pressed it against her shoulder. The blade gently grazed her flesh.