Chapter 446 Join Forces [ Fourth Geng ]

Xiao chan was stunned, and a slight tingling pain came from her right shoulder. Her eyes instantly turned red and she looked like she was about to cry. She bit her lips and asked, "Don't you believe me?"

Zhou Xuanji said calmly, "Is what I just said true? Where did the old immortal come from?"

Xiao chan was so aggrieved that she became angry. She gritted her teeth and said, "Of course it's true. What good would I do to harm you? No one knew the origin of that old immortal. He saved me when I was in danger and taught me how to practice! He has high moral standing and will never harm anyone!"

Zhou Xuanji retracted his sword of truth and smiled, "I was teasing you!"

Chan was still angry. Her eyes were full of grievances and anger when she looked at Zhou Xuanji, and she would cry at any time.

Bai suwan flew over to her shoulder and smiled, "He was worried that you would be bewitched by a powerful enemy. Do you know how powerful he was facing? The master who could kill people thousands of miles away and nurture him from a young age was the reincarnation of the enemy. That master raised his mother. That is to say, from the moment he was born, the layout began."

Upon hearing this, xiao chan widened her eyes and felt a chill.

She looked at Zhou Xuanji with sympathy.

Zhou Xuanji did not explain and asked her to guide him. He rode on his sword. Xiao chan was in front of him. He grabbed her shoulder and bai suwan was in his arms, looking around.

Along the way, they often saw war.

The supremacy cult and the demon clans went to war and captured the people.

There are mortal spirits in the world, but their physical quality is generally stronger than that of the mortal world.

The time when the demons attacked shenzhou was very close to the time when Zhou Xuanji's identity was revealed, so he had to think more.

Four days later, they flew out of the control of the supremacy.

In the central divine state, there was only one sovereign power, and that was the great tian shen dynasty.

Under the great god dynasty, without the imperial dynasty or dynasty, it was a great sin to establish a dynasty without permission. The great god dynasty had great power and was the absolute number one in the central god state in terms of territory. However, the mortal world was not under their control and was controlled by the clans and families.

No one knew the name of the old immortal xiao chan was talking about. He was in the mountains and forests outside of the southern direction of the great god, where the miasma pervaded, but the monsters were generally very weak, so he was probably afraid of him.

Zhou Xuanji walked very carefully to avoid any contact with strangers, including monsters.

Along the way, he sent bai suwan to the town for information.

After li fu attacked the sacred cliff, he did not appear in the world again. The sacred cliff and daotian sect also recovered their peace. The world still changed. However, the sacred cliff fell sharply and was oppressed by the surrounding forces. Zhou Xuanji could not help it.

It is worth mentioning that shi shen zong was not dead. He helped shen ya, but was met by the overlord of swords and then captured.

There were too many things going on in central china, and the northern wilderness was too small.

Bai suwan's information was limited, and Zhou Xuanji suddenly felt the need to create a hidden intelligence organization.

That day, he suddenly stopped.

Because he felt a familiar smell.

Bai hao was single-minded!

He had an idea and immediately followed the scent.

A hundred miles away, on the hillside, bai hao was lying contentedly, with six charming women sitting beside him, laughing and cheering.

Zhou Xuanji suddenly landed on the top of the mountain. He hid his breath by holding back his qi, but bai hao felt bai suwan and xiao chan's breath with all his heart.

"The charming fragrance of a young girl..."

Bai hao raised his head in a daze and saw Zhou Xuanji.

He was so scared that he immediately jumped up and scared the beautiful people to scream.

He stared at Zhou Xuanji warily and said in a deep voice, "What are you doing here, brat?"

He cursed in his heart that his luck was too bad.

He finally sneaked out to have a good time. He didn't have the wind to talk about it, so he met this little devil.

Zhou Xuanji smiled and asked, "Where's the wind?"

Bai hao curled his lips and said, "He is practicing at the master of this emperor. Why? Aren't you afraid that my master will find you? He really wants to deal with you!"

He glanced at xiao chan and bai suwan, sighing in his heart.

This kid is so lucky!

Especially the little white snake. He guessed at once that it was the nine-heaven god snake.

When she takes her form, the whole country will fall.

After the formation of the nine-day god snake, they were all handsome and beautiful women. Their bodies were soft, and they were excited to think about it.

Zhou Xuanji's heart trembled. Bai hao's wholehearted master?

He did not change his face and said, "Bai hao is single-minded. We don't have any enmity. How about we work together?"

Teaming up?

Bai hao straightened his back and said proudly, "Why should I join hands with you?"

Zhou Xuanji narrowed his eyes and said, "There must be a reason why you went down to earth, but you have suffered so much in this world. Obviously, someone is plotting against you. You and I work together secretly. To the outside world, we are still enemies, but secretly we can exchange information and help each other."

Bai hao listened intently and his anger rose.

He thought of the cliff.

That old man!

In fact, when he was at the cliff of the supreme emperor, he was convinced by Zhou Xuanji. He admired the courage and justice of treating death as if it were his own.

As for the master's orders?

How could he defeat Zhou Xuanji in this state?

Bai hao looked at the beautiful woman beside him wholeheartedly and said, "Go wait for me in the woods."

The good people curled their lips and left reluctantly.

Zhou Xuanji also transferred xiao chan and bai suwan to show his sincerity.

Both of them walked up to each other, not too guarded.

Zhou Xuanji took the lead and said, "You and I are both from the northern wasteland, and we are so close to each other. Let me first talk about my current enemy."

He spoke of the cliffs, demons, and buddha.

When he heard of the cliff, bai hao's eyes widened, almost cursing.

This old man again!

After zhou Xuanji finished speaking, bai hao hummed with one heart, "Yes, it just so happens that this emperor has to deal with the cliffs."

Zhou Xuanji repeated his plan.

He also promised that he would bring in zhao di, gu tian, dugu demon emperor, liu wuji, prince and so on in the future, and gradually become a powerful secret force to contend with the great emperor's court.

In this force, they were on equal footing and did not have to work hard for each other. If they could help, they could help, but they could not hide information.

Bai hao was shocked and said in surprise, "Isn't emperor zhao, emperor gu, liu wuji, the sword emperor of the east sea, the demon king of the abyss, emperor han lan, emperor cang hai, and emperor zhang tian ghost already dead?"

Zhou Xuanji smiled mysteriously and said, "The world also thinks that li fu doesn't exist."

Bai hao was silent.

The two then promised each other their first intelligence mission.

Zhou Xuanji helped bai hao keep an eye on the cliff, while he helped zhou Xuanji investigate the eighteen holy swords.

After the conversation, Zhou Xuanji left.

Bai hao was focused on the spot, his expression became calm, not as cynical as before.

His eyes twinkled and he muttered, "Zhou Xuanji, good. I hope you don't disappoint me."

Today's exchange gave him a deeper understanding of Zhou Xuanji.

It was too difficult to kill this son. Not only was he gifted, but he was also full of bad water.

On the other side, xiao chan and bai suwan asked who bai hao was.

Zhou Xuanji snorted, "Don't ask what you shouldn't, or I'll kill you."