Chapter 447 Born out of Nowhere [ Fifth More ]

After meeting bai hao, the three of them continued to rush towards the old immortal.

A month later.

They finally arrived at their destination.

The three of them landed and followed their gaze. The mountains in front of them rose and fell, and the fog was thick. From afar, they looked mysterious and beautiful.

Xiao chan opened her mouth and said, "Let's walk over quietly. The old immortal likes to be idle and doesn't like to be disturbed."

Zhou Xuanji nodded and followed her with bai suwan.

After one incense stick.

The three of them came to a taoist temple, which was small, with vegetables, flowers and fruits planted on both sides. A fat tabby cat lay on the ground and took a nap. A strange sandalwood fragrance floated out of the taoist temple.

Xiao chan walked to the gate and said respectfully, "Old fairy, I'm back."

She had been with the old immortal for decades and had always been in awe.

"Come in."

A kind and old voice came, and then the door of the taoist temple opened abruptly, causing the fat cat to bristle with fear.

Zhou Xuanji raised his eyebrows slightly, and the voice made his heart skip a beat.

He began to look forward to it.

The old immortal seemed to be really advanced in cultivation.

After entering the audience, Zhou Xuanji finally saw the old immortal, dressed in a white robe and immortal style, sitting cross-legged on a futon with his eyes closed and a dust-cleaning hand in his hand.

Looking at him, Zhou Xuanji was inexplicably reminded of the imperial dao of the beginning.

Xiao chan laughed and said, "Old fairy, I brought two friends here. You won't be surprised, will you? He saved my life."

The old immortal opened his eyes and smiled, "It's okay. I'm also interested in the famous sword emperor zhou Xuanji."

Zhou Xuanji and chan were moved by this.

The old immortal glanced at bai suwan and said with a smile, "As soon as you ascended, you got the help of the nine-heaven god snake. Little friend Xuanji, your luck is higher than those before."

Zhou Xuanji now believed that the old immortal was indeed not simple, I'm afraid he was no weaker than han xuzi.

He cupped his fist and asked, "The old immortal knows my identity, but does he know my origin?"

The old immortal nodded and said, "The eighteen holy swords are not easy to find. There is only one in the central divine state that has seen the light of day again and is controlled by a powerful person who is no less powerful than li fu. I advise you to give up."

Not inferior to li fu?

Zhou Xuanji cursed. Where did so many powerful people come from?

The old immortal said leisurely, "I also understand your embarrassing situation. You only need to stay here for three years, and this situation can be solved. From now on, you will be able to fly freely and let the birds fly. Not to mention there is no danger, at least the evil emperor and the great emperor will not trouble you again."

Xiao chan and bai suwan were pleasantly surprised.

Zhou Xuanji was curious and asked, "Can the old immortal say it clearly?"

If it could be solved, the eighteen sacred swords would not be in a hurry to find them.

The old immortal shook his head and said, "The vegetables in the garden are ripe. Go and pick them for me."

After that, he closed his eyes and said nothing more.

Zhou Xuanji frowned, but said nothing. He turned and left.

Xiao chan bowed and left the taoist temple.

The doors of the taoist temple closed, with the intention of rejecting visitors.

Zhou Xuanji picked the dishes and took out the ancient Shenjian, pretending to cut the roots, but in fact, to communicate with the nine souls.

"Yo yo yo, brother zhou is getting worse and worse!"

Zhou Xuanji rolled his eyes when he heard that.

He repeated the words of the old immortal to see how the nine spirits guessed.

Liu wuji said, "So it's him. Listen to him. No one here dares to hurt you."

Emperor han lan sighed, "Your little boy's luck... I'm impressed."

When Zhou Xuanji heard this, he hurriedly asked about the identity of the old immortal, but the nine spirits did not answer.

He had to bear with it and stay.

After he had finished collecting the dishes, the old immortal let xiao chan into the temple and let Zhou Xuanji find a place to practice peacefully and wait for three years to pass.

This area is quiet and spiritual, although not abundant, but not bad, suitable for cultivation.

He focused his energy on the sword sect immortal and ghost crying.

The heavenly dao immortal power was very strong, but apart from exerting this divine power, it was very difficult for him to direct the heavenly dao immortal power.

This feeling was very strange. He had already taken control of the dharma sect, but it had no effect.


Time flew by.

A year later, on the thirty-third heaven.

The tablet of the heavens trembled and two men in black appeared in front of it.

Only one name appeared in the thirteenth place, squeezing Zhou Xuanji into the thirteenth place.

The emperor!

"The emperor of the dao... The tenth tablet of the great emperors of the heavens, how could it be... Another great emperor of the first rank appeared! How long has Zhou Xuanji been here before?"

"It's horrible. What's going on in this era?"

The two men in black exclaimed and immediately disappeared in front of the tablet of the great emperor.

In less than seven days, the name of the monarch and the emperor resounded throughout the world.

An even more rebellious pride than zhou Xuanji was born!

For a moment, the whole world was talking about him.

"Monarch? Such a domineering name. Did he also come from the mortal realm?"

"No, it must be the pride of heaven nurtured by a certain hegemonic power!"

"That's right. How could there be so much arrogance in this world?"

"Tsk, tsk, tsk. Now that Zhou Xuanji is nowhere to be found and has been reduced to a stray dog, what will happen to this monarch?"

"Another great emperor!"

This kind of momentum, just like Zhou Xuanji at that time, was even more sensational because Xuanji zhou was in front.


Zhou Xuanji flew with his sword and returned to the taoist temple of the old immortal.

He kept frowning. Every two months, he would go to the nearby town to find out about the situation of the monarch.

He was not jealous of the emperor, but pondered the words of the old immortal.

Is this what he meant by cracking it?

The rank of emperor daodi was even higher than him. How could the great dao court, emperor xie, and li fu not pay attention to it?

However, the old immortal did not summon him, so he continued to practice.

If you are too anxious, you will lose face.

Three years, two more years, and he waited.

Six months later, the emperor joined the great god dynasty and became the confidant of the son of heaven. He was full of energy and despised the heroes of the world. Even zhou Xuanji was not taken seriously by him.

He claimed that he would surpass the sages and help the great god dynasty become the overlord of the thousand worlds!

Once this was said, the world was full of rumors.

Zhou Xuanji also found out the news, not angry, but happy, continue to rampage, don't stop.

In the next year, as the world had guessed, the great celestial dynasty was attacked one after another. If it were not for the strength of the son of heaven, the monarch would have followed Zhou Xuanji.

The great tian god dynasty had to be on guard, and the emperor also began to cultivate in seclusion.

It is worth mentioning that the demon race is becoming more and more aggressive, and the supreme demon cult is faintly unable to resist. Not only that, the demon race in the north is also eager to move.

It was six months away from the three years that the old immortal had mentioned.

Zhou Xuanji felt it wasn't enough.

The emperor alone was not enough to solve his crisis.

"Monarch? This son is so rampant, it seems that he is used to it. I'm afraid his master has a profound background."

Emperor zhao mused in Zhou Xuanji's mind.

So did the other powerful souls.

If he had come from the mortal realm and gone through countless hardships, how could he be so rampant?