Chapter 448 A Hundred Years of Preaching

"Emperor zhao, have you thought of a way to revive yourself?"

Zhou Xuanji asked in his heart, looking at the fat cat not far away.

This guy was lying on his back in the sun, his bulging stomach sticking out like a ball, making him want to step on it.

Emperor zhao said gloomily, "There is no way. Alas, he is too young to think that he will die."

If he were to come back to life, he would be more arrogant than the emperor.

Zhou Xuanji nodded and said nothing more.

He continued to feel the heavenly power.

A few days ago, he had just reached the age of 105.

Two and a half years passed.

He obtained six Shenjian swords, namely the magic sword of faith, the sacred sword of theft, the white wall sword, the qiuhong phoenix pick sword, xuanshao sword, and the swordfish sword.

The highest level of talent, the heavenly soul level, did not help him much.

He had a deeper understanding of the immortal power of the heavenly dao, but he could not refine it at will. As for cultivation, he fell behind.

Even though he was gifted, it was too difficult for him to break through the immortal void by cultivation.

As if there was no special chance, he estimated that it would take thousands of years, or even tens of thousands of years, to succeed.

All the immortals in the world, who are not tens of thousands of years old?

The oversword emperor was close to twenty thousand years old, and it was only by special chance that he could break through as soon as possible.

Half a year later, if what the old immortal said was true, then he would go on the road to look for the eighteen holy swords and find the traces of the immortal flower.

Xiao chan walked quickly, holding a ganoderma lucidum in her hand and said with a smile, "This ganoderma lucidum should have been pregnant for tens of thousands of years. It is full of spiritual energy and is sent to you."

Her face was full of pride, as if she was saying, "Praise me."

Zhou Xuanji nodded slightly, then took the ganoderma lucidum and looked at it carefully.

Without waiting for praise, xiao chan could not help but curl her lips and snort before turning around and leaving.

When she passed the fat cat, she kicked it in the stomach.

"Meow -"

The fat cat screamed and ran into the woods with its butt twisted.

Zhou Xuanji smiled and put the ten thousand year ganoderma lucidum into the supreme treasury to continue his cultivation.

Three months later.

A magnificent voice resounded through central china.

"The central divine state is the center of the whole world. It is chaotic and full of evil spirits. This holy man cannot bear it. He has decided to lead the immortal god to regain the order of the central divine state. Evil spirits must not interfere with it. A hundred years later, this holy man will open a temple on the ninth heaven, and all the living beings in the world can come and listen to him."


Central china fried pot, countless screams.

Zhou Xuanji, who was practicing, opened his eyes and a bright light flashed through them.


This is what the old immortal said about the opportunity to break the situation?

That man came from the ancient immortals?

And preaching.

Zhou Xuanji immediately took out the ancient Shenjian and communicated with the nine spirits.

"The ancient immortals also have a heavenly saint? It shouldn't be."

"I'll go, kid. Your luck is too bad. You actually met a great power."

"If you dare to call yourself your own saint, you must be a heavenly saint and surrender to the ancient immortals. I can't believe that buddha li and cliff robber would never dare to enter central china again."

"What realm is the heavenly saint?"

"Interesting. I didn't expect the heavenly saint to really exist."

Holy of heaven!

Zhou Xuanji was secretly curious and asked xuanzun what was the heavenly saint, but this man did not say, claiming that if he revealed the heavenly saint, he would be punished by god.

After chatting with jiu hun for a while, he couldn't sit still and got up to go to the taoist temple.

He asked respectfully, "Senior, is this what you call an opportunity to break the situation?"

He suddenly had the feeling of pushing away the clouds and seeing the sun.

"The three-year period is not yet up. The demons may be taking chances. Let's wait."

The voice of the old immortal came from inside the temple, very calm, so that no one could hear any of his emotional fluctuations.

Zhou Xuanji understood this and asked curiously, "How did you know that the holy one was coming?"

Could the old immortal count this, or was he a saint himself?

At the thought of this, he was awestruck.

"You also know the holy one. It seems that your sword is not simple."

The old fairy said with a half-smile, which made Zhou Xuanji sweat on his forehead.

Since he did not want to say it, Zhou Xuanji did not dare to disturb him anymore. He turned back to his original place and continued to understand the celestial power.

At this moment, the old immortal suddenly appeared behind him, looked at the sky, and said softly, "Look at how vast the world is. What does it mean that the immortal lives in the sky?"

Zhou Xuanji was frightened and subconsciously wanted to stand up, but was pressed down by an invisible force, unable to stand up.

He could not help but calm down and began to ponder the meaning of the old immortal's words.

The old immortal was definitely not just chatting, there must be a deep meaning.

Immortals live in the sky...

His pupils shrank and he asked in a short breath, "Do you mean that celestial powers need to be extracted from the sky?"

The old immortal lowered his head and smiled kindly at him, "You are not only talented, but also open-minded. It's not bad. The golden fairy from heaven can understand the celestial power. From ancient times to modern times, there are not many such talents. You should have learned some kind of divine power. I don't ask who you passed it on to. I just want you to remember that the celestial power is ultimately the heavenly power, not to be greedy, or dig your own grave."

After that, he turned around and walked towards the woods, shaking his head as he walked, saying, "All things are not seen in the first day of life. I came from heaven and descended from heaven. If anyone is the leader in ancient and modern times, all the heavenly saints, buddhas and demons are conceited."

Zhou Xuanji wrote this sentence down, then leaped into the clouds, sat cross-legged, and realized the heavenly power.

After a while, strands of celestial power fell from the sky and poured into his body, making him ecstatic.

He began to try to continue to fly, and found that the higher he flew, the more celestial power he felt.

Soon, an invisible wall blocked him.

He looked up. The sky was still too high for him to reach, but he could not go up.

Heavy heavens!

Thirty-three heaven, every heaven has its own restriction.

With zhou Xuanji's strength, he could break through the first heaven, but he thought about it and decided to give up.

March is not over yet.

He began to refine the celestial power on the spot.

His goal was to change the magic power in the map of the world into celestial power.

Celestial immortal power is stronger than the power of heaven and earth. If he can use celestial immortal power as a conventional fighting power, his strength will definitely explode.

The more he thought about it, the more excited he became.


In the dim sky and earth, lightning flashed and thunder roared. A lone peak stood in a huge lake. The water around it surged like waves.

A group of blood bats flew off and landed on the top of the mountain.

There was a stone palace with an old tree in front of it, enduring the wind and rain.

Xiao hongjun walked to the gate of the stone palace and shouted, "You're not lying. Get out of here! Heaven-sent strike, you still want to stay here and wait for death?"


One hundred and ten thousand years ago, the absolute demon emperor of the northern wilderness almost led the demon clan to regain control of the northern wilderness.

"Leave on your own. I have other ways."

The indifferent voice of the great emperor made xiao hongjun angry.

She came to visit him with good intentions, and he didn't even open the door.

She gritted her teeth and said, "The purple demon emperor's heart that you left in the mortal world has been taken away by someone. It's probably Zhou Xuanji. Let's go and seek revenge on him!"

In the northern wasteland, there are many people who have the ability to win the heart of the purple demon emperor. There are only a few, and the most likely one is Zhou Xuanji.