Chapter 449 Divine Cliff Reconstruction

Knowing that the heart of the purple demon emperor had been taken away, the great emperor was not angry and remained silent.

Xiao hongjun could not bear it and said angrily, "Do you despise me so much? Come out and see me. Are you going to die?"

The great emperor remained silent.

Xiao hongjun was so angry that he clapped his hands on the gate of the stone palace. The gate shook violently, but it could not be broken open.

After venting for a while, xiao hongjun stormed off.

For a long time.

The voice of the great emperor floated out gently, "It seems that we should really leave. Unfortunately, I can't participate in such a wonderful era."


Three years had finally arrived.

Zhou Xuanji had absorbed many immortal powers for many days and his strength increased greatly.

He came to the taoist temple and asked, "Senior, is the central divine state safer now than it used to be, and the great dao court and the evil emperor will not step into it again?"

The voice of the old immortal came, "If you can break through the boundary with the northern wilderness, then go ahead and do it. Next will be the era of a hundred schools of thought, a rare opportunity to become a saint, and take good advantage of it."

Zhou Xuanji took a deep breath and immediately saluted the taoist temple.

In a sense, the old immortal was already half his master.

He called bai suwan and prepared to leave.

But chan came up and shouted, "Don't try to leave me behind!"

Now, she had changed into a clean white dress. Although it was not a national beauty, her face was also pretty, especially her temperament. She was young and lively, just like a child.

Zhou Xuanji asked, "Isn't it good to stay here? It's dangerous to follow me."

Xiao chan pursed her lips and said, "I wish the old immortal had chased me away 30 years ago. If it weren't for you, how would I have the face to come back?"

Zhou Xuanji had no choice but to give up.

Let her be her maid in the future.

Next, Zhou Xuanji was going to find the sacred cliff to help it recover, and then find a mountain to build the base of the imperial sword court in the world.

It is not difficult to find the dharma array associated with the mortal world. There must be one in the sacred cliff.

Now that the heavenly sage is in charge, the imperial sword court should also ascend.

Zhou Xuanji suddenly felt that he had become insignificant.

If he had come up ten years later, would the heavenly saint have arrived on time?

Will the sacred cliff survive this?

He shook his head. Everything had its own destiny. There were not many ifs.

From now on, he will see himself as a man from the sacred cliff. While expanding the imperial sword court, he will also support the sacred cliff.

All the way forward.

Zhou Xuanji would stop occasionally to find out the whereabouts of the eighteen holy swords.

Unfortunately, for most of the living beings in the world, the eighteen holy swords were just fictional legends.


Several years later, the sacred cliff city had been rebuilt, but the fog around it dissipated a lot.

There were not many disciples on the street, and the whole city was filled with a sense of death.

Inside the cliff lord palace, yang yutian and the two elders were discussing the sect.

"Another mortal realm has been taken?"

Yang yutian's face turned ugly and he gritted his teeth.

This was the sixth world that had been taken.

The monks stationed there were all killed or expelled.

An elder with crane hair nodded and sighed, "There are less than ten true gods on the sacred cliff, and less than thirty of them are separated from the void immortals. None of them can come back to support them."

The other elder's face was also ugly.

The thirty-six envoys of that year were all killed in battle. Only yang yutian, a disciple of his own generation, survived, and most of the core disciples were dead. The rest were sent to garrisons in both realms, unable to make a move.

The three of them fell silent and felt the pressure.

They didn't want the cliff to be buried in their own hands.

At this moment, a disciple shouted outside the gate, "Cliff master! Core disciple Zhou Xuanji is back!"

As soon as this was said, the three of them were immediately surprised.

Yang yutian immediately shouted, "Invite him in!"

The two elders chatted excitedly.

"Zhou Xuanji is back. The sacred cliff hasn't lost yet!"

"He is a great emperor. Now that the immortal god is in power, the opportunity for our divine cliff has come!"

Yang yutian was equally excited, but he tried to remain calm.

The reason why shen ya was so down and out was because of Zhou Xuanji.

After Zhou Xuanji disappeared, he nearly collapsed.

Fortunately, this kid came back.

Soon, the door opened and Zhou Xuanji walked in with xiao chan while bai suwan was in his arms.

Seeing him return in good condition, the hearts of yang yutian and the others fell completely.

Zhou Xuanji took the lead and said, "Sorry, it's all my fault. From now on, I will try my best to protect the sacred cliff."

This sentence almost made the three of them cry.

Yang yutian quickly stepped forward, grabbed his hands and said in a trembling voice, "It's good that you can come back... It's good to come back..."

He was touched by the fact that Zhou Xuanji could come back from such a downfall.

He suddenly understood han xuzi's intention.

Master is really good at looking at people!

Zhou Xuanji said, "I have reached the cultivation of the ten transformation golden immortals. I can be counted as the last immortal to leave the void. Tell me who has been oppressing the sacred cliff recently. As long as it is not the true god, I will kill him."

Yang yutian frowned and said, "You should practice well. If you need anything, we will do our best to help you. God cliff needs your help, but not now."

Zhou Xuanji shook his head and said, "If we don't do it now, shen ya will only be bullied more and more miserably. Just a few years after the disaster, we must show our authority."

"All evil spirits and evildoers have been expelled from central china. Under such circumstances, we should act like our ancestors and fight our own momentum!"

The evil yin and yang perished, and the holy light shadow sword appeared behind him at the same time. It hovered in the air and spun. Two powerful forces erupted, causing the main hall of the cliff to shake violently.

All the disciples in the entire divine cliff city suddenly felt their hearts palpitate.

The three of them stared at the two Shenjian in disbelief.

What a powerful divine weapon!

"Well, elder Yuquan, take him to the delivery point of the kingdom of wei. If there is a real god, I will personally do it!"

Yang yutian ordered in a low voice, and an elder beside him immediately agreed.

Zhou Xuanji pointed at xiao chan and said, "She is my maid. She has saved my life and arranged for her to live in my mansion."

After that, he handed bai suwan to xiao chan and left with the elder of Yuquan.

Looking at his back, yang yutian clenched his fists and his blood boiled.

"Master, the sacred cliff will never be ruined by this! We will soar!"

He muttered to himself and then personally arranged for xiao chan to stay.

On the north side of the sacred cliff, above the majestic fog and the sea of clouds, hundreds of powerful cultivators sat in the air, surrounded by a long bridge with a portal, guarded by two immortals.

They laughed and talked.

"The sacred cliff has really fallen. Our sect doesn't even need to send out the true god. They still don't dare to do anything."

"Nonsense, although yang yutian is strong, he belongs to the younger generation after all. If he comes out against us, other clans and families will take the opportunity to act. He has to compromise."

At present, more than ten first-class forces stared at the divine cliff, each with a true god sitting on the ground, waiting for yang yutian to be alone before the jedi were killed.