Chapter 450 Kill the Immortal with Ease [ Third More ]

The forces that occupied the kingdom of wei were called the eight fists sect, and several true gods were in charge.

In the past, they were so small in front of the divine cliff, but now, they have joined forces with other forces to take the divine cliff as their prey.

The two immortals dared to occupy this place with hundreds of heaven turning golden immortals, which showed how much they despised the sacred cliff.

They were not afraid of yang yutian's attack because there were many powerful people waiting in the dark.

Divine cliff is a big cake. First come, first serve.


A cold hum was heard as Zhou Xuanji stepped into Jianhe, his right hand holding the evil yin and yang, his left hand holding the sword of the holy light, his black robe hunting, his eyes full of killing intent.

The Yuquan elder was beside him with an excited expression.

We can finally fight back!

When they saw Zhou Xuanji, all the eight fist cultivators stood up and waited.

The two separated immortals smiled scornfully.

Zhou Xuanji said in a cold voice, "Get over here and die! Don't go near the portal!"

As soon as this was said, all the eight fist instructors took out their weapons and glared at Zhou Xuanji.

One of the immortals disdainfully smiled and said, "How dare the ten transformation immortals be so rampant? Do you think an elder can be unscrupulous?"

With that, he rushed to Zhou Xuanji first, followed by the other monks.

Just as the Yuquan elder was about to strike, Zhou Xuanji urged the power of exterminating all evil, yin and yang, to use the sword of the god of heaven, and cut it off with one sword.

Boom -

The sword shone and everyone subconsciously closed their eyes.

The deity opened his eyes wide and slapped out his palm. Immediately, he and the deity behind him were all reduced to ashes.

The clouds were cut off and the sword's breath swept away, disappearing into the sky in a blink of an eye.


The Yuquan elders were stunned, and the eight fist cultivators who were still alive were all stunned.

Dead silence.

"Boy! Death!"

Another eight-fist sect, the virtual immortal, roared and disappeared into thin air, trying to sneak an attack on Zhou Xuanji.

With one step on Zhou Xuanji's right foot, thirty Shenjian leapt up, sparkled with silver, and spun around him at a high speed.

Elder Yuquan felt a strong repulsive force coming from him. He immediately recognized Zhou Xuanji's power and did not resist. He was a hundred feet away from Zhou Xuanji.

The immortal suddenly appeared behind Zhou Xuanji, holding a black snake sword in his hand, intending to kill Zhou Xuanji with a sword.

Poof! Poof! Poof...

The silver light flashed, and he was instantly stabbed by thirty Shenjian, like a hedgehog, whose blood spilled into the sky.

Zhou Xuanji did not look back and looked at the eight fist cultivator in the distance.

His eyes scared the monks and they all retreated.

"How is it possible..."

Li xujuxian, who was taught with eight fists, was sweating and had a ferocious face. He wanted to drop the black sword, but his magic power was quickly drawn away.

The heavenly dao immortal power was higher than his magic power, and he had no resistance.

Thirty Shenjian moved again, shredding him into a cloud of blood.

Before him, the two immortals were as fragile as mortals!

Two world annihilation Shenjian, plus the sword sect immortal ghost cry, so that he can step up and kill the enemy!

At his level, using two swords could exhaust the celestial power in his body, but he still had the map of the world, and already had a large reserve of celestial power, enough for him to fight for a long time.

He charged at the other eight fist cultivators and started killing them.

The monks were so scared that they ran away.

The elder of Yuquan looked at it stupidly and did not return to his senses for a long time.

Why are the ten transformation golden immortals so powerful?

He could not understand it at all.

Could this be the rebellion of a great emperor?

No wonder those forces did not hesitate to destroy the sacred cliff and daotian sect in order to kill zhou Xuanji.

"Zhou Xuanji! How dare you show up!"

A loud explosion sounded, and a figure of a thousand feet appeared in the sky, quickly killing, stirring up the rolling clouds.


To leave the realm above the immortal!

The elder of Yuquan was no more than an immortal. If the cliff hadn't been severely damaged, he wouldn't have been an elder. When he saw the real god, his face turned pale with fear.

Zhou Xuanji did not panic at all. He directly displayed the emperor's thousand hands sword buddha, stepped on the head of the sword buddha and quickly rose.

He smiled proudly and said, "How dare little god kill me? Even li fu can't kill me! Not to mention you!"

"If you dare to attack me, the existence behind me will not let you go, nor will li fu. Li fu and di xie still want to use me. Are you qualified to compete with them?"

The true god was so frightened that he stopped.

He was so radiant that no one could see his expression clearly.

But he had to believe what zhou Xuanji said.

Even han xuzi died in li fu's hands. Why did Zhou Xuanji survive?

Zhou Xuanji snorted coldly, "If you don't get out of here, you and those rats hiding in the dark will die!"

He was full of murderous energy, directly erupting his entire momentum, with a fearless attitude.

This made the eight fists true god more uncertain.

Zhou Xuanji swung his sword. The sword spirit of the god of heaven swept across the air and hit the god of eight fists head-on. It exploded instantly and did not cause any damage.

He was secretly shocked. Was god so powerful?

"Zhou Xuanji! You're ruthless!"

The god of eight fists snorted coldly and turned to leave.

As for the other eight fist cultivators, they had already run away.

Quit the eight fist sect!

At the same time, the true gods who were observing in the dark were also frightened.

It was not that they were not smart enough, but that li fu was too intimidating.

If han xuzi was killed, what would they use to fight?

Elder Yuquan came to Zhou Xuanji and was very excited. He wanted to say something. Zhou Xuanji gave him a look and he immediately understood.

The two returned to the main hall of the cliff and told yang yutian about it.

Yang yutian sighed, "Ten transformation golden immortals can easily kill two of them and hundreds of them. It's ridiculous."

"Not only that, you will also use your power to bully others. I can feel that those true gods have retreated. The other forces probably won't need our help, and they will be scared away."

Bullying others?

Zhou Xuanji was speechless. How could he speak?

Next, yang yutian began to gather his core disciples and go to subdue the portal of the mortal world.

Zhou Xuanji told the story of the northern wilderness, and yang yutian agreed.

The imperial sword court was only a force in the northern wilderness, and it was not a problem to merge into the divine cliff.

However, when the divine cliff was attacked, it would take a while to create a new portal for both worlds and to purchase a world stone.

Zhou Xuanji also asked yang yutian about the eighteen holy swords and the immortal flower. Yang yutian promised.

That day.

The news of Zhou Xuanji's return spread throughout divine cliff city. At first, the disciples were very angry, but when they heard that Zhou Xuanji had repelled the forces from all sides, their anger subsided.

Along the way, Zhou Xuanji still felt a lot of hostile eyes. He was not angry. If it were him, he would probably be in a bad mood.

Under the leadership of the elder of Yuquan, he returned to his original residence, which had not been destroyed.

Fei stood in front of the gate in shock and excitement. When he saw Zhou Xuanji, he burst into tears of joy and said in a trembling voice, "Senior, you're all right... You're finally back..."