Chapter 451 One Hundred And Six Years Old, Nine Yang Spirit Crown [ Fourth Geng ]

Seeing that fei hai was safe and sound, Zhou Xuanji was not surprised, but a little emotional.

Over the years, things changed.

He thought of han xuzi and shi shen zong.

He nodded and said, "Get up. The sacred cliff is in trouble. In the future, you don't have to serve me. Practice hard and strive to become the backbone of the sacred cliff."

Fei hai shook his head and said, "I can still serve you, and I will not delay my own cultivation."

Zhou Xuanji did not force him to enter the mansion.

The servants in the mansion were still there, still the same people.

Zhou Xuanji tidied up, then flew to the sky and continued to refine the celestial power.

The previous attack on the true god did not cause any harm to the other party, giving him a sense of crisis again.

He had to store up more of his heavenly powers.

For the next six months, Zhou Xuanji did not leave shenya city, and news of his return quickly spread.

The evil spirits were banished from the country, and the monarch and the daoist emperor had been revived in the eyes of the world, and now Zhou Xuanji had returned.

Will there be a battle between the two new emperors?

In the past six months, shen ya was not attacked again, and yang yutian continued to recruit disciples.


"The sword master has been detected to be one hundred and six years old and has started to draw randomly!"

Ding! Congratulations to the master of the sword for winning the sword and the nine yang spirit crown!"

Zhou Xuanji, who was in the air, was attracted by Sword spirit's voice. He opened his eyes and a message from the Shenjian appeared in front of him.

Sword name: bitter sword

Level: domineering

Explanation: a wooden sword contains the material of bodhi. If you are hit by this sword, you will suffer from the pain of ten thousand blades and all the beasts eating your heart.


Not bad!

Zhou Xuanji smiled and took out the nine yang spirit crown.

The crown was golden, up to ten centimeters high, with nine gold dragons engraved on its surface. It was very small and wore three gold needles to tie its hair.

"The nine yang spirit source crown not only increases the speed of the host refining his magic power, but also absorbs the power of the sun. When faced with a fatal attack, it will automatically counterattack the enemy."

Sword spirit introduced, and Zhou Xuanji put it on immediately.

After wearing this crown, his whole temperament suddenly changed and became more handsome.

He continued to refine the heavenly dao immortal power and found that the speed was indeed much faster.

Not bad!

Zhou Xuanji's mood brightened.

At this time, yang yutian sent a message to him, asking him to go to the main hall of the cliff.

His figure swayed and he quickly came to the main gate of the cliff hall and walked in.

In addition to yang yutian, wu zhuo and lan changying were also present.

Zhou Xuanji asked curiously, "Are you still alive?"

He thought they were dead.

Upon hearing this, lan changying snorted coldly, while wu zhuo waved at him enthusiastically with a bright smile.

Yang yutian laughed and closed the door.

"I invited you here because of the whereabouts of the holy sword. The location is a little far away. I want my junior brother and sister to accompany you. I have to sit on the sacred cliff. I hope you can understand."

Yang yutian said. Zhou Xuanji's eyes lit up when he heard it.

He said, "I can go alone. Leave them behind and guard the sacred cliff."

Lan changying pursed her lips and said, "Are you afraid that we will fight with you?"

Wu zhuo shook his head and laughed, "That place is an ancient relic that the two of us discovered before. There are many restrictions in it. A lot of disciples died in the beginning. We can take you there and make you less troublesome. Besides, when you are holding the holy sword, you don't need people to watch the wind?"

Zhou Xuanji nodded and said, "Thank you both, but since you've been there, why didn't you find the holy sword before?"

Could something have happened?

Wu zhuo restrained his smile and said, "The historical site is located at the western end of central shenzhou. Three months ago, my informant stationed there sent a message to me saying that the temple of heaven and the futu ghost cult had discovered the ancient site. It is said that a powerful sword was forced to be born. If it was stronger than the nine golden immortals, they would not be able to control the sword. I suspect that the sword might be a sacred sword. Let's go take a look."

Zhou Xuanji was a little disappointed. It turned out that the news was not accurate.

"Wait a minute. Isn't the futu ghost cult evil?" He asked curiously.

Yang yutian continued, "Although it was a ghost cultivator, the ghost emperor fu tu had made great contributions to protect the future generations and the heavenly dao recognized them, so the immortal gods naturally did not reject them."

After that, the four of them discussed it and decided to leave today.

Zhou Xuanji, wu zhuo and lan changying went back to make arrangements and left the cliff together.

Bai suwan and xiao chan wanted to follow, but Zhou Xuanji refused.

He didn't want to take two oil bottles with him.

Lan changying flew through the clouds, and Zhou Xuanji sat cross-legged on the clouds, continuing to refine the celestial power.

Wu zhuo followed suit, and because he was so close, he quickly felt the powerful fluctuations of the celestial power.

He opened his eyes and asked in surprise, "Your magic is not right. Why are you so like a god?"

Zhou Xuanji glanced at him and asked, "Have you ever seen a deity?"

Wu zhuo nodded and began to recount the past.

That year, he had just robbed the cultivation of the scattered immortals. When he was wandering in central china, he met an injured immortal. After saving him, the two became friends and spent some time together. He was very familiar with the immortal power of the heavenly dao.

Later, the two parted. To this day, wu zhuo did not know the whereabouts of the immortal, nor did he know why he was injured in the first place.

Zhou Xuanji thought for a moment and said to himself, "What is the purpose of that heavenly saint taking over the central divine land with the immortal god? Is it related to the injury of your immortal friend?"

In the central divine state, immortals are still ethereal legends.

Zhou Xuanji knew that all the immortals came from the ancient immortal race. This time, thanks to the heavenly saint and the ancient immortal race, he was able to escape from the desperate situation, but he always felt that there was a big conspiracy behind it.

If the gods were so kind, they would have appeared long ago.

Wu zhuo did not answer, and he was thinking about it.

Ever since he saw the power of li fu, he was extremely eager for power.

This time, he not only wanted to help Zhou Xuanji win the holy sword, but also wanted to take a chance for himself.


Under the dark clouds, the mountains and fields were filled with graves, and there were countless of them.

Behind a tombstone, a hand suddenly emerged from the pile of soil, dry as firewood, frightening.

When the soil opened, a skinny man climbed up, his clothes corroded, leaving only a strip of cloth at the root of the tree. His head was full of dry hair and his eyes were blank.

He rolled down the mound and lay on the ground panting.

He glanced at the words on the tombstone.

My brother mo...

The last four words were corroded by the sand, but the bottom three words could be distinguished.

Xia huangli!

The thin man stood up with difficulty and looked at the dark clouds with trembling eyes. He suddenly burst out laughing wildly.

"Ha ha ha ha -"

"This one is alive again! You guys, just wait for this seat to die! I want to regain control of shenzhou!"

"This is the true supremacy!"

He laughed impudently, and wisps of black gas floated out of the other graves and gathered on him.

His flesh became plump at a speed visible to the naked eye.