Chapter 452 The King of the Tang Dynasty, the Four-spirit War God

The historical site that wu zhuo spoke of was called the dark devil valley. It was said that a long time ago, the demon clan had occupied the central divine state, and the dark devil valley was once one of the demon clan's territories, and was destroyed by great power.

It took a long time to get from the cliff of god to the devil valley.

Along the way, the three of Zhou Xuanji did not encounter any danger.

After the heavenly saint spoke, all the evil spirits disappeared.

The only strange thing was that up to now, neither the heavenly saint nor the immortals had appeared. If some evil forces had not been razed to the ground, the world would have thought that the immortals had made a joke.

Zhou Xuanji asked wu zhuo to help him find the whereabouts of the flower. Wu zhuo asked about other information about the flower.

"The devil? She might have left central china as well."

Wu zhuo frowned, which made Zhou Xuanji's heart sink.

Lan changying said, "There are no magic cultivators in central china."

Zhou Xuanji frowned and thought, not saying anything more.

He was not too worried. After all, the immortal flower had lived for tens of thousands of years and was proficient in the resurrection of the sun demons. It was more than enough to protect itself.

Half a month later.

The three of them were less than ten thousand miles away from the devil's creek.

Lan changying stopped and landed on a mountaintop. Prisoner wu pinched his hands and flew a golden mirror out of his sleeve, hovering in front of them.

The mirror reflected the image of the demonic valley from different angles.

Thousands of miles around, it is a continuous forest of mountains, mountains rise and fall one after another, the dark devil stream is like a black line, dividing this land into two, not to see the bottom.

They saw many cultivators running, some even flying into the demonic stream, and some were fighting.

Wu zhuo sneered, "It's really lively."

Zhou Xuanji asked, "Is there a true god?"

Wu zhuo shook his head and said, "The demonic powers of the central divine state have all retreated. The true gods of all the powers are busy fighting for territory. How can they have time to come to the devil's valley?"

Zhou Xuanji thought it made sense.

The chance in the demonic stream was not worth mentioning to the true god. As for the holy sword, it had not been verified whether it was true.

"Since there is no true god, act directly?"

Zhou Xuanji inquired. He was already invincible against the immortals of the void, and lan changying and wu zhuo were both immortals of the void.

Wu zhuo raised his hand and said, "Don't worry. I think I saw someone from the tang dynasty."

The tang royal family!

One of the hegemonic powers of the central divine state, the four spirit war god of the northern wasteland rose and was recognized by the tang royal family. Later on, he married the eldest lady of the tang royal family, which was considered a nuisance.

To this day, the four-spirit war god is still the super existence of the central divine state. It has already become the true god and the pillar of the tang dynasty.

Zhou Xuanji was very impressed with the four-spirit war god. At the top of the cliff, he was killed by the heavenly puppet of the four-spirit war god. From his feeling, the four-spirit war god was no less than liu wuji.

Lan changying frowned and said, "The tang royal family is overbearing. This is not easy to provoke."

If the disciples of the tang royal family were to suffer, the strong in their clan would stand out.

Even at its peak, the sacred cliff would not provoke the tang royal family.

Zhou Xuanji suddenly looked at a golden mirror. In the picture, a group of skyguards were discussing something at the edge of the cliff. He saw Emperor zhou yan.

Emperor zhou yan remained silent in the group and stood a little behind.

After entering the temple of heaven, they could only start from the lowest level of soldiers.

Zhou Xuanji just glanced at it and didn't pay attention.

Their fate was over, and he was worthy of Emperor zhou yan for helping The imperial court of the zhou dynasty prosper.

Then, the three of them decided to enter the devil's creek from nowhere.

The mountain wall of the demonic valley was wet and slippery, and it was unknown where the water came from.

As they flew down, they could feel a cold wind blowing, and the sound of the wind made them cry and howl.

Wu zhuo said in a voice, "Try to hide your breath. Don't do anything until you find the holy sword."

No one knows how many people there are in the demonic valley. They must be careful.

Zhou Xuanji was not too worried. There was already a huge reserve of celestial powers in the map of the world. Even with one enemy, he was not afraid.

The demonic valley was not as deep as he had imagined. It was about four thousand feet deep, and the mountain walls were covered with various crystals, giving them a faint light that allowed them to see the road within a hundred meters.

They walked in the same direction, using their minds to guard their surroundings.

Along the way, they saw many corpses, most of which died from falls.

There were even monks who had just died.

Zhou Xuanji took out the ancient Shenjian and communicated with the nine spirits in his heart.

"Devil's creek, tsk tsk, a place I miss so much. I've been here before."

"Me too."

"You are so young. I remember that the devil valley was cut by a younger generation of the devil clan."

"We are all remnants of the soul, don't pretend to be forced."

"Is there a holy sword here? It is also possible that the eighteen holy swords have disappeared for countless years and may have landed in such a little-known place."

The nine spirits began to bicker. Some of them had come, which made it much easier for Zhou Xuanji.

Prisoners wu and lan changying avoided the restrictions one after another, and occasionally Zhou Xuanji would remind them to make them secretly frightened.

"You've been here before?"

Prisoner wu could not help but ask. Zhou Xuanji was a little embarrassed to find out that none of them knew about the restrictions.

Zhou Xuanji shook his head and said, "Only good eyesight."

This sentence made wu zhuo even more depressed.

Not long after, they met a group of cultivators, and they immediately hid behind a huge rock, hiding their figure, and their breath almost turned into nothingness.

"The tang family is too overbearing! Damn it!"

"Is that sword really a holy sword? It feels so weird!"

"Tang jutian of the tang family is here. Let's leave."

"Tang jue tian is a second-class great emperor. Now that he has reached the stage of leaving the immortals, he is strong enough to leave the immortals in all directions. All of us together are not his opponents."

Wu zhuo and lan changying's faces changed slightly as they listened to the discussions of the monks.

After the group of cultivators flew up, wu zhuo gritted his teeth and said, "Tang jue tian is also here. This is not good news. Tang jue tian is one of the most proud people in the tang royal family. Together, we are no match for him."

Zhou Xuanji raised his eyebrows and asked, "Aren't you also the pride of god cliff? Are you so insecure?"

Prisoner wu threw him a blank eye.

Lan changying explained, "Tang jue tian holds a great god's weapon in his hand, and his strength is very strong."

In the world of thousands, there are not many levels of magical weapons and treasures, but the great emperor's divine soldiers are superior to most of the magical weapons and treasures.

The great emperor's divine weapon was cast by the great emperor's qi. Once it was formed, it was incomparably powerful and contained the power of the emperor.

Zhou Xuanji squinted and said, "I'll meet him."

He now has two world annihilation Shenjian in his hands, and he wants to see who is better than the great god's army.

After that, he rushed out.

Wu zhuo held him back and said in a deep voice, "The current divine cliff and the tang royal family are not at the same level. We can't meet them head-on. We need a plan to steal the holy sword without anyone noticing."

Zhou Xuanji frowned. Power is a big problem. He can't make things worse for the cliff.