Chapter 453 Eyes of the Evil Sect

Deep in the demonic valley, there was a gate at the bottom of the mountain wall. Although it was broken, the palace inside still existed.

The palace was large and guarded by thirty tang dynasty disciples.

Tang jutian was standing in front of a stone coffin. He was dressed in a large blue robe, with a cold face and sharp eyes.

Following his gaze, a stone sword lay in the coffin.

The stone sword was one meter long and its blade was more than ten centimeters wide, like a gourd stretched out.

There was an eye between the blade and the hilt, which resembled a human eye.

It was still spinning and seemed to be looking around, horrified to the extreme.

Tang jue tian muttered, "Is it really the holy sword?"

A voice rang in his heart, tempting him to reach out and hold the sword, but his heart was as firm as a rock, unmoved.

At this moment, a disciple walked ten steps away and cupped his fists and shouted to him, "Young master, lu tingjun from the great heavens dynasty is here!"

Lu tingjun!

Before the appearance of the monarch and daoist emperor, the first day of the great tian god dynasty, at the age of only 8,000, he had reached the age of leaving the immortal void.

Tang jutian narrowed his eyes and said, "I didn't expect him to come too. Just in time, the last battle I fought with him hasn't been decided yet."

He turned to walk towards the door and said, "No one should go near the stone coffin. That sword is a wicked sword and it will bewitch people. If someone catches it, they will devour their souls."

As soon as he said this, the thirty disciples of the tang royal family were shocked.

They were all from the same tribe and believed that tang jutian would not deceive them, because tang jutian never touched the sword from the beginning to the end.

Soon, tang juotian left.

Not long after he left.

Zhou Xuanji and the three of them came over and looked far away. They could see the gate, guarded by monks.

Prisoner wu said in a deep voice, "Lan changying, you go first to attract a wave of enemies. I will attack again, and then lead away another wave. After that, brother Xuanji will take the sword."

Lan changying nodded, without saying a word, and quickly took out her sword.

The cultivation of these tang royal disciples was only a celestial transformation golden immortal. Although the lowest was above the seventh transformation, they were no match for lan changying.

Lan changying quickly grabbed a female disciple and sneered, "The tang royal family is nothing more than that!"

After that, she plundered the female disciples and immediately eight male disciples roared and chased after them.


"Let go of my cousin!"

"Where did the witch come from? Did she want to offend the tang family?"

"Damn it!"

The light in the ground was so dim that they could not see lan changying's face clearly.

After they left, wu zhuo followed them out and used the same method to attract seven disciples.

There were only thirteen disciples left in the palace.

Zhou Xuanji put on an iron mask and killed with a soft sword.

First, he sucked the magic power out of these disciples, then stabbed them with a sword, making them feel powerless and fall to the ground.

He did not want anyone to die in order to avoid being shameless with the tang family.

The royal family of the tang dynasty was on the right track. In the future, it would be more theoretical and less skillful than others. They had no face to speak.

In a short while, thirteen tang dynasty disciples fell to the ground feebly and looked at Zhou Xuanji angrily.

They didn't even have the strength to speak.

Zhou Xuanji came to the stone coffin and glanced at the stone sword.

This is the holy sword?

Why is it so evil?

Zhou Xuanji looked at the eyes on the stone sword in surprise. Instead of reaching out to grab them, he started communicating with the nine spirits.

Liu wuji said in a deep voice, "It shouldn't be the holy sword. I can feel the waves of soul in the sword."


Could it be that there was an old demon hiding in the sword, pretending to be a holy sword, and then snatching it away?

Zhou Xuanji lifted the ancient Shenjian and slashed it.

Qiang -

The stone sword broke, and the pupils of that eye shrank, and it did not wander, or even lost its expression.

Zhou Xuanji's face was calm, and his nine spirits exploded.

Emperor zhao exclaimed, "My brother, you just cut it off like this? It hasn't been investigated yet!"

No other soul could understand.

Running all the way here, even if it was not the holy sword, it could be considered a gain.

Zhou Xuanji said casually, "I don't need any other sword except the holy sword."

He now has nearly 200 Shenjian, so he doesn't worry about swords.

After the stone sword broke, there was no abnormality.

Everything seemed so calm.

Zhou Xuanji stared at the eye thoughtfully.

He suddenly reached out and used his celestial power to gouge out the space between his eyes.

He put his eyes directly into the supreme treasury. He had asked Sword spirit about the fact that evil things had to be suppressed when they entered the supreme treasury.

Of course, the supreme treasury would reject living things.

This eye is not alive.

After all this, Zhou Xuanji left quickly.

He quickly found wu zhuo and lan changying. The two of them let go of the disciples of the tang royal family, and the three of them disappeared into the darkness at an extremely fast speed.

The disciples of the tang royal family understood that this was a plan to divert the tiger from the mountain, and they no longer chased after it and returned to the palace one after another.

When they saw the broken stone sword, they were all dumbfounded.


Zhou Xuanji and the other three fell behind a huge rock. Prisoner wu asked about the situation, and Zhou Xuanji answered truthfully.

Knowing that the stone sword had been cut off by his sword, wu zhuo said regretfully, "It doesn't look like a holy sword. How can a real holy sword be so fragile?"

Lan changying nodded. It was a wasted trip.

They began to plan their return.

Zhou Xuanji opened his mouth and said, "I want to challenge tang jue tian, only to decide the outcome, not the life or death. I don't think the royal family of tang will have an excuse to launch an attack, right?"

Wu zhuo's eyes widened and he said, "Are you crazy?"

Tang jutian, who held the great emperor's divine weapon, was something he could not deal with. Did Zhou Xuanji have to leave a defeat for himself?

Zhou Xuanji smiled and said, "If the cliff of god wants to rise, it also needs fame. If I defeat tang jutian, will more people want to join the cliff of god?"

Lan changying rolled her eyes at him and asked, "What if you lose?"

Zhou Xuanji said confidently, "I won't lose!"

He wanted to test his true strength.

Wu zhuo and wu zhuo could not resist him, so they had to let him challenge tang jutian.

The two of them did not follow in order to avoid being recognized by the disciples of the tang royal family.

Zhou Xuanji took out a handful of Shenjian and gathered them into a river of swords. He stepped on the river and soared into the air. He was so domineering that he could see the surprise in each other's eyes when wu zhuo and lan changying looked at each other.

What a powerful aura!

On the ground.

Tang jutian was fighting lu tingjun of the great god dynasty.

The two of them were powerful and very fast, like two light irises colliding madly in the air, and the strong wind stirred up the forest within a thousand miles, flying sand and stones.

Many monks hid in the distance to watch the battle.

"So strong!"

"Both of them are second-rate emperors. It is said that they have fought before, and there are no winners or losers."

"Lu tingjun has been neglected since the emperor joined the great god court, but I didn't expect him to be so strong."

"Their powers are strong enough to leave the immortal void."

"Now, the holy sword is dead."

The temple of heaven was also watching the battle, and Emperor zhou yan looked at this world war with envy.

If he could be so powerful, he wouldn't have to be a cow and a horse in the temple of heaven.

He suddenly thought of his son, Zhou Xuanji, and did not know what strength that boy was now.

His smile became bitter, clearly father and son, but there was a deeper gap than the enemy.