Chapter 454 One against Two [ Third More ]

Tang jue tian slapped his palms one after another, and his palms were so strong that lu tingjun could not get close to him.

Lu tingjun was wearing a black armor and a red cloak. He was heroic and domineering, holding a long red tassel gun in his hand. The blade of the gun was wide and shaped like a four-edged blade.

He had a strong face, a spear in his right hand and a spell in his left hand. He cast different spells. The wind could increase speed, water and fire could increase power, and thunder and lightning could be unrivaled.

Tang juotian did not even take out the divine weapon, so he easily accepted his every move.

"Lu tingjun, my cultivation is advanced, but you are not. You are no longer my opponent."

Tang jutian smiled proudly, full of confidence.

Once, he was on the same level as lu tingjun. Now, he has left lu tingjun behind.

Lu tingjun remained unmoved, his eyes burning, and his momentum gradually increased.

Now he was in a very awkward situation. The favor he received in the great god court was reduced because of the monarch, and his reputation in the world was also covered by the monarch. Now facing tang jutian, he was unable to gain the upper hand, which made his heart smolder.

Boom -

An extremely strong momentum came from the sky, countless shadows of swords turned into torrential mountains and rivers, unstoppable killing.

Tang juotian and lu tingjun subconsciously turned to resist.

Countless shadows of swords collided with them and burst into bright light.

Everyone turned around and saw that Zhou Xuanji had stepped on Jianhe. He was dressed in white, not wearing an iron mask.

All evil yin and yang were extinguished and the sword of the holy light was in his hands, causing him to be surrounded by a gust of wind.

Everyone in the heavenly palace was moved.

Zhou Xuanji's face had already spread throughout the temple of heaven, and Emperor zhou yan was struck by lightning.

"Who is it?"

Tang jutian shouted, frowning.

Nearly two hundred Shenjian are really spectacular. In this world, not many people like to use so many swords.

The most important thing was that he could tell at a glance that Zhou Xuanji only had the cultivation of the ten turn golden immortal.

"Divine cliff, Zhou Xuanji!"

Zhou Xuanji replied. There were fifty Shenjian that rose immediately, each emitting a strong light and circling him at a high speed. There were no rules to speak of, and they were as wild as the wind.

Sword sect immortal and ghost cry!

With the help of celestial power, Zhou Xuanji's speed increased rapidly, and he quickly killed tang jutian and lu tingjun.

Fifty Shenjian assaulted them and caught them off guard.

Tang juotian immediately took out his own great god's weapon, which was a big knife wrapped in flames. The blade occupied one third of the whole, and the blade held the dragon head. It was extremely domineering.

He cut off the Shenjian with one blow, and the wind and rain of his sword blocked more than 20 Shenjian, while lu tingjun fell into a passive position.

This scene scared the spectators.

As soon as Zhou Xuanji appeared, he suppressed tang juotian and lu tingjun?

Some of the advanced cultivators were all stunned.

So powerful?

"Worthy of being a great emperor!"

"So the previous rumors are true?"

"Too strong! It's a battle between one and two!"

"Who is stronger between him and the emperor?"

"How did he manage so many swords? It feels like every sword has a different trajectory, so strong!"

The monks began to talk in shock, their faces full of shock.

Emperor zhou yan's face was complicated.

In just a few decades, Zhou Xuanji had reached this level.

If he had died to protect zhaoxuan and her son, his situation would have been completely different.

Lady Zhaoxuan's stunning face appeared in his mind.

He thought of empress zhou again.

In the end, although he ascended, he did not leave anyone behind, only endless loneliness to accompany him.

Zhou Xuanji used the sword sect immortal ghost to cry and soon hurt lu tingjun.

However, tang jue tian was not harmed at all.

His eyes were fixed on the great god soldier in tang jutian's hands and he was secretly frightened.

He could feel the danger coming from the great god's army.

If one of them did not pay attention, the divine weapon might launch a deadly attack on him.

As for lu tingjun, he no longer took him seriously.

He was not clear about the division of power within the li xu jue immortal, but the two people in front of him were at least at the middle and upper levels within the li xu jue immortal.

It has to be said that the heavenly dao immortal power and the world destruction Shenjian are indeed powerful.

His confidence increased and he began to try to condense the nine swords.

The simultaneous use of the two tyrannical powers would pose a great challenge to the soul's endurance.

He had tried and succeeded, but it was not stable enough.

In battle, he always challenges the limits, and after every battle, he becomes stronger because of this way of challenging the limits.

Just like exercise, muscle consumption is great, and it will strengthen after rest. In the long run, it is exercise.


Two world-destroying Shenjian were slashed on a dragon's blade, sparks erupting.

Tang jutian's power was stronger than zhou Xuanji's, but zhou Xuanji had the power of heaven and immortality, and he did not fall into the disadvantage at all.

Lu tingjun was blocked by 20 Shenjian and could not get close to Zhou Xuanji.

He did not dodge. In front of everyone, he had to make a face for himself, and he could not humiliate the great god dynasty.

Tang juotian began to fight with all his might. The great god's soldiers showed their overbearing power and forced Zhou Xuanji to retreat with one blow.

Behind Zhou Xuanji, nine swords struck out one after another.

The sword flashed and was blocked by tang jutian.

"Zhou Xuanji! You are really something! But you can't beat me!"

Tang jutian laughed wildly. He seemed to be very domineering, but in fact he was panicking.

If he was defeated by the ten transformation golden immortals, he would be humiliated and humiliated!

Even when he returned to the clan, the elders would punish him angrily, and it was terrifying to think about it.

Zhou Xuanji's eyes froze, and the other Shenjian joined the sword sect immortals in tears.

Nearly 200 lightsabers circled around him crazily. As soon as tang jue tian approached, he was attacked. The scene was spectacular and the spectators were boiling with blood.

Only on the side of the heavenly palace, everyone was in a complicated mood.

They watched Zhou Xuanji grow up.

Once upon a time, Zhou Xuanji was just a mortal in their eyes.


They could only look up.

Emperor zhou yan remained silent and had mixed feelings.

Far away.

Prisoners wu and lan changying were stunned.

"How could he... Be so strong?"

Wu zhuo swallowed and asked in a trembling voice.

He didn't expect Zhou Xuanji to be stronger than him. He was more than a little bit stronger.

Lan changying did not answer, and her mood was very complicated.

Zhou Xuanji was not strong when he went to capture the sect of shi shen.

How long has it been...

Is this the gift of a great emperor?

Lu tingjun gave up the close combat completely. He cast a magical spell from a distance, opening and closing up like a slanting ocean, one after another, wave after wave.

Zhou Xuanji relied on the sword sect immortal ghost to cry to block his attack, but also against tang jutian.

Tang juotian and lu tingjun did not realize that they had teamed up unconsciously.

In the past, they would have scoffed.

However, Zhou Xuanji was too famous and powerful, so they had to work together.

In the eyes of the spectators, Zhou Xuanji had already surpassed the other two in terms of momentum and image.

"Is that all you have?"

Zhou Xuanji sneered. Tian yu sword followed suit, making tang jutian and lu tingjun's eyes change instantly.