Chapter 455 Guidance, Breakthrough [ Fourth More ]

"Ignorant child! Don't be wild!"

Tang jue snorted coldly and his shoulders trembled. The flames began to burn from his body surface, and his momentum soared.

He brandished eighteen knives at Zhou Xuanji. The light of the knife flashed, one more than one. The sea of clouds was cut, and the ground below was crushed.

Zhou Xuanji frowned and subconsciously put the sword of the holy light and the evil yin and yang in front of him to resist the sword.


Zhou Xuanji flew out of the room, his blood and anger surged, and a mouthful of blood rushed up his throat, almost spurting out.

He endured the discomfort and swallowed the blood.

Tang jutian killed again.

Absolutely eighteen knives!

It was his own creation of the world's most powerful sword technique!

This sword technique has been recorded in the tang royal family's clan database for future generations to learn.

This was also tang jutian's strongest attack.

In his overbearing manner, Zhou Xuanji stepped back.

Lu tingjun stopped and frowned at tang jutian.

The terrifying pressure of the great god's soldiers made his heart palpitate. He knew that he was no match for tang jutian.

Zhou Xuanji, on the other hand, was suppressed, but he did not lose.

He was still resisting.

"Tsk tsk, the tang family also has such a genius, and finally doesn't need a son-in-law."

"Haha, emperor zhao, aren't you afraid of angering the war god of the four spirits?"

"The four-spirit war god is indeed powerful, and he is probably no weaker than the first emperor's dao."

"It's a pity that the early imperial dao could have been stronger and even competed for the heavenly saint."

"How will brother zhou win?"

Nine souls gloated in Zhou Xuanji's mind, without any pressure.

Although it was difficult for Zhou Xuanji to defeat tang juotian, tang juotian could not kill him.

There were so many celestial powers in the map that it could be used against tang jue.

Although tang jutian's realm was higher than Zhou Xuanji's, it was also a great expense for him to wield the 18 wild knives.

Zhou Xuanji immediately displayed the emperor's thousand hands sword buddha.

A golden buddha, ten thousand feet high, rose from the ground, with a faint silver light on its surface. With a thousand hands sticking out, he directly wielded his sword and hacked at tang jue.

How powerful was the thousand-handed sword buddha composed of heavenly dao and immortal power? Tang jutian was instantly suppressed and could only be passively defended.

"Damn it! What is this..."

Tang jue tian's eyes widened in astonishment.

Lu tingjun trembled and felt powerless.

Too strong!

Zhou Xuanji stood at the top of the buddha's head and looked down at tang jue tian. Looking at the struggling tang jue tian, he was in a wonderful mood.

It was this feeling of power!

Before facing li fu and the cliff, he was under a lot of pressure and even doubted himself.


That was great!

Tang jutian was very aggrieved.

He was suppressed by a ten-turn golden fairy, and even Zhou Xuanji was very aggrieved.

After all, he was also a genius!

Between geniuses, they are not convinced!

The ground collapsed one after another, trees were swept away, mountains were broken, and everything was like a scene of extinction, forcing the other spectators to flee.

Prisoner wu became excited and said excitedly, "How awesome! He could really win!"

At this moment, he had forgotten everything else and only expected Zhou Xuanji to win.

If he could defeat tang juotian and lu tingjun at the same time, the prestige of the sacred cliff would definitely rise!

In the future, many people may join the sacred cliff for Zhou Xuanji.

It had a crucial influence on shen ya who was seriously injured.

Far away.

An old beggar was lying on a cliff watching the battle. He was the master of the emperor's crown dragon. When he met Zhou Xuanji, he wanted to take Xuanji zhou as his disciple.

With a satisfied face, he kept nodding and laughing, "Not bad, not bad. No wonder the emperor and the great emperor wanted him. Hehe, now they dare not enter the central china. This son belongs to me!"

"A great emperor. Although I have a great emperor's apprentice, I haven't trained him for a long time."

The smile on his face became obscene, making his mouth water.

Tang juotian quickly adapted to the attack of the thousand-handed sword buddha. He began to rise and prepare to fight back.

Zhou Xuanji frowned. This kid is so difficult to deal with.

"Absorb the immortal power of the heavenly dao with the method of the heart of the overlord of the world, and at the same time operate the imperial power to let the heavenly dao approve."

A laugh came into Zhou Xuanji's ears, and he was shocked.

Who's talking?

He didn't have time to think about it and did it immediately.

Tang jutian felt the pressure from the explosion of a great emperor, but he could still bear it.

Strands of invisible celestial power fell and poured into Zhou Xuanji's body, making the celestial power in his body sufficient again, and even stronger.

Somehow, Zhou Xuanji seemed to have come into contact with something.

Tang jutian's pressure doubled and he was beaten again.

The thousand-armed sword buddha had no sword moves to speak of, just a random chop, without any rules, which made tang jutian traceless and could only resist randomly.

Zhou Xuanji fell into a mysterious and mysterious state. He felt his soul come to heaven, and everything in the world was ignored by him.

Tang juotian wanted to distance himself from the battle, but zhou Xuanji instinctively pulled everything back to its original state and pulled him in, unable to escape.

Lu tingjun was completely reduced to a spectator.

He sighed and looked lonely.


Tang jue tian finally couldn't bear it. He was chopped down and fell into the ruins.

Zhou Xuanji woke up and saw that tang jue tian had already lost, so he came back to his senses.

"The feeling just now..."

He was so excited that he did not expect that the world's sacred feats and imperial might could help him cultivate.

With tang jutian's defeat, heaven and earth gradually returned to peace.

Zhou Xuanji didn't chase after the winner. He was a challenge, not a life-and-death duel.

He looked at lu tingjun and motioned with his eyes to continue.

Lu tingjun cupped his fist at him and turned to leave.

He was willing to give in!

The spectators were excited.

"My god! Can the ten transformation jinxian really be so powerful?"

"It's too strong. No wonder the cliff was destroyed because of him!"

"Tang jutian was defeated like this..."

"Winning is very strong, without any small tricks."

"It's admirable that he didn't kill tang jutian."

The cultivators were impressed by Zhou Xuanji, and the side of the heavenly palace quietly left.

Emperor zhou yan did not stay. He had no face to face Xuanji zhou.

The dust dispersed.

Lying in the ruins, tang jue tian was gasping for breath, and he didn't even have the strength to stand up.


The sword of the holy light fell and stabbed him in the shoulder, and he was furious.

The next second, his expression froze.

Because he felt that his injury was recovering.

This sword...

Zhou Xuanji descended and stopped in mid-air, less than ten feet away from him.

"You're strong."

Zhou Xuanji praised, making tang jutian's mood better.

"But you're not as strong as me."

Tang jutian coughed and blood spilled from the corner of his mouth.

After treating tang jutian for a while, Zhou Xuanji took his sword and left.

Tang juotian sat up and looked at him with a complicated face.

Today's battle will definitely spread throughout central china.

But he was convinced.

This kid is really strong!

Zhou Xuanji withdrew his sword and flew towards the two of them.

But on the way, he suddenly disappeared.

Open your eyes again.

He found himself in the woods. He was subconsciously vigilant. Looking forward, he saw an old beggar lying under the tree in front of him. He looked familiar.