Chapter 457 One Hundred And Seven Years Old, Bai Yanqiong

After parting with the old beggar, Zhou Xuanji quickly found wu zhuo and lan changying.

The two of them asked him where he had gone, but he didn't hide it.

Anyway, he still didn't know the name of the old beggar.

Lan changying said in a deep voice, "That man is the master of the emperor's crown dragon. I'm afraid he has a detached identity."

Wu zhuo was filled with admiration, but he was very rational and said, "This matter should not be spread. Recently, the emperor's crown dragon has been challenging everywhere. It has been spreading all over the world. I don't know how many enemies he has provoked. If those people can't beat him, they might find you in trouble."

Zhou Xuanji nodded. In fact, he wanted to be in trouble to see if the old beggar was bragging.

But he quickly put the idea behind him.

No waves.

The three of them went home.

Although the holy sword was not found this time, Zhou Xuanji defeated tang juotian and lu tingjun to win glory for the sacred cliff.

Both of them are from the overlord.

In addition, Zhou Xuanji got a strong backer, and the future of the sacred cliff became clear again.

In the next half month, news of Zhou Xuanji's defeat of tang juotian and lu tingjun spread quickly and crazily to shenzhou.

Zhou Xuanji himself was known as a great emperor. This time, he defeated two geniuses who were separated from the immortal and made the thoughtful people start to build momentum.

Who is stronger between Zhou Xuanji and the monarch?

If the two great emperors were to fight against each other, they would lose both. This was a scene that other righteous forces enjoyed.

As a righteous person, they could not trouble zhou Xuanji and the emperor for no reason.

It could only stir up public opinion and lay out the world.


Between the peaks, bai hao and feng kule were cultivating, and they were a hundred feet apart.

The burly man suddenly fell and stood in front of bai hao, shaking the ground.

Bai hao did not open his eyes and asked, "What's the matter?"

As soon as he saw him, the burly man was furious. He kicked him and scolded, "From today on, you don't have to target zhou Xuanji anymore!"

Bai hao got up from the ground with one heart, first angry, then surprised.

He asked in surprise, "Why?"

Before that, the burly man forced him to practice and always mentioned zhou Xuanji.

Otherwise, bai hao would have reached an alliance with Zhou Xuanji, and he would have hated Zhou Xuanji to death.

"Because he became your teacher's uncle."

The burly man grumbled, then disappeared into place.

Bai hao was stunned.


The wind not far away widened his eyes and beat the ground in anger.

I hate it!

We should have held on to Zhou Xuanji!


When the three of them returned to the sacred cliff, two months had passed since the battle at the devil's creek.

Before they came back, the war report was first sent back. Walking in the city of divine cliff, the disciples along the way looked at Zhou Xuanji with admiration and fanaticism.

"He's Zhou Xuanji. He's so handsome!"

"He is worthy of being a great emperor, and his demeanor is impressive."

"You guys blow it! He's great, but you guys are exaggerating."

"I feel that the divine cliff will be led to a new peak by him!"

"Since ancient times, has there ever been a great emperor on the sacred cliff?"

The disciples whispered to each other, completely different from Zhou Xuanji's attitude when he left.

Zhou Xuanji used his strength to prove that it was a wise decision for shen ya to protect him!

Ten turns of the golden fairy to defeat the immortal is already strange.

Moreover, the opponent was the best among the immortals, the second grade great emperor.

One win two!

This achievement was enough to dispel any doubts.

At least the emperor had never shown such a shocking performance.

Zhou Xuanji returned to the main hall of the cliff first. Yang yutian was very happy to report the situation, and he pulled Zhou Xuanji to praise him.

Now, he was more and more devoid of the arrogance of heaven. Instead, he had a feeling of mediocrity and greasiness.

He was transforming into a true cliff master, but his strength and temperament were not that high.

The three of them went back to their respective residences, but wu zhuo and lan changying did not say anything about Zhou Xuanji's apprenticeship.

Zhou Xuanji did not try to guess their intentions.

Trust is sometimes really needed.

People's hearts are complicated, but not all of them are ugly.

Back at the mansion, Zhou Xuanji greeted xiao chan and bai suwan first, then jumped up into the sky and began to cultivate.

He used the overlord and the emperor's power to absorb the celestial power.

This method could greatly increase his cultivation speed.


Half a year passed quickly.

"The sword master has been detected to be one hundred and seven years old and has started to draw randomly!"

Ding! Congratulations to the sword master for winning the majestic great wall sword, the kun hong sacrificial sword and hiding the miao!"

Above the clouds, Zhou Xuanji opened his eyes.

It's not bad to shake up the Shenjian.

The hidden seedling was the seedling of the hidden grass, which had a great effect and was worth planting in large quantities.

Zhou Xuanji did not take out the Shenjian, but felt the surging celestial power in his body.

Ever since he gained a new way of cultivation, his cultivation has been improving.

However, it was still far away from the immortal.

He continued to practice.

He was now one hundred and seven years old.

On earth, he would have been buried.

But in a thousand worlds, he was still a child.

Three days later.

The sacred cliff welcomed a distinguished guest.

It was bai suwan's father, bai yanqiong.

Bai yanqiong was the true god of the nine heaven deities and snake clan, and his strength was extremely strong.

At present, there is no one on the sacred cliff who can compare with bai yanqiong.

Under the guidance of yang yutian, he came to Zhou Xuanji's residence.

At the sight of bai yanqiong, bai suwan turned into a sharp arrow and threw it into his arms.

Bai yanqiong was tall, white-haired, domineering and imposing, but when he saw his daughter, he smiled kindly.

Xiao chan walked out and looked at bai yanqiong curiously.

Yang yutian asked with a smile, "Where's Xuanji? Senior bai still wants to see him."

Xiao chan pointed to the sky and said, "I'm still practicing."

Yang yutian was surprised. He didn't catch Zhou Xuanji's breath. How ridiculous was this kid's cultivation?

Bai yanqiong looked up and said with a deep smile, "Good boy."

A sword light suddenly fell. It was Zhou Xuanji.

Standing in front of xiao chan, he nodded at yang yutian first, then looked at bai yanqiong and said, "Your daughter is very kind. I can fly. She has done a lot of work."

In the face of bai yanqiong, he was neither humble nor arrogant, but this sentence was very sincere.

Although he didn't need bai suwan's help at the beginning, her kindness still moved him.

Bai yanqiong raised the corner of his mouth and said, "Naturally, my daughter is fine. I have to ask you to take care of her in the future."

Zhou Xuanji nodded, then froze.

What is it?

Bai suwan was so excited that she flew to Zhou Xuanji's shoulder.

Zhou Xuanji frowned and asked, "She hasn't formed yet. Are you willing to let her follow me?"

Bai yanqiong replied, "When you ascend, you have already formed a blood contract. This is the original divine power of the nine-heaven god snake. She will boost your luck, and you will do the same. From now on, you will share the same spirit, be both proud and damaged."

Zhou Xuanji was in a mess.

"Hee hee, then I'll stay by little Xuanji's side. Daddy, you have to protect him as well as me in the future."

Bai suwan chuckled as she spat out the letter.