Chapter 459 Evil Retribution [ Fourth More ]

"That man was once the most amazing pride in central china. He was in the same situation as my disciple. He was oppressed by various forces and suffered a lot. Fortunately, he persevered and eventually rose. He naturally wanted revenge. He was oppressed by the imperial dao at the beginning of the year."

The old beggar said in a relaxed tone, causing the people in the palace to widen their eyes. They did not expect that there was such a past in the imperial dao of the beginning.

In their minds, the way of the first emperor was unfathomable, kind and kind, and he had actually suppressed the arrogance of heaven.

They couldn't help but look at Zhou Xuanji, their hearts chilling.

Fortunately, Zhou Xuanji was one of his own.

Zhou Xuanji was speechless. What are you looking at me for? I'm not the one who slaughtered daotian sect.

Yang yutian asked, "So our sacred cliff is not in danger?"

The old beggar nodded and pulled Zhou Xuanji to leave.

Zhou Xuanji asked curiously, "What's that man's name? Why haven't you said it yet?"

The old beggar whispered, "Mo jiuqing, shh, my disciple too."


Zhou Xuanji's face twitched, and the others heard it.

Was he his disciple in the massacre of the entire taoist sect?

In addition to the emperor's crown dragon and Zhou Xuanji, how many disciples does this guy have?

The two of them quickly left the cliff main hall.

The pressure on the others disappeared instantly.

Yuquan elder smiled and said, "Brother zhou has such a master, and our sacred cliff is also considered a light."

Yang yutian's mood surged and he began to look forward to a bright future.

On the other side.

Zhou Xuanji and the old beggar left shenya city and came to a mountain forest in the distance.

"Tell me about mo jiuqing first. How strong is he? Isn't he afraid of provoking the gods?" Zhou Xuanji asked curiously.

His mood was a little complicated.

He still had a good feeling about the imperial dao of the beginning.

The way of the crown prince protected him.

The old beggar shook his head and said, "I don't know how strong he is. That guy has betrayed me. He is blinded by hatred. But don't be afraid. He won't hurt his fellow disciples. As for whether the immortal god will trouble him, then find him."

He was not worried about mo jiuqing at all.

Zhou Xuanji was thinking about how many disciples this guy had.

The old beggar smiled and said, "From today on, I will teach you a miracle. I will not leave until you learn it. What I will teach you in the future depends on my mood."

A god?

Zhou Xuanji's face lit up and asked, "What kind of magic?"

The old beggar pointed at his forehead.


A huge memory flooded into his mind, and he had the feeling that the supreme Shenjian system had inherited the divine power.

After a while.

He opened his eyes with a look of surprise.

The old beggar sat under a tree not far away, crossed his legs and chuckled, "Isn't it very strong?"

Zhou Xuanji nodded and took a deep breath.

This divine power is called evil retribution.

He used this power on the enemy, and all the attacks he made within his own time would suddenly fall on the enemy after a period of time.

This miracle is terrifying!

It makes no sense at all!

He looked up at the old beggar and asked curiously, "Did you create this god? How was it created?"

There was no way to practice retribution for evil spirits. Just now, the old beggar gave him a strange energy when he passed on his memory.

This fusion of energy with his soul made him directly understand this divine power.

However, it takes a long time to practice this skill skillfully.

"Nonsense, my creativity is beyond your imagination. Don't ask, it's just so strong!"

The old beggar said proudly, laughing so much that he deserved a beating.

Zhou Xuanji asked, "Do all your disciples have evil karma?"

What if one day he becomes enemies with his fellow disciples?

This divine power was too far off the mark to be guarded against.

The old beggar shook his head and said, "There is only one person besides you. Unfortunately, that guy disappointed me so much that he probably wants to kill me all day long."

Zhou Xuanji was speechless.

Want to kill you?

How did you teach your apprentice?

He remembered that the emperor was also very impatient with the old beggar.

That's right, this guy is too jumpy and needs to be beaten up.

Then, Zhou Xuanji began to practice the devil's retribution.

At first, his cast time was half a second, and his burst time was three seconds later.

Not enough.

According to the inheritance of memory, to achieve great success, you can control time as you wish.

He could even use his psychic powers to launch an hour-long attack on the air, then find the enemy, and then launch an attack. The previous hour-long attack followed, which was equivalent to two of his opponents. The most important thing was that this attack must hit the enemy, the enemy could not escape, and could only withstand it head-on.

The more he thought about it, the more excited he became. If the evil spirit's retribution was successful, his strength would improve.

When the time comes, he will use the Angry ape sword to prepare for a hundred years. When facing the enemy, he will first use the evil spirit to retaliate. Even if the enemy counteracts, after a period of time, a hundred years of sword qi will appear out of thin air, just like a tyrant.

He could not understand why such a god existed.

The old beggar smiled smugly and said, "There are still many powerful gods I have created. The retribution of evil spirits is not the strongest. In the future, be good to me, and I will consider whether to teach you."

Zhou Xuanji ignored him and focused on his training.


The third month after the destruction of daotian sect.

The tang royal family was attacked by mo jiuqing, and the four spirit war god fought with many of the tang royal family's ancestors. In the end, most of the people were massacred and the four spirit war god was seriously injured. The war was earth-shattering. If it wasn't for the immortal god's attack, the tang royal family might have been massacred.

The news shocked the world again.

Mo jiuqing's name spread and his various deeds were unearthed.

Before that, he was the first day of his life, the first great emperor, who was oppressed by various forces and worshipped the mysterious master.

Since then, his name has become taboo, and various forces have covered up this humiliating past.

This made the world think of Zhou Xuanji.

How was Zhou Xuanji's experience similar to mo jiuqing's?

For a moment, the world began a storm of public opinion while they were afraid of mo jiuqing.

If the pride of heaven is under the oppression of the modern heroes, how should we treat it?

Such things were common, but mo jiuqing was too terrifying. He was born less than half a year ago and destroyed two hegemonic powers.


Between the peaks, bai hao and feng kule sat in front of the burly man, both of them dumbfounded.

"Master, do you still have such a strong and explosive junior?"

Bai hao asked excitedly. He was shocked by mo jiuqing's performance.

Feng kule was equally shocked.

But his heart was filled with more unwillingness and regret.

Because Zhou Xuanji was also in the same family as mo jiuqing.

The burly man snorted coldly and said, "I don't have a junior like him. I was blinded by hatred and wasted my life as a strong man."

Bai hao looked down on him with disdain and said, "Only those who are most in love can compete for the road!"

His eyes were burning, and he suddenly wanted to meet mo jiuqing.

This kind of person is too cool to be a teacher's uncle!

But when he thought that Zhou Xuanji was also his teacher's uncle, his mood immediately fell to the abyss.