Chapter 460 Jiuyou Buddha

"Practice well. Don't be happy. If mo jiuqing acts so recklessly, he might attract the wrath of the gods."

The burly man stared at bai hao and said with one heart, the disciple in front of him made him love and hate.

Bai hao was the most talented disciple under him. However, he had a bad temper and was always fooling around.

Although in front of the lower realm, bai hao had proved the true god with all his heart, in his opinion, the true god was far from the end of this son.


This boy has only turned into a golden immortal. Every time he sees him, the burly man wants to kill him.

"Master, don't worry. I'll be stronger soon."

Bai hao said indifferently. In his heart, cultivation was never the most important thing.

No matter how hard you practice, you will always encounter stronger beings.

Feng kule felt murderous and hurriedly tugged at bai hao to signal him to shut up.

Bai hao lifted his eyes and saw that the burly man's face had become demonized and murderous.

He immediately shut up, but his mind drifted towards mo jiuqing.


The storm of revenge that mo jiuqing set off made it difficult for central china to calm down.

After the daotian sect and the tang royal family, who was the next power?

The immortal god's rescue of the tang dynasty caused a great sensation, and the immortal god finally appeared.

The central divine state was about to usher in the era when the gods were in power.

None of this concerns zhou Xuanji.

He was still practicing evil retribution in the woods near the sacred cliff.

The old beggar would occasionally sneak into shenya city to steal good food and wine.

Yang yutian knew that they were in this forest, so he ordered that no disciple should come near to avoid disturbing master and disciple Zhou Xuanji.

Six months later.

Zhou Xuanji had achieved a great deal in retribution for evil spirits.

His cast time can be three breaths, and his burst time is after ten breaths.

It seemed right, but it was enough to kill the enemy.

The old beggar was very satisfied. He shook the wine pot and said with a smile, "I like to teach geniuses. In the past, I received a fool and taught me to lose my life."

Zhou Xuanji asked casually, "How is the man now?"

He often heard the old beggar mention other disciples, one by one, which made him doubt.

"He's not in central china anymore. He's going to be a buddha somewhere else."

The old beggar answered casually. When Zhou Xuanji heard this, he suddenly stopped and turned to look at him.

Zhou Xuanji asked, "But jiuyou buddha?"

He had heard of the jiuyou buddha in the underworld. He was the strongest in the underworld.

The old beggar rolled his eyes at him and said, "Jiuyou buddha? That is one of the great powers of creation. How can it be my disciple? Why can the underworld keep peace and no one disturbs the order? It is precisely because of his power that your senior brother is still far from the jiuyou buddha, but if you put him in the central divine state, no one is invincible."

Zhou Xuanji narrowed his eyes and asked, "Do you mean that central china is not the strongest state in the world?"

Central china was big enough in his eyes. He didn't know how big the world was.

"Of course, the central divine state is only located in the land center of the thousand worlds. In terms of strength, it is not the best. Many of the great powers of ancient times hid in a wider world and devoted themselves to cultivation. If they all poured into the central divine state, the pattern of the central divine state would definitely be reshuffled."

The old beggar said quietly. He heard that Zhou Xuanji had more questions to ask.

He immediately waved his hand and said, "Don't ask. Practice well. I'm so free here. I want to go out and play quickly. Don't delay me!"

Zhou Xuanji snorted and continued to practice the devil's retribution.

He held the Pig sword in his hand and hacked at a huge rock. He did not use his magic power and controlled his strength very little to prevent it from shattering.


A month later.

The old beggar felt that he had practiced, so he decided to leave.

"This bead is for you. This bead is not simple. I can't tell you what it is for the time being. You have to put it on your body at any time and not in your storage bag."

The old beggar opened his right hand, and a red bead the size of a thumb appeared in his hand, like a glass ball.

Zhou Xuanji took the bead, and before he could ask, the old beggar disappeared from the air and walked away.

He looked at the red bead for a while, but did not see the name of the hall, so he took out a special string and hung it around his neck.

He did not continue to practice the devil's retribution.

The current evil spirit retribution was enough for him to use and he had to continue to strengthen his cultivation.

Cultivation is the most important thing.

When he returned to the mansion, he saw xiao chan and bai suwan practicing together. Fei was nowhere to be found and the other servants were busy with their own work.

He did not disturb anyone. He went back to the house to clean up, then flew into the sky and began to refine the celestial power.

Three days later, a piece of news was sent to shen ya city.

Mo jiuqing slaughtered the eight wasteland spirit sect!

The eight wastelands spiritual sect is also one of the hegemonic forces, located in the west of central china, which controls the 23 sides of the mortal world and is extremely powerful.

But this time, before the immortals had time to descend, the eight wastelands spirit sect was slaughtered and none of them survived.

Mo jiuqing only left a line of blood on the stone tablet at the gate of the eight wasteland spirit sect.

Blood feud for all ages, one more!

The world was in an uproar and countless people were in fear.

Most of the people from the tang royal family, daotian sect and the eight wastelands spirit sect did not participate in the suppression of mo jiuqing and were all massacred. If this continued, would mo jiuqing massacre the entire central divine state?

The most relaxed was shen ya. Yang yutian had already told his disciples that shen ya had someone to help him. That person and mo jiuqing were brothers and sisters and would not be affected. Of course, this matter could not be spread.

Zhou Xuanji did not know the latest news about mo jiuqing. He was still practicing in the clouds.

This day.

He suddenly opened his eyes and took out his psychic heart.

The prince's voice followed, "Something bad is going on! God has discovered the existence of the northern wilderness, and he has entered the realm. If he transmits the whereabouts of the northern wilderness back to the upper realm, the northern wilderness will be destroyed!"

Hearing this, Zhou Xuanji frowned and immediately said in a deep voice, "I'm going back now!"

He stood up, pondered for a moment, clapped his hand, and set off the nine faint flames.

He wanted to ask for help from the divine cliff, but yang yutian was the only true god in the divine cliff city. If he left and the divine cliff encountered a mistake, Zhou Xuanji could not bear the responsibility.

He quickly burrowed into the boundary between yin and yang.


In the northern wilderness, it was snowy and icy.

Standing on the top of the snow-capped mountain, the lone demon emperor looked down and through the snow, he saw a figure with a dazzling light that could not be covered by the snow.

The man was dressed in a silver-white armour, thick and domineering. He was ten feet tall and his eyes were filled with bright light, so he could not see his eyes.

He was like an unparalleled god of war, standing still alone gave people an invincible aura that could withstand an avalanche.

The lonely devil gritted his teeth and said, "Lu jingfeng, why are you here?"

He was like facing a great enemy, and he knew how terrible this man was.

Lu jingfeng turned to the distance and said calmly, "Kill the northern barbarians and catch the northern hades."