Seeing the Little Fox

At this time, the tiger king's true body was completely revealed. It was a tiger, and it looked like it was still wild. Why did you say that you didn't dominate in the mountains and forests and insisted on running out?

"Xiao Le, what are you doing?!"

Just as I was about to continue walking upstairs, something unexpected happened. Xiao Le ran right in front of the tiger king and rode on his back.

What is this girl doing?! But then the girl's answer made me feel like vomiting three liters of blood. Aren't you too bored?!

"I'm riding a tiger. I've never ridden a tiger before."


Xiao Le immediately turned to me with a smile on his face and said, this guy is riding a tiger. The tiger king, who was still breathing on the other side, finally couldn't bear Xiao Le's words. He spat out a mouthful of blood and fell to the ground.

"Dad, did I do something wrong?!"

"It's okay. He deserves it."

Seeing that tiger king spat out his boss's blood and then fell to the ground, Xiao Le looked at me with a pair of innocent eyes and said, listening to her words, I immediately shook my head and said, then continued to walk up with this girl.

This layer is a tiger, so what's next? Is it a lion?!

"Hello human, I am the third demon king, lion king."

"What a lion, and a curly-haired lion!"

When shake and Xiao Le reached the third floor, an old man in his fifties was standing there looking at us with a smile. He had a lot of beard on his face, and his whole face looked unusually kind.

But I know that the more these people are, the harder it is to deal with. After all, as the saying goes, a bucket of water doesn't shake, half a bucket of water shakes.

"Are you here for the little Fox? I advise you to leave. If our boss likes you, nothing will survive."

"Really? What if I insist on leaving?!"

"Then there's only death."

After listening to me, the lion king's face turned cold. Then he walked towards me. Compared to the tiger king below, this guy looked much gentler.

"Don't try to use the talisman against me. I'm different from other monsters. It's useless to me."

At this moment, the lion king over there saw me take out a few Enchantment charm from my arms and said faintly. From the confidence on his face, I knew he wasn't lying.

"Really? Then I don't need this."

"Hehe, what else can you use against us if you don't use the Enchantment charm?!"

Since the Enchantment charm can't do anything to him, then I don't have to. Anyway, my methods aren't just spells. The lion king over there sneered when he saw that I had put the talisman away.

In his opinion, I don't think I can do anything other than spells, right?

"Do you want to deal with me with just a few bottles? It's so naive."

The lion king laughed when he saw me take out a few bottles from his arms. When he saw how happy he was, a smile appeared on my face.

Small sample, the contents of this will be guaranteed to surprise you.

"Then, please enjoy yourself."

I threw the bottles out of my hands and puffs of smoke came out of the bottles in an instant.

"What! Why do you have so many ghost kings?!"

"I'm sorry, I don't want to answer this question, so let's solve it."

The next second, the lion king's face turned very ugly, because at this moment in front of us, I don't know when seven or eight ghost kings have stood.

There's no doubt that I found these ghost kings from Shi Guolong's safe, and I wasn't going to use them, but when I saw this guy's awesome look, I finally couldn't help but take them out.

This guy may be very strong, but it's impossible to defeat seven or eight ghost kings at the same time!

Almost as soon as my words fell, the eight ghost kings over there rushed over, followed by a fierce fight. At first, the lion king was still able to cope, but later he gradually became weak.

"Stop, I'll let you up. Stop!"

Two minutes later, the lion king finally couldn't hold on, and then he shouted at me loudly. At this moment, his body was already scarred, and his face became the image of a lion.

"Xiao Le, do you want to ride a lion?!"

"Okay, then let's watch."


Now you know you're scared and let me go up? So what did you do just now? Then I asked Xiao Le, who was next to me. After listening to me, Xiao Le nodded heavily.

Our conversation was clearly heard by the guy, and then the guy's face changed, and then he was ready to rush over, but how could eight ghost kings make him happy?!


"Daddy, I'm going to ride a lion!"

"Go ahead."

Ten seconds later, the lion king finally couldn't bear it and fell heavily on the ground. Xiao Le was overjoyed to see this and ran straight to the lion.

"Ride a lion! Ride a lion!"

Xiao Le sat on the lion's back and said excitedly. The girl had died without regret. She actually rode the tiger and the lion. When I was a child, I rode a little friend at most, and then this little friend was Gui Qiang.


The lion king over there was still breathing, but he didn't expect to be rode by a little ghost as a pet, and then one of them couldn't think of anything and spat out a mouthful of old blood.

"It's okay. Let's go up."

Seeing that the lion had also died in front of her, the little girl looked at me with a look of embarrassment. For this, I only smiled slightly and then took her up to continue walking.

The tiger and lion have already come out. I really want to know what will come out next!

"Hello human, I am the second demon king pig king."

"It's actually second senior brother."

When I brought Xiao Le up there, to my surprise, the second demon king was actually the second senior brother. It was not easy for a pig to reach the position of the second demon king.

"Big pig, big pig! I want to ride it."

Xiao Le, who was standing next to me, was very excited. She was actually a pig. Now that she had ridden both tigers and lions, it would be even more perfect if she could ride another pig.

"How about you, do you want to strike first or do I want to strike first?"

Looking at second senior brother, I said coldly. It was just beyond my expectation. Second senior brother's answer made me look up to this guy.

"Old three and old four are not your opponents, and I am most likely not your opponents, you go up."

"It's hard for you to be so open-minded."

The pig looked at me and said with a smile. His answer really raised the status of the pig in my eyes. I always thought pigs were the kind of people who didn't have intelligence.

But today, it seems that things are not like that. Well, I can only say that this guy really failed to become a pig! If you are a person in the next life, you can definitely do something!