The First Demon King

"You must have other reasons than that, right?"

The next second I looked at this guy with interest and said, how can he know that he's not my opponent without trying? So obviously there's another reason why this guy doesn't want to fight me.

"Hehe, you really can't hide it from me. There is actually another reason."

After hearing what I said, the pig's head paused for a moment, but then a relieved expression appeared on his face. You want to act in front of me? This is far from enough!

As long as I don't want to let this pig go, I'll see if I can believe what he says next. If not, I'll let Xiao Le enjoy riding a pig today.

"Damn, I've had enough of that nine-tailed Fox. I don't think we're brothers at all. I just bully us! You'd better kill him, or I'll be even more depressed."

The pig, who had a smile on his face, became angry the next second, and the more he talked, the more depressed he became. He felt like he was about to rush upstairs and fight the nine-tailed Fox.

"You said a little less. If I solve the nine-tailed Fox, you can be the boss of the company, right?!"

"Ahem, this isn't a side product!"

I had always been stupid because second senior brother belonged to that kind of existence, and now that I came into contact with this pig's head, my thoughts changed immediately.

Of all the animals, perhaps second senior brother was the smartest, but many times, we were deceived by his chubby appearance.

"I can help you, but you have to promise me one thing in the future."

"What is it?"

It would be fine if I didn't know what this guy was up to, but now that I know it, I can't stop doing anything. It makes me look like a fool.

The second senior brother over there was alarmed when he heard what I said. After all, when anyone heard another person ask you a question, you must be very careful.

"It's when I need help."

"So this is it. Don't worry. I swear by the spirit that if you can solve that nine-tailed demon fox, I will promise you."


After listening to my words, the second senior brother over there finally breathed a sigh of relief, then patted his chest and said, after all, the request I made was really not high.

I'm afraid I'll have to face a lot of problems next, such as the return of the soul tomb, such as the The Voldemort Faction and so on. It would be very good if I had more help.

"What? Can't you ride a big pig?!"

Now that we have agreed to cooperate, there is no need to stay here. I don't know what's going on upstairs. Then I take Xiao Le upstairs.

Xiao Le, who was following me, was immediately unhappy. Was there a mistake? It was really a very, very sad thing that he couldn't ride a big pig.

Then she looked back at the second senior brother with great dissatisfaction. When she saw Xiao Le looking at her, the second senior brother over there suddenly shivered.

"Brother tai, that nine-tailed demon fox is very powerful. You must be careful, and his weakness is on the seventh tail."

"Okay, I know about the pig demon king!"

"Ahem, I'm flattered."

Just as I was about to take Xiao Le up, the pig suddenly thought of something and said to me. After listening to him, I nodded. The seventh tail? Yeah, I know.

"Xiao ru, just promise me that once we have a double break, then our strength will increase greatly. Then we can go to the world."

There, before we went up, we heard the voice of a man. There was no doubt that it was the words of the nine-tailed Fox. As for xiao ru, it was another name of the little Fox.

"Don't think about it, nine-tailed Fox. Don't think I don't know your plan. Once you take all my evil spirit away, you can become the real nine-tailed Fox, and then I have no value to use it."

After listening to this nine-tailed Fox, the little Fox over there said it directly and coldly. Good guy, I really thought this nine-tailed Fox was true love for xiao mai, but now it seems that it is not the same thing at all!

"Hmph, now that you know, then I won't hide it from you. I really think so. Today, if you don't agree, you have to agree!"

The nine-tailed Fox, who had a smile on her face, suddenly became gloomy, and then spoke directly to the little Fox tied to the pillar over there. After that, she was ready to take off her clothes.

"You bastard, stop it now, or I'll call someone."

"Call someone? Haha, this is the funniest joke I've ever heard this year. A monster actually called someone? Do you think someone will come to save you?!"

The nine-tailed Fox laughed unscrupulously after hearing what the little Fox said, as if they had heard something very funny.

Seeing him like this, the little Fox's face turned pale in an instant, but then my voice let the little Fox rekindle hope.

"Look at what you're saying. I'm just a human being!"

"Who are you? When did he come in?!"

I finally couldn't help but walk up with Xiao Le. I felt that if I didn't come out, then the innocence of the small Fox would be gone. This was not what I wanted to see.

When they saw us, the little Fox tied to the pillar over there became excited, and then his face was full of worry. From her point of view, if we're not here to die, then what is it?

The nine-tailed Fox over there also looked at Xiao Le and me, and from the way he looked, it was very strange where we came from.

"We are..."

"Dad, mom's over there. Go and save her."


After listening to the nine-tailed Fox, just as I was ready to introduce myself properly, Xiao Le immediately pulled my finger to the little Fox tied to the pillar over there and said anxiously.

For a moment, I stood there with the little Fox in a daze and didn't know what to say. Although we know that Xiao Le was just casually speaking, the key problem is that this guy doesn't know!

"I didn't expect a Fox to marry a human. No wonder you don't want to take a double break with me."

"It's really not what you think."

"Xiao ru, you don't have to say anymore. Look, I'll kill this guy right now!"


The nine-tailed Fox immediately looked at me with a pair of resentful eyes and said. After listening to him, the little Fox over there was ready to explain well, but it was obvious that the nine-tailed Fox did not listen to her at all, and then rushed straight at me.

Seeing him rush towards me, I put Xiao Le aside and summoned the eight ghost kings downstairs with magic.