Fighting the Demon King

"Little ghost king wants to stop me? It's just wishful thinking!"

The nine-tailed Fox was a little nervous when they saw me call the ghost king up. Instead, they had a cold smile on their faces. Then they saw him rush to the front of a ghost king. Suddenly, nine furry tails appeared behind him.

To be honest, I was genuinely shocked by this scene. How could a person suddenly have so many tails? Even if it was a monster, it was a little unacceptable.

"Want to run? It's too late!"

The ghost king over there panicked when he saw all nine tails of this guy, and then he tried to escape.

Seeing that the ghost king wanted to escape, the nine-tailed Fox over there sneered, and then all of his nine tails attacked the ghost king.

"How could it be solved like this?"

I frowned fiercely over there, because under the attack of the tail of the nine-tailed Fox, the ghost king turned into a puff of smoke and disappeared into the air.

To be honest, I have seen the strength of the ghost king just now when he was fighting below. Although he is not comparable to the ghost emperor, his strength is not to be underestimated.

But now that this nine-tailed Fox's attack has not even resisted a single move, it can only show that the strength of this nine-tailed Fox is really not ordinary powerful.

Bang bang"

The next thing that made my face even more solemn happened again. After settling the ghost king, the nine-tailed Fox was obviously unable to satisfy its own killing, and then he rushed to the other ghost kings.

As his tail swung, one ghost king after another turned into a puff of smoke, leaving less than five of the original eight ghost kings.

"Are you going to use the talisman against me? Then let me show you my true strength!"

This situation was very bad for me, and then I directly took out all the Enchantment charm inventory, sample, I don't believe I can't kill you!

But what I never expected was that after seeing me take out the Enchantment charm, this guy didn't seem scared at all. Instead, he looked indifferent.

I didn't think much about it, so I threw the rune paper out of my hand. To my delight, all of the rune paper hit this guy, and then a cloud of smoke rose. That's what I wanted!

"These spells are useless to me!"


The next second, what made me angry was that the smoke cleared and the nine-tailed Fox stood in front of me as if nothing had happened.

Then I continued to deal with those ghost kings. The good guy really underestimated your strength.

Ask for the divine arts? I've already used it once. If I use it again, I don't know if my body can handle it, but I know that once those guys get rid of the ghost king, I'm probably going to be the next one to deal with.

"You guys go, leave me alone. This guy is really good."

At this moment, the little Fox tied to a pillar behind me snapped at me and Xiao Le. In fact, even if she didn't say it, I could feel the power of this guy.

"It's been a long time. How can you just walk away?!"

I turned around and smiled at the small Fox over there. When I saw a smile on my face, the next Fox over there was stunned for a few seconds.

"The seventh tail?"

Once again, I looked at the nine-tailed Fox with a serious face. According to the pig, this guy's biggest weakness was the seventh tail.

But in this state, it was impossible to get close to him, let alone the seventh tail.

It seems that if he doesn't show some real skills, he will be looked down upon! I took out a brush from my arms and started drawing on the ground.

"I have destroyed all your ghost kings."

Two minutes later, the nine-tailed Fox looked at me coldly and said, just now he wiped out all the ghost kings I called.

Then he slowly walked towards me, the golden light in his eyes, and I could see what this guy wanted to do next. But the next second, the guy stood there motionless.

"Celibacy? Even so, it can only stop me for two seconds at most. You'll still die in two seconds."

"Two seconds is enough!"

The nine-tailed Fox over there quickly discovered the problem, but I didn't expect that I had used the forbidden technique while he was solving the ghost king just now.

As the name suggests, the art of confinement can imprison a person's body.

To be honest, in order to imprison his body, I took out more than ten amulets from Shi Guolong, but I didn't expect that even if I took everything out, I could only imprison him for two seconds. This guy's strength was beyond my expectations.

Not bad, so what? Two seconds is enough for me.

"What do you want?!"

"I heard that your seventh tail is very good, so I'm going to sell it for some money!"

"Bastard, how did you know?"

I arrived behind the nine-tailed Fox in a flash and grabbed his seventh tail as soon as I reached out.

Well, if we sell it, we can definitely sell it for a very good price. Although destroying the good things is very bad, but now I can't control so much.

He reached into his arms and took out a brick and hit it hard. Just seeing this guy's reaction, he could tell that the pig was right.


With a burst, the nine-tailed Fox instantly became the eight-tailed Fox. At this time, the celibacy completely disappeared. The next second, I flew out and was slapped by the seventh tail of the nine-tailed Fox.

Yes, I've already solved this guy's seventh tail, but why is this guy's tail intact now?

"Isn't that strange? Isn't my seventh tail a weakness? Why does it seem to be the strongest now?!"

I finally got up from the ground, and then my chest was very uncomfortable. The next second, I spat out a mouthful of blood from my mouth.

Seeing how I looked over there, the little Fox and Xiao Le immediately shouted, especially when Xiao Le was about to run to me, but my eyes stopped him.

The nine-tailed Fox over there looked at me with rolled eyes, as if to say that they had seen fools before, but they had never seen such fools before.

"Yeah, I'm really curious."

After listening to his words, I nodded. Why is this tail so strong and can heal in an instant? It didn't feel like the weakest of the nine tails.

What's the problem here? Could it be that pig was deliberately lying to me? But from the look in that guy's eyes, I really don't see deception. What's going on?

A huge question mark appeared in my mind, but it looked like this guy was going to answer it for me.

"Because it's very simple, I lied to everyone, and I purposely made them think that my seventh tail was wrong, but it was actually okay."

Seeing me like this, the nine-tailed Fox laughed unscrupulously. I have to admit one thing now. The Fox is really a very cunning existence.